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Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus: Organic, free-range, and healthy are just a few of the key words for food served at Tin Shed. Mixed greens and seasonal veggies, tossed with your choice of the following dressing and topping. Pork sausage, jalapeno, bell pepper, onion and egg scramble, with Tillamook cheddar, salsa fresca and chipotle aioli. IMPRESSIONS: My wife and I have some close friends in Portland, Oregon, and take any opportunity we can afford to go visit them. You can find the Tin Shed on Alberta Street, a charming stretch of shops and restaurants that, I am told, has been improving in quality over the years.
I chatted with one of the managers for a bit, connecting over the fact that we were both featured in Breakfast Special. The food: Pooches can order a grilled hamburger patty or grilled chicken with brown rice, and a bowl of water is complimentary.
The food: Dogs abound at this open-air waterfront restaurant along the Tampa Riverwalk, where they enjoy free doggie treats, free water, and a dog menu featuring Frosty Paws and Mr. The food: The doggie menu is a cut above the rest here, with options like roasted pig ears, fresh-roasted turkey, and Milk Bones, of course. Gogobot’s mission is to find people places to eat, stay, and play that are perfect for them.
May is National Pet Month so for all the urban dog people out there in search of a home, we’ve compiled this list of the best cities in America for dogs. According to Estately’s real estate listings, the average lot size is a spacious 8,283 square feet.
Apparently no mention of Portland is complete these days without referencing the popular show Portlandia so here’s a dog-related clip. Great weather, dog-friendly beaches and 16 dog parks make San Diego a happy home for hounds.
The city is the dog surfing capital of the world and even hosts an annual dog surfing competition called Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon. San Diego is moving to ban the sale of pets bred in commercial breeding facilities (article). What Seattle lacks in sunny days it more than makes up for with a local culture committed to happy, active dogs. Unlike in many other cities, dogs are welcome on Seattle’s bus lines, ferries, light rail, and even local seaplanes. There are 32 different Meetup groups for dog lovers, as well as dog-friendly businesses like BARK! Even dogs who don’t love live music and delicious Tex-Mex will feel at home in the Texas capital.
Ample dog-friendly restaurants with patio dining, dog news from Bay Woof, as well a gyms where you can take your dog while you get fit. The Mayor’s Dog Ball is held annually to raise money in support of a spaying and neutering program.
Despite having few off-leash dog parks, there are plenty of public spaces to walk your dog, as well as numerous pet-friendly activities. Boston is home to the first subway built in America and dogs are allowed to ride it during off-peak hours. According to this Block Avenue article, Boston neighborhoods with high numbers of pet dogs can be a sign of high home ownership.
Phoenix, as well as neighboring Tempe and Scottsdale, are positively littered with retirees with time to spend with their canine companions. The Arizona Diamondbacks let you to take your dog out to the ballgame with their annual Bark in the Park event. According to Estately’s real estate listings, the average lot size is a spacious 8,977 square feet. If you’ve ever seen a Corgi cheerfully plodding along through a two-foot snow drift then you know true happiness.
There are plenty of talented photographers like the one at StonehousePhoto who took the photo below. If a dog loses its paws to frostbite in Colorado Springs it gets four new prosthetic paws and the name Naki’o the Bionic Dog because the city is home to an awesome veterinarian assistant named Christie Pace—(related article). Local law states if a neighbor shoots your dog for barking in your own yard you are legally allowed to hang them. Shop for your furry friend in dozens of boutique shops offering upscale grooming, designer dog apparel, and fashionable collars and leashes. Dogs are mocked less by people in Miami because it’s actually illegal to imitate an animal there. Good dogs get rewarded with pupcakes, canine cookies, and Mutt Licks ice cream at the Doggie Style Bakery, Boutique & Spa. Regardless of whether Denver (the dog in the video) got into the kitty cat treats, Denver (the city) has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to being a great town for dog lovers to buy a home. With nine off-leash dog parks, 111 pet-related stores, and sunshine 69% of days, Denver is a hot spot for happy hounds. Skoops Ice Cream and More serves up specially-made frozen treats for dogs, and Golden Triangle Liquors on 12th allows dogs to stroll their booze-filled aisles, and even doles out non-alcoholic treats to pooches.
