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Had two blocks that were too high and had to grind them down to get the top of the wall level. Concrete guys like a pour and finish job as they can get in and out in half a day and make pretty good money.
If you're within a 100 miles or so of NW Arkansas check Pine Creek Lumber at Hindsville for prices. I left a 10' section out of the end wall so I could pick up the truss with the FEL and set them on the top plate.
In this area a lot of sheds are like a rain forest in the early spring due to condensation on the underside of the tin roof.

The trusses are on 4' centers so I don't think I could use drywall plus I certainly couldn't put it up by myself.
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The CMU will need to extend above the water table and from there you can start your wooden structure with a pressure treated sill plate.
I don't know how you are going to build it without concrete flooring and block or poured walls, atop of which you can build your upper level. Please reconsider doing this, as your time and money will be ill used for a project that will fail.

Usually you'll either fill the block cavity with concrete and insert a tie down bolt for the bottom plate or mortar the tie down bolt in between 2 cap blocks.

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