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I’m obsessed with my trail cameras and run them year ‘round, catching everything from rutting bucks to sneaky coyotes and hungry bears. World flyfishing premier: The Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T), has begun its 125-city, 2012 trek, with Oregon showings this week in Bend (Wednesday at the Tower Theater) and Portland.
Early bird drawing: Applicants for big game controlled hunt tags in Oregon who get their bids in by Tuesday evening will have their names entered in a drawing for one of 50 Sports Pacs for 2013. Shed Season Part IIIAfter I found that brown 6x6 set I decided to focus more on turkey hunting in the high country.
Earlier this summer we took a fishing trip to Gunnison Colorado and fished the Taylor Creek Reservoir and the Spring Creek Reservoir. What and eventful and tough hunt!My dad got it done this last weekend on his best antelope to date!
Regardless of the reason, more people are out looking for sheds in winter and early spring, and that, coupled with shrinking winter ranges due to growing populations and increased development, led to restrictions in eastern Garfield County, as well as some portions of Eagle, Pitkin and Routt counties. Winter wildlife ranges in those areas have become islands surrounded by a growing number of humans, who are venturing into those ranges to recreate, potentially increase the stress on animals during an already difficult time, said Perry Will, area wildlife manager in Glenwood Springs. Male elk and deer each year grow antlers used for display and battles with competitors during the fall mating season. The timing was interesting for Brandon Denman, a Rifle resident who has been hunting for most of his life and shed hunting for about the last five years. Denman recently started working upvalley with a friend with whom he shed hunts, and after spotting some large herds, the two were curious about the potential for good finds in the area.
Since some of his bow-hunting buddies exposed Denman to shed hunting five years ago, searching for antlers has almost overtaken actual hunting, Denman said.
About the same time he and his friend started wondering about shed hunting upvalley, Denman read the announcement from CPW.
Increasing PopularityWill with CPW in Glenwood Springs and other wildlife officials have noticed an explosion in the popularity of shed hunting in recent years.
Joe Lewandowski, public information officer for CPW's southwest region, which is where the Gunnison Basin area is located, said staff has received calls from people believing they can fill an entire truck bed with sheds in a day. That may be the case if somebody were to spend a month scavenging for sheds, Lewandowski said, but that simply is not possible in one day or even several days. Still, cars will line the side of the highway, Lewandowski added, in the Gunnison area on March 15, the day the all-out restriction is lifted and shed hunting is permitted between 10 a.m.
Denman has never sold any of the sheds he has found, although people have offered him money, he said. The same goes for Jason Spaulding, another Rifle resident who shed hunts mostly in the western part of Garfield County. Questioning the regulationBoth Denman and Spaulding can understand the need to protect wildlife during winter, a stressful and difficult time for the animals, especially this year as the Post Independent noted in a story published Friday.
However, Denman wonders why the regulation specifically targets shed hunters and not all recreation groups that have the potential to bother wildlife.
While Denman understands the idea of protecting wildlife, the regulations simply do not seem fair, and further, he questioned how effective they would be in achieving the ultimate goal of reducing stress on wildlife. CPW officials stress that the restrictions are not intended to target shed hunters or even discourage the act within the legal parameters spelled out in the regulation. Porras noted CPW already has penalties for harassing wildlife in general that could amount to an approximately $140 fine and 10 points against a person's hunting and fishing privileges.
The penalty for shed hunting in the specific game units during the restricted periods can carry a $70 fine and five points against a person's hunting and fishing privileges.
According to Lewandowski, the Gunnison area office has only issued one or two tickets per year since 2008. The point that everyone seems to universally be in agreement on, is the need to be responsible and ethical, no matter the reason for being outdoors. We reserve the right to remove any comment that violates our ground rules, is spammy, NSFW, defamatory, rude, reckless to the community, etc. Use your own words (don't copy and paste from elsewhere), be honest and don't pretend to be someone (or something) you're not.
Our commenting section is self-policing, so if you see a comment that violates our ground rules, flag it (mouse over to the far right of the commenter's name until you see the flag symbol and click that), then we'll review it. Location, location, locationIn different locations, the dates at which the deer will shed their antlers varies.
ClairHeavy elk antlers sometimes stick in the ground when they fall.Oregon hunters are getting ready for another shot at that trophy buck deer or bull elk, but they won't be carrying rifles or bows into the woods and tags aren't required.