For a field trip, there’s a Purina dog food production factory on the outskirts of town.

Cleveland isn’t blessed with many dog parks, but the city on Lake Erie respects the hound more than most. Cleveland has lots of dog-friendly parks, including Holden Arboretum, which has 20 miles of hiking trails. Los Angeles, California:  The lack of dog parks is bad enough, but no city that allows Paris Hilton to own multiple dogs and keep them in her purse should ever be included in a list of Top Cities for Dogs. I see NJ isnt on this list – it should be as one of the worst places EVER to have a dog. All dog bigots who believe in mythical bad breeds of dog instead of poor dogs some human has screwed up should be shot in the head with the highest caliber weapon possible. Asheville, NC is a nice place for dogs-Lots of trails to hike in the area, fair weather, people are always happy to see a dog- dog friendly breweries, most resturants have dog friendly outdoor patio seating. Named one of the best places to have brunch (it's even been featured in The New York Times). Listing of a menu does not mean that there is any affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship between SinglePlatform and the listed business. There you’ll find the more-charming covered patio, with a fireplace, big fans, heat lamps, and rustic tables.
This comes out of the Stacked Goodness, in which everything is based on the potato cakes and named for canine commands.
Again, the long wait could easily put you off or build your expectations too much (being featured nationally doesn’t help), but we found it to be a great community experience. The cat people know that their cats would rather stay home, usually far away from you, until their highnesses demand feeding.
The pups get a menu all their own, with items like kosher beef hot dogs, free-range chicken, quarter-pound hamburgers, and steak – plus Milk Bones for free. Dogs get free water and treats, but you can also buy them a bandana, logo bowl, or hat at the doggie gift shop on-site. After sharing a special meal with your pooch, why not book a stay at one of these pet-friendly hotels?
With 33 dog parks, Portland has the most per capita of any large city in the United States.
From dining out to surfing, there’s a vast array of activities dogs and people can share together. In recent years, Seattle’s dog population has grown rapidly, and even surpassed the number of children living in the city limits. Unfortunately, local internet traffic is probably slowed by the many dog-themed Tumblr accounts, Facebook pages, and blogs, such as You Did What WIth Your Wiener?
There are 11 dog parks in town, plenty of water to play in, and no shortage of activities to share with your dog. However, there is a cab that drives around with a pet Chihuahua sprawled out on the rear dash.
Check out Fido Loves—a great online source of information for all things dog-related in Boston, and they provide insight into dog-friendly neighborhoods and apartment buildings. Plus, with 85 percent of days free of precipitation, rainy days rarely keep dogs from being walked. Chicago law understandably forbids serving whiskey to dogs, but its prohibition on dogs at the opera runs contrary to the city’s reputation for dog inclusivity. However, if your pooch is a droopy, insecure Basset Hound with body issues then strolling a beach teeming with glamorous Chihuahuas and muscle-bound Bull Mastiffs is cause for pause.
FirstEnergy Stadium is home to the legendary Dawg Pound—the bleacher section reserved for the Cleveland Browns’ most rabid fans.
They would seize and euthanize my fun and sweet and stinkin cute kid-loving pit bull just because of breed discrimination.
It, Albuquerque and even Portland have terrible weather for dogs with snow hitting Albuquerque in October and the nights being 50 degrees colder than the days. Since most of the lost animals from Katrina came to us, we are definitely eligible for this list. I rode around town on my bicycle with my Pomeranian in my backpack (he loves it) and people loved it!
The Tin Shed was his first stop in PDX, led there by Paul Gerald, author of Breakfast in Bridgetown. I was drawn to this because I wanted to try the potato cakes, plus you could get it with rosemary mushroom gravy. I’m not usually one for alcohol with my breakfast, but these were most certainly worth a try. Even the wait was fun with our friends there, and once in the restaurant, we felt welcomed and well cared-for. The dog people are generally attached to their slobbering canine companions, bringing them everywhere they possibly can – even to restaurants with them. Austin offers a variety of pet boutiques, health food stores for Fido, and more than 35 pet photographers. Dogs are even allowed on trolley cars, which makes for a cute photo, but only if your dog enjoys waiting in line for an hour to go up a hill.

