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A well-built birdhouse should be durable, keep out the rain, not overheat, and be easy to clean.
There are number of excellent birdhouse plans on the Internet as well as many great books you can buy. If you are mounting your birdhouse to a post, always try to attach a baffle or collar to prevent snakes, cats, and other predators from climbing the pole to the house.
Locate your house an adequate distance from each other since most nesting parents are territorial.
Let us help you build your Dream Garden and add value to your property, with one of our classic style garden sheds!! With several styles and sizes to choose from, our shed kits or prebuilt units are great for, a tool shed, outdoor storage, or a potting shed.
Made from long-lasting, high-quality materials, these sheds are perfect for those looking for a lowmaintenance storage option without a sacrifice in style or security. Swedish Pine Log Cabins are ideal for the garden and can be used for a hot tubs, a sauna or even a childrens play house.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Leftover nests can attract mites and other parasites as well as make more work for new occupants who must clear out the old nest. Keeping these above points in mind, select a birdhouse plan for the type of bird you wish to attract to the house. Place the birdhouse where the parents and baby birds are not distracted and worried about your family’s activities. A range of plastic sheds from a number of leading manufacturers are available at cheap online prices with Free UK Delivery.
Our Wooden Sheds come with a steel roof which lasts 6 times longer than the traditional felt roof. The Medium Deck Box is double walled construction, making it a sturdy, robust and a long lasting structure. Do not use exterior grade plywood (contains formaldehyde) or pressure-treated lumber (contains toxic preservatives.) Plastic and metal often overheat in the hot summer sun.

First, however, remember these things about good houses: Has some type of ventilation holes or slots near the roof so heat can escape. If you want to paint the outside, wait until it is built and paint only the wood that you can see. They can be attached to wood or metal fence posts, trees, or their own wood or metal posts. The perch also invites predators or other birds to attack or bother the parents and babies inside. Remember, bluebirds prefer lots of open space in front of their birdhouse and be sure to mount the house at the proper height. They are available from a number of leading plastic shed manufacturers including Grosfillex and Duramax.

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