First off I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who sent me Personal Messages during last seasons HAC. We mainly do all of our shed hunting while we turkey hunt and it kind of turned into an off season hobby of ours. I didn't think I was going to find many more sheds for the rest of the spring because I was planning on hunting new country a little closer to home. There are lots of good bucks running around but they are very scattered out due the very wet year we have received. For others, dollar signs are enough motivation to get out and scavenge for sheds — the fresher the better. By mid- to late winter, the antlers begin falling off naturally, helping the animals conserve energy, and the process begins again. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission agreed in January 2015 to extend the restriction, which was first implemented in the Gunnison area in 2008, to the game units near Glenwood Springs. Both wondered how many people, especially closer to Aspen, would be interested in shed hunting.
Depending on the location, Denman said he might go by himself or take his wife and children.
Somebody who recently lost their job or is stuck in a rut might see the show on TV and think about heading out west to hunt for sheds, but, Will added, it is simply not that lucrative. The bigger issue is not shed hunting specifically, said Mike Porras, public information officer for CPW's northwest region. Dogs off a leash also are a catalyst when it comes to disturbing wildlife, and Porras pointed out that any law enforcement agent in the state has the ability to use whatever force necessary to stop a dog from harassing wildlife.
However, the goal is not to write tickets, Will said, and so far approximately two tickets have been issued since the seasonal restrictions went into place last year. Here in Ohio, whitetail deer begin to shed their antlers after December, and will continue to all the way into early May in some areas.Buck ManagerWhere do you start looking?
Although I will post many pictures of sheds on this HAC keep in mind that all of these sheds were found in a time span of 4-5 months with many miles of hiking between them.
Amazing fishing trip that I wont soon forget This is the last post before the hunts start.
The last scouting trip we turned up a few more shooters including a couple bucks that we have had a bit of history with. Definitely fewer big boys than we have seen on past hunts in this unit!Opening morning started out hiking at first light and using the cool temperature of morning to work the glass because we knew that once that sun came out, it was going to be hard to glass at long distances with the mirage. The issue is bothering wildlife during an incredibly stressful time of year when that added stress could be the difference between surviving winter and failing to survive. Another 30 Sports Pacs will be drawn from those who apply by March 15 and 20 more for an April 15 deadline. Shedhunting has become quite popular throughout the years and it has become more difficult to find them due to all the competition of people looking for them.
Good buck that has almost no prongLone feeding doeThis is another buck we found on our scouting trip and he looked like a buck we had scouted out from last year. A fresh set, which is a rare find since both antlers don't typically fall off at the same exact time, could run into the hundreds of dollars.
There's a certain mystery about antler "sheds," as they're called; especially large ones that evaded us during the hunting season and will soon be just laying about in a Coast or Cascade forest or across a windswept Blue Mountain ridge, waiting to be found.
Clips include world-class flyfishing venues (Alaska to New Zealand, Belize to the Bahamas), Ernest Hemingway's favorite fishing holes, an artsy segment starring just insects and even a punk-rock band fishing in Wisconsin. This year on my HAC I wont go into all the stories of turkey season because Im a little behind on this years hunts. Sure enough I compared it to pictures from last year and its the same buck!For some reason he had a little limp in his stepHere is another buck that we found and also realized that he was another buck that we had scouted out before in 2013. We first spotted a good sized group of about 20 antelope with 2 good bucks feeding in the bunch. I had to pull over for this pic!First Brown Elk Shed of the 2015 season found by my little bro Saint. Found him in the same exact place from where we last saw him 2 years ago!Here is the last buck that we had on the hit list. My 11 year old little sister will be hunting for the first time and my family and I are very excited for this hunt. We thought that if we tried to cut off the group and if they kept angling our way, that maybe there would be a shot opportunity.

It just goes to show that all the time and the miles pays off despite the crowds of people out there. Another brown that I almost stepped on as I was walking over a fallen treeOne day turkey hunting I was hiking back to the truck I glanced over to my right and something caught my eye. The first scouting trip took place July 18th and it didn't take us long to find some good bucks.
Put yourself in the buck’s place.North American WhitetailShed hunting techniqueHow do you spot them? A solid hour passed by and as the group grew closer, I could see that one of the bucks looked to be definite shooter.
I walk over and Im about to pick up this shed and I get surprised with a set laying on top of each other! The 2nd buck we found was a decent buck and was very skittishHe didn't stick around longLater on that day we ran into another buck. The glint of a wet antler in the sunlight is a give away, and so is a white-colored antler shed on the dark forest floor.Binoculars are an immense help. This buck is very small but he sure made for some awesome skyline picsJust as we were about to head out we located to what looked like a great buck. The group of antelope fed closer and closer to the little dark bump that was my dad set up and ready for a shot. Clair of Blodgett, west of Philomath, doesn't have to go far in his search for black-tailed buck antlers around the edges of Coast Range clearcuts. Brown 4 ptLoaded up on the hike out The next week a couple friends and got out of class early and decided to go out and kill an evening and go shed hunting. We first saw this buck from a distance and knew he was a good one but could not tell exactly tell how good he was. I could tell that they were just out of his range and needed to cover about another 100 yards to be in range.
We actually got into a gobbling turkey and as I was closing the distance to the gobbler I stumbled upon this nice brown 6 point. Just as it looked like everything was going to work out perfect, the entire group was on full alert and seemed to be looking towards the direction of my dad. Another good place to look is along fencelines, where even higher jumps might jar a spent antler loose. Its always shed season so hopefully I will turn up some more during some of the other hunts this year. Elk also avoid heavy snow, so look, too, across bare ridges close to timbered bedding areas.
As of right now here is my current stash of browns from the 2015 season except for one brown set at the bottom but other than that these are all from the 2015 spring! The group didn’t stick around long with those two obvious hunters behind my dad and spooked off running back from where they came. I have all the whites stacked in the garage and will take a pic of both the piles at the end of the year like I did on last years HAC. You can sell them, use them in craft ideas or set them around the home for some rustic decoration. Calling in bucks next season with the real thing is a great way to use a mimicked sound to increase your chances of hunting success.Get out there now and start hunting for those deer shed antlers before some one else finds them or the mice and squirrels eat them for the calcium content. My dad decides to try a quick stalk on him before lunch and had a close call on getting him but the spooked buck kept his distance and got away. He was a huge buck We figured we saw the last of him as he disappeared into the mirage of that hot day.
BIG BUCK!" We quickly put the spotting scope on the buck to see what we were looking at more clearly and its "Mr.Y"! A couple miles and 3-4 hours later, the elusive buck outwits my dad and so begins his long hike back to the truck. This is the 2nd time this buck has gotten away from my dad and you could tell that the thought of this buck was haunting him. I distinctly remember my dad saying that this buck was one of the biggest bucks he has ever stalked.

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