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Over the years, I managed to interview many of the greats, including Type O Negative, Motorhead, Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth…but speaking with Stikman for my new magazine was a dream that I never thought could happen, and I tried to not let the fanboy in me out too much while doing it. As a fan of Fury of Five since 1996, having the chance to shoot the shit with this man was both humbling and inspiring. A decent part of the interview naturally veered towards the subject of his most well-known project, Fury of Five, which he has been trying to reunite properly (there are many offers on the table) in recent years to no avail; “they don’t like me,” Stikman says referring to his former bandmates, minus guitarist Mike Terror, who he remains in touch with. It has now been 3 years since Stikman performed a Fury of Five set at East Coast Tsunami 2010 backed by members of God Forbid and Mushmouth, the latter with whom Fury released a split 7” to coincide with their special reunion.
Confessing that he’s surprised he’s still alive after a life of risk-taking that continues to this very day, he reflects on death: “When it’s your time, it’s your time. We then get to discussing his lifestyle at present time, at which point he tells us something he has not been shy to promote on social media in the past…he’s a vegetarian, much like one of the grandfathers of NYHC, John Joseph of the Cro-Mags, who is similarly vegan. Stikman doesn’t hesitate to give his boys in Wisdom in Chains and the BFL family a big debt of gratitude for keeping his name relevant when his New Jersey people were no longer there for him. He then reflects on the struggles he continues to experience in life, which include a wealth of responsibilities from getting a paycheck and raising a kid, to caring for his ill mother, and ongoing anger issues; “I was really angry back then, but I think I’m afraid to let go [of the anger].
Stikman’s impressive physical form has always been one of his defining features, and he continues to train regularly to keep himself sane.

Aside from training, there are other ways that he manages to stay young against the odds of time: “My whole mentality is like that of a kid.
On the subject of drug and alcohol abuse, Stikman has some sage advice to offer: “I try to explain to people that, especially drug users and alcoholics, you gotta get to your deep-rooted issues and bring it to the surface.
His message to the newer gang mentality that he has seen permeate hardcore communities across the coasts: “I see crews destroying scenes and states with it…you’re beating up on your fanbase, knock it off. We close out by talking about older bands that the young kids may not have done their research on. We dug up this live set from a bootleg trade years ago and formatted it for your full-frame web enjoyment. A lineup of bands and hardcore veterans were present to make east coast hardcore history in Reading, PA. Stikman is a proud father, and his son J-Rock the Baller was acting as security for his father’s interview, and also makes an occasional appearance on camera to show his face. The response then was explosive, and it would surely be if any incarnation of the band performed again. Ismean himself, a master of externalizing his own anger, proves here that not only is there life after a life of hell, but that a life of hell teaches a person a lot if they’re willing to learn.

Let’s get back to the place we came from and vent our shit.” His son J-Rock the Baller apparently just performed his first stage dive at East Coast Tsunami 2013, which makes his father an especially proud man, and he couldn’t help but share it with us. Brothers of Fury of Five, Mushmouth, recorded the track Here To Stay with Stikman on their 1999 Lift the Curse LP…a song both Stikman and I agree crushes most in its path. And one of the more recognizable lifers, Stikman aka James Ismean of Fury of Five, Boxcutter, and Position of Power infamy, was present in all his glory to partake in the festivities.
He demands people check out Warzone, DRI, Youth of Today, Killing Time’s Brightside LP, Agnostic Front’s Cause for Alarm LP, and Black & Blue Fest.
Some bands got beat up…Coal Chamber, Gwar, Machine Head got stepped to, Pantera got stepped to at Dynamo Fest.
Club owners, managers…if anyone showed disrespect, they caught the wrath.” Checking Pantera and Machine Head on their cred is something very few people ever had the balls to do, but Stikman needed to have his opinion heard.

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