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Location, location, locationIn different locations, the dates at which the deer will shed their antlers varies. I knew a very general area of where the elk would be this time of year and we set out to scour the area.
So we have a pretty good idea of where we can find spikes in future years to come but where were the bachelor groups of bulls hanging out when they dropped their antlers? I had brought a couple of Browning's newest trail cameras with me in my Alps Pathfinder pack. I was excited to get a couple of new Recon Force XR, BTC-2XR trail cameras and a Strike Force, BTC-5 trail camera. As luck would have it, as I was out setting out the trail cameras I stumbled onto a small five point elk antler. The bottom and back view of a Browning Recon Force XR next to the smaller Strike Force trail camera. I hiked up a draw to put out some trail camera while the boys were playing and building a fort. I setup a Browning Strike Force trail camera with a Browning Trail Camera Power Pack watching one of my favorite locations from last year. This shows the Browning Recon Force XR next to the smaller Strike Force trail camera with the doors open.

Scouting for mule deer and elk with my Spec Ops, Range Ops and Recon Force Browning trail cameras.
Journal entries from hunting coyotes, rock chucks, prairie dogs and the like with 243 WSSM and 223 Rem.
It is shed hunting season, which means that many hunters are out scouring the fields and hills in search of antlers dropped by bucks and bulls. Here in Ohio, whitetail deer begin to shed their antlers after December, and will continue to all the way into early May in some areas.Buck ManagerWhere do you start looking? The elk would have been shedding their antlers over the past several weeks with the smaller bulls probably just losing their antlers. After finding this one we really scoured that area very carefully and ended up finding five spike antlers within about 200 yards of each other. I figured they would be lower because they would have dropped their antlers sooner than the spikes. The boys were a little tired so I let them play together building a fort while I hiked up a draw to set out the trail cameras. I am curious to see how well the batteries last with this camera and with the power pack setup.
We were finding a great deal of fresh elk tracks so they had to of dropped their antlers somewhere near by.

We spent another couple hours working our way down the mountain hoping to find some nice branched antlers but we couldn't find any.
It's a little early in the year but I would love to catch some bears or young calf elk and whatever else I can on the cameras.
There are also entries related to my experiences with the 243 WSSM, rifles, optics and other equipment and products I use. Put yourself in the buck’s place.North American WhitetailShed hunting techniqueHow do you spot them?
The glint of a wet antler in the sunlight is a give away, and so is a white-colored antler shed on the dark forest floor.Binoculars are an immense help. You can sell them, use them in craft ideas or set them around the home for some rustic decoration. Calling in bucks next season with the real thing is a great way to use a mimicked sound to increase your chances of hunting success.Get out there now and start hunting for those deer shed antlers before some one else finds them or the mice and squirrels eat them for the calcium content.

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