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Featuring a spiral twist, these HSS blades can cut in any direction without the need to turn the workpiece. Featuring a spiral twist, these plain end HSS blades can cut in any direction without the need to turn the workpiece. Depending on blade thickness, width, tooth patterns and numbers, these blades will cut a large number of materials, including hardwood, softwood, MDF, plywood, plastic, non ferrous metals and horn.
If you buy a dedicated drum sanding machine you will be up for a few bob but the ones that fit onto a bench grinder or into a drill are cheap enough. Pneumatic drums are worth whatever it takes to get one set up. I have to agree with Steve, Carba-tec are very good for supplies, I use precision ground blades, however they are not easy to use for the novice. This is particularly useful for projects that are too big for the throat depth of the scroll saw.

They have been specifically chosen to offer cutting solutions to the vast array of possibilities a scroll saw offers and include both plain and pin end types.
I have to feel which way the teeth point on these blades because they are so small I can't easily see them. If you look closely at the top blade you will see the first 6 teeth from the end point the opposite way to the rest of the teeth on the blade.
The set includes 10, 15, 18, 20 and 25 teeth-per-inch (TPI) blades to handle a variety of applications. They also allow for pieces to be cut with the bevel running in the same direction all round. My favoured size for cutting 20mm (¾") thick timber which is what I mainly use for intarsia. One side pointing down and one side pointing up so it doesn't matter which way you put the blade in the saw.

So when you put it in your saw these bottom 6 teeth face up while the rest of the teeth face down. The Ryobi was my starting point, however after killing two of these I took the plunge and with the help of family, purchased an 'Excalibur'.
If you use too small a tooth for the thicker timbers you will be wandering off all over the place and breaking blades. This makes for a larger throat between the blades which allows the waste material to escape more easily. Scroll Saw Blades 6 Pc:Bought these blades not knowing about quality, but I got just what I needed and the quality was excellent.

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