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Self Storage is a fast growing recurring income business that has swept across America, Australia and parts of Europe. This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them.
Inside Self-Storage recently had the opportunity to interview Ed Ansbro, vice president of Franchising For StorageUSA (SUSA). Initially, SUSA not only provided management and franchise services, but development capital for our initial group of franchise partners through a $200 million credit facility provided by the REIT.
In late 2000, we realized that having a capital component in our franchise program was critical to accelerate our growth rate. Below are popular floor plans, however,we can customize your floor plan to any unit mix desired. This article is devoted to helping you plan your own Mini-Storage Complex, featuring advice on location, lot-size, mix, floor-plans, and more! Thank you for your request, but it looks like your zip code is not in our automated database.
Home staging has been accepted as a way to sell your home faster and for more profit, and with our help we can offer the way to store your belongings. The longer your home is on the market, the lower your price will be so get off on the right foot. Home staging allows you to make the best possible first impression when people come into your home. Get started today with a free, no-obligation quote, and see how we can customize our moving and storage packages to fit your needs. A very common useful way to utilize our portable storage containers is to use our service when you have a remodeling project. Our portable storage containers can help you with any range of project you may have going on. Using our portable storage solution can be the cheapest, most convenient, and flexible way to help you with your moving and storage needs. Simply Storage Expert provide expert advice on all areas of Self Storage to both existing operators and new entrants to the market across the globe.
Following are his comments on the company's program, how it is growing, and what it can do for self-storage developers in all parts of the country.

The program was created to accelerate brand penetration into new or underdeveloped markets.
Our original plan was to recycle the facility by selling off loans and lending proceeds to new development projects. Consequently, we created a mezzanine-loan program to provide gap financing for new developments. A number of our existing franchisees have experience with other product types, including mulitfamily housing.
We have created a number of proprietary models that provide excellent tools to determine whether submarkets can support additional self-storage development. We need a bit more info to give you an accurate quote, so a moving specialist will be contacting you shortly. When you stage your home and declutter the rooms it makes your house make attractive to your potential buyers. Home staging can eliminate unnecessary items out of the rooms of your house that can be unattractive to potential buyers. Whether you need to get the contents of a room out so the room can be worked on, or adding an addition to your house. If it’s something as simple as cleaning out the garage or house, or redoing the flooring in your whole house. In a lot of cases you may need to stay somewhere temporary during the building of your new home.
After the capital markets tightened up in early 1999, we were unable to recycle and essentially stopped providing capital to our franchisees.
Over the last year, we have provided this program on a number of projects in select markets. Ideally, we prefer to work with fewer franchisees who are capable of developing on a multiunit basis. This information is shared with our franchisees when we are evaluating market opportunities.
With our portable storage containers you can get organized, de-clutter, and really show off your home to your potential buyers. Our portable storage solution can provide you with the storage space you need to get your furniture and belongings out of your house.

Our portable storage containers can be a great way to handle your moving and storage needs. In 1999 and 2000, we continued to grow, albeit more slowly, by leveraging off our success systems.
Now that we are part of GE Capital, we see some exciting possibilities to provide more financing options within our franchise program on the equity and debt sides.
We also will be looking to increase scale in markets where we are not very management or marketing efficient.
We can deliver our portable storage containers to your doorstep and you can load them at your own pace. You can get the amount of space that you need for any project and keep it for only the time that you need it.
There may also be a possibility that you need some of your storage on-site for your building project and we can accommodate that as well. We are currently working with GE Capital and hope to have something to role out by end of this year.
We will take the unit away whenever you want and bring it back to our climate controlled storage facility, and when you move just let us know and we’ll bring it directly to your new residence. Stop by our How-It-Works page to learn more.Store it for the Summer with Zippy Shell Getting ready for summer break? Why worry about the hassle of renting a truck, driving a truck or strapping your dorm room stuff to the roof of your car?
Zippy Shell Storage and Moving makes storing your dorm or apartment furniture for the summer a breeze!
Zippy Shell of Howard University is the best choice for student storage because it’s the most convenient and inexpensive option available in the area.

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