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There is a recall program involving many of these saws that could provide Jay with what I got a few months ago, a complete new table, blade guard, and some other cool stuff. Just want to thank you for the recall info, and to let everyone know they are still filling orders. My current table is just a sheet of plywood with a 1×1 piece of wood bolted near the back for use as a fence.
Sadly, the radial arm saw I inherited had been neglected – the flat bearings on the back side of the motor were completely dry, and the stator on the motor is trashed.
If you can afford the room – I’d highly recommend mounting the saw into a bench with a sacrificial plywood top and a wooden backstop straightedge fence.
I picked up one of these vintage RASs (Sears Craftsman 10″ manufactured in 1968) earlier this year from a guy who swore by making the table from white melamine laminate.
He’d also built a mobile base for the tool which was far too weak and too narrow to be stable and, most importantly, safe for regular use. I’d originally considered making this bench mobile, thinking to build a platform on casters, but realized that would be impractical for my shop (and the tool). On my Craftman RAS (similar to, but older than, yours) the table has three set screws set into Tee nuts used for leveling the table.
I replaced my original Craftsman table with inch thick particle board covered by a relatively soft plastic laminate (it was the top from a desk that I bought at an auction). Finally, because I have an uneven floor, the alignment of my radial arm saw was very sensitive to relatively small changes in position.
Personally, the moulding head I bought for my Craftsman RAS 20+ years ago scared the crap out of me. I do not have a tag on my saw, but the sears radial arm saw you have at the top of the page is just like mine. I don’t use the radial arm saw as a chop saw, and rarely cut any stock thicker than an inch. I used up the original Craftsman particle board top years ago and have made several since, each one is better.
Another difference in the way I use the saw is that except on long pieces, I rarely change the angle of cut. I try to keep everything clean, and have a shop vac connected to the blade guard and a dust collector at the back of the saw. From Craftsman I requested an upgraded safety housing for the blade.Along with the safety shield the sent me a whole new tabletop as the housing needs a little more space when parked.

I will try to post some before and after photos so anyone else coming here can see what they provide if their RAS qualifies for the recall, too. What is the correct size for the table pieces for a Sears Model 113.199250 10-inch radial saw? Radial saws are getting rarer and rarer these days but I have a soft spot for them as my first saw in 1971 was a Craftsman radial arm saw.
Maybe, if you need space to the right for the miter saw you could pull it forward and have a couple of riser blocks that sit on the radial table and support the workpiece at the correct height for the miter saw. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. I have been trying to design a cabinet to hold my RAS and it had never even occurred to me to remove the upper column from the metal base and install that directly atop the cabinet.
The elevation crank is on top of the saw, it is the black knob that you can see in the main photo.
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When we acquired our woodworking shop, it came with an old 16 inch Dewalt radial arm saw mounted in the middle of a 16 foot bench.
It has a main table top and then the fence and two other smaller table top pieces that can be used in different configurations.
It’s my primary saw and I get a lot of laughs when I say that, but actually I do a lot of cabinet work with it. Current top is a piece of an old store display unit shelf, made of some kind of paper bottom, and particle board core, and a white laminate top.
I spend hours when I have time, maybe once a year or after a lot of use, to set up the saw.
Instead, I use a large adjustable drafting triangle and sometimes make guides out of Masonite hardboard.

The old one was a steel stand with a plywood shelf, that collected junk and lots of saw dust. And IIRC, they never asked me for proof of ownership (I’m at least the third owner) or any other hassle. If I were setting up the shop today I might not include this piece of equipment – but having it does come in handy. My saw is on the splayed four-legged open metal stand that (I assume) also came from Sears.
I’m trying to determine if I qualify for the recall, but all the links on the recall site seem to be busted. I like the white top because I can use a pencil to write notes and mark cuts, etc., and then it wipes off. You need to get the saw to travel square or perpendicular to the fence, saw blade parallel to that travel, saw blade perpendicular to the table top, and then adjust the table top to be flat to the saw blade.
I would like to know the dimension of each piece of the table top as well as best type of wood to use for it an what allows for best sliding of wood for rip cutting?
The new one has a cabinet that holds lots of tools and should keep the saw dust to a minimum. The base attached to the top with a 4 bolt flange, I have an aluminum plate under the top to bolt through.
I use a drafting triangle, a precision metal square, and sometimes a dial indicator to do all of this…and a good eye. And Craftsman (one of our current sponsors) shows a table on the site for their new 10″ Laser Trac saw. This second replacement of the table will allow me to widen the table from 40 inches to 50 inches (all that my cramped shop allows).
The laminate for the shelving is really nice stuff, and I use it for jigs and gluing up projects too. I put a couple of casters on the one end to help move it around, but now that it has been filled up I am not sure if I can move it!!
Also, besides the tops, I go thru a lot of fences, and always have a couple for different uses.

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