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We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone lines, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We also have a great shed sale section, which features all of the garden sheds on sale, as well as discounted products from our entire range.
If you have any questions about the installation of our sheds or other garden buildings then why not look through our videos and downloadable technical guides, you may just find the answer to your question. The felt covered sloped eaves allow water to run off easily, keeping the structure watertight.
Pent sheds are characterised by their single sloping roof panel, which is generally highest at the door-end. The polypropylene roof is the ideal water proof barrier specially designed to prevent leakage to the interior of your shed. I'm converting half a shed into a home for our chickens and so far I've got to the point where I know externally the shed will look something like this:The left side of the shed will have the floor raised and the front cut away so the chickens have access under their half. Hi Alan,I think you only need one nest box per four laying hens so I guess the amount of nest boxes you need is proportionate to the birds you have. I only covered half my run with plastic corrugated sheeting (from Wickes) and covered the rest with cheap anti bird mesh to keep costs down.
Under the corogations of your roofing sheets starling combs can be used , they will keep out vermin but allow ventilation, they cost very little from any roofing suppliers, Also make sure you put the fixings in the risings of the sheet, not the valleys.Sorry if this is obvious, but through work I have seen some crazy things on conservatrys and sheds. Good advice there Jon Cobb,it,s one of those things that you can do without thinking and then later ask yourself now how could i have done that. Looks great to me my only concern would be, i understand you access the raised coop for cleaning by opening the two front doors, however you mentioned i think the total coop size is 6ft square? At Jacksons we sell a huge range of quality wooden garden sheds and garden storage buildings. Tanalised Buildings - to complement our range of factory treated buildings we offer a tanalised timber option using genuine Tanalith E product which gives an anti-fungal rot guarantee of 15 years. Tanalised Bearers - Prolong the life of your shed by raising it up on tanalised bearers. Felt Roof Tiles - Available in 4 different colours, this is a popular addition for playhouses and summerhouses but is available on all buildings.
2'6" Verandah - Enhance the appearance of your building by adding a verandah to the front, includes extended deck floor area and side sections.

4ft Verandah - a larger alternative to the 2'6" verandah, this verandah has front returns in order to support the 4ft additional roof overhang. Cedar-Clad Buildings - cedar wall cladding is offered as an option on most of our buildings.  Cedar prolongs the life expectancy of buildings as well a being aesthetically pleasing.
Cedar Clad Roof - A lovely addition, cedar-clad roofing will enhance the appearance of any building.
Painted buildings - Any of the sheds, summerhouses or playhouses can be factory spray painted in a choice of 20 different colours. Are the shed dimensions internal or external?The dimensions given are external and in most instances are full Imperial measurements. What base do I need for my wooden shed?A flat, level slab or concrete base, the same size as the shed as a minimum or ideally, slightly larger.
What kind of access do I need into the back garden?Please consider the dimensions of your shed when ordering. What guarantee do I get with my building?A 12 month guarantee against leakage, door sticking, lock failing etc.
Can you do "made to measure" buildings?Yes we can, within reason, as long as the shed is square or rectangular. Are assortment of shelving solutions will help you maximise the use of space within your shed, you could also install a solar light to help you find what you're looking for in the dark. I think birds will probably try and get into the most secure-feeling and dark box but not sure how they would react to the multi storey boxes.
How are you going to get to all the corners (sometimes they don't lay in the box), or if you need to treat with red mite, clean etc.I'd be tempted to keep the bottom of the shed in place instead of raising it. As long as you have enough support underneath it is plenty strong enough to support cats etc. These 3" x 3" pressure-treated timbers allow additional air circulation under your building thus protecting your floor joists and floorboards during wet weather. The components are fully dipped first in a base coat and then are factory sprayed (2 coats) in a choice of up to 3 colours per building.
These larger buildings can be manufactured in smaller components if necessary.This is just a selection of the optional extras that are available. There are sometimes discounts available for "delivery only" or even further savings if the building is collected from our show site.

Some of the larger buildings require 8ft height access for some of the sections to be carried to the base. As timber is a natural product we recommend that you treat your shed within 3 months of installation and once a year thereafter.
If you require a 9'x 4' or 10'x 5' for example, please refer to the next standard size up - 10'x 6'. Our shed security kits and padlocks will also keep you expensive garden tools or bikes safe when stored in your garden. I must say I really like the design of your coop and also, if hinged, it does sound easy to clean which is always a boon (as I’m learning the hard way now).
You can still have the chicken up top, but have a corridor for you to walk thru (shelf either side).
A spare tub of your primary colour choice is supplied with the building with further spare tins of touch-up paint also available. Our tanalised buildings are made from timber that has been pressure-impregnated with a chemical called 'Tanalith E', also known as the tanalising process. I only say this because i have made hutches in a shed before which are 3-4 ft deep and i struggled to reach the back to clean them properly. There are various optional extras available such as shelving, opening windows, heavy duty floor, heavy duty felt and tanalised timber. Tanalised buildings still need a coat of timber treatment from time to time to protect from the elements.
If necessary, sheds can be custom made in smaller components so they can fit through a restricted access.
We cannot supply 'L'-shaped buildings or sheds that taper from front to back or that do not have 90 degree corners.

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