While the city’s walkability is average and heartworm is more common here, the upside is there are only 61 days of precipitation so dogs have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors. The area is loaded with various pet amenities and a busy calendar of dog-themed events around town.
The city is blessed with a pooch-positive culture, a hefty serving of dog-friendly restaurants, and plenty of parks and hiking trails. Overall, Chicago does right by its dogs with strong anti-cruelty campaigns, dog-friendly beaches, and an annual Chicago White Sox Dog Day where dogs are allowed at the stadium. Regardless, great weather and plenty of sandy beaches mean recreation opportunities abound for dogs who like to romp on the beach, and dining with dogs is easy thanks to seemingly limitless patio space at city restaurants. In addition, there is ample public space and parks to walk a dog, including some of our nation’s most cherished monuments. Why does Hartford’s big-brother mentality concern itself with a dog’s choice of skin art?
I could never move to Miami for the very reason that I don’t want any dog haters to seize him. The city is not just the government but the actual people who live here–and even many dog owners are difficult and have little understanding of normal dog behavior. This is very disappointing, as before making my decision to accept the job I made sure it was a dog friendly city, I guess that is if you also own a house.
Any place with breed-specific laws should be ashamed and deserves to be exposed, not praised.
Tin Shed offers earth-friendly, flavorful foods every day of the week like biscuits and mushroom gravy, sweet potato french toast, and potato cakes.
It seemed so cozy, despite the outdoor location, that I was almost disappointed we were seated inside.
The Everything Nice, however, features their signature potato cake, fruit, French toast, and a choice of meat. Their menu features a lot of creative options, and while it wasn’t my favorite in Portland, a couple items stand out, especially those potato cakes and that rosemary mushroom gravy. Luckily, not every dining establishment frowns upon this; in fact, some embrace it as lovingly as dog people embrace their furry friends. The average household spends $32.38 per month on pets, which may include items off the Doggie Menu at Tin Shed Garden Cafe, the Kibbles-N-Bits breakfast at Lucky Labrador Brew Pub, or the Truffle Dog Training Seminar down the road in Eugene, Oregon. There are plenty of restaurants with dog-friendly patios, a National Dog Party Day, and a strong dog-advocacy community. For something more fun, The Stray Bar provides a dog-friendly watering hole that doles out free popcorn, something dogs love.
The downside is harsh winters can leave dogs trapped inside for long stretches, but when the sun is out there are fun activities like the Canine Carnival, various breed-specific Meetups, and Beer With Your Buddy—the opportunity to drink a brew at the pub while your four-legged pal socializes.
The downside is that exotic birds like parrots are welcome as well, and everyone knows dogs love to chase noisy birds, even if they’re tethered to an attention-craving eccentric. Not only does the city use a dog as the mascot for both the Cleveland Browns (Chomp) and Cleveland Cavaliers (Moondog), but it also houses the taxidermied body of legendary sled dog Balto in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
If you have a dog you must drive to the burbs for decent off leash areas and even then you may have issues.
Any dog even LOOKS like a American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier is illegal in Denver (Ordinance Sec. Enjoy the outside patio and lovely little garden, and be prepared to drink a lot of free coffee while you wait to be seated, because the place is popular. The first is the small inside, with about five tables and a few stools overlooking a small bar. Our party included two youngins, and our server was prepared with high chairs, crayons, coloring books, and fun cups. But the best part is Austin is home to Kramer the Austin Famous Rock Dog (he fishes for rocks in local lakes and streams).
Also, it’s less hot than Austin and the number of restaurants catering to dogs is pretty impressive. 8-55) Denver needs to be removed from this list; its inclusion calls into question the validity of the entire article.
With a group of six (4 adults + 2 kids), on a Sunday mid-morning, we waited about 30-40 minutes. We have awesome weather and have a ton of trails and places outdoors to enjoy city life with dogs. They were the original American dog and if you would crack you open any books or archives, you will see plenty pits throughout history embedded, especially pictures, and they are usually portrayed around children or farms. Irresponsible and pathetic people have made the breed hated by most of society so much people forget they are still dogs, not monsters. They love, they fear, they protect, they play, they cuddle, they feel and they have a heart.

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