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Worryingly, experts now understand that the fat that collects around the abdomen has dangerous implications for our health - raising blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and increasing your risk of diabetes, Alzheimer's and even some cancers.
But now, a husband-and-wife GP team have come up with a diet plan that targets this stubborn fat, stripping inches off the waistline and promising to shift up to 20 lb in just six weeks. The authors, Dr Mary Dan Eades and Dr Michael Eades, have drawn on two decades of experience running obesity clinics in the U.S.
The plan has been devised to force your body to use this harmful abdominal fat as fuel, while at the same time re-training it to store fat in a more healthy and slim-waisted way. Beating your middle-aged middle is all about tricking your body into reversing some of the harmful processes that lead to it.
Spread is caused by a combination of factors, including poor diet, changing hormones and certain medications.
DO YOU HAVE THE WRONG TYPE OF FAT?The fat around your middle is dangerous visceral fat, it will stay roughly the same rounded shape whether you're standing up or lying down.
The problem with poor diet is that it can lead to 'fatty liver' - a condition that affects one-third of people in Western populations. Meanwhile, the body is also coming under pressure from too much sugar in the diet; and this, combined with stress, causes high blood sugar levels. In fact, when there's enough of it, visceral fat can behave like an active organ that responds to brain chemicals and hormones and sends out its own chemical messages.
The two Dr Eades argue that middle-age spread doesn't respond readily to the old adage of 'eat less and exercise more'. The diet kicks off with a two-week programme of nutritionally-packed home-made protein shakes.
The shakes are based on the principle that high levels of protein send a signal to the brain and cells that you've been nourished. The shakes also contain leucine, an amino acid found in meat, thought to accelerate weight loss.
Controversially, the shakes contain saturated fat in the form of coconut milk or double cream. Following these guidelines in the first two weeks will be enough to reset your metabolism, reduce your insulin levels and purge the liver cells of much of their fat. Once you get your insulin levels working effectively, it helps clear sugar from the blood, so boosting fat-burning, discouraging fat storage, and further speeding the removal of fat from the liver cells. A?8 for 250g from bodybuilding sites on the internet) 10-12 ice cubes 1-2 tspn low-calorie sweetener (opt) Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Go back to three meals a day with unlimited meat and eggs (at least one 3oz-4oz portion per meal). The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The most commonly described (and the one you may have already heard about) is that muscle burns more calories than fat.

Now, given the above facts about lean mass, it’s plain to see why middle-age spread is a widespread phenomenon.
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Lending tree: convert garage living space, Converting garage living quarters smart convert garage living permitted add carports storage sheds . Tomorrow will mark the last council meeting of this current mayor and 10 councillors before the municipal election on October 21st. It seems like just yesterday that the election was over and I packed away all the large highway signs and lumber neatly against the shed in the back. In anticipation of potentially re-applying for the job, I went back to that neat pile of signs and lumber on Saturday. The aging of the wood, the smell of mildew and the scattering of insects that emerged from underneath each board as I lifted them up reminded me of the passing of time and how much has happened in three years.
A spouse of one of the new council candidates was asking me about the impact of the job on the family during a recent United Way event.
Director of Communications and Community Impact for the Fort McMurray United Way, blogger, actor, artist, father and husband.
Not only will you lose this dangerous fat, but you'll do so drinking shakes made with cream; and after the first two weeks, you are actively encouraged to include oils and fats in your diet. If it's ordinary fat, it will fall to the sides when lying down, decreasing the front-to-back dimension significantly.
While the exact cause is not clear, excessive consumption of sugar and omega-6 fats ( polyunsaturated fatty acids found in vegetable oils) in modern diets is thought to be to blame. The body produces more insulin to mop it all up, but a fatty liver can't break it down as it should and it ends up as more fat in the middle of the body. The female hormone oestrogen instructs the body to store fat on the hips and thighs; but as levels decline with age, the target for storage shifts to the abdomen. And if they have high insulin levels or a fatty liver, this can lead to more fat on their breasts and bellies. The fat that gathers in and around the vital organs in the abdomen is called 'visceral fat', and it behaves very differently to ordinary 'subcutaneous fat', which settles all over the body under the skin. One of the things it triggers is inflammation in the blood vessels - damaging them and making it more likely for your blood to form clots, which is bad news for the coronary arteries.
In the first week, they target the liver, reducing its load by banning toxins like caffeine and alcohol and by encouraging it to give up its accumulated fat reserves so it can function normally again.
Leucine also helps prevent or slow the loss of lean body muscle which often occurs with rapid weight loss.

The authors claim this is because saturated fat has been shown to help the liver metabolise and burn any fat collected there.
Once the liver is clear and working properly again, you'll be on the road to maximising the amount of abdominal fat you can lose from both around and also within the organs. This provides your body with lots of high-octane fuel but very few carbohydrates, and is designed dramatically to reduce insulin levels so the body learns to be more sensitive to it.
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The more muscle you have, the less insulin your body needs to secrete to clear sugar from your bloodstream. Your heart will get stronger, you build better immunity to disease, and overall, you’ll look good naked! I discovered that being tightly and precisely stacked left no way for the boards to breathe and dry out. Stand against a wallA  -A  don't hold your tummy - and measure yourself from back to front with a straight ruler (lie something flat across your tummy as a point of reference), then lie down and measure again. Some scientists believe that this, not cholesterol in the blood, triggers cardio-vascular disease. Now, there are several reasons for the faster fat accumulation that occurs in mid-life (AKA the middle-age spread). Doesn’t it make sense to reverse this process (and hence, the tendency to gain weight)?
If the depth of your belly doesn't change between the two positions, then you're more than likely carrying a fair amount of visceral fat.
The more of it you have, the faster you burn fat, and hence, the less likely you are to store it.
With that said, if you give it a chance (and work with someone who is knowledgeable in this arena of training) you too can achieve an amazing outcome – no matter how old you are. Nevertheless, this article will examine another common cause that’s just as important. By doing so, they allow you to increase lean mass much more effectively than isolation exercises (e.g. For others, it is the first unpleasant realisation that you can no longer eat what you like without spilling over your jeans.

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