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At our Outdoor Showroom we have every pre-built pre-fabricated shed at our Outdoor Showroom on sale this fall.
Obviously this is one very good looking shed, but the Champion name on it also means it is made from the finest materials. Shed-Plus love to have an apex roof on their sheds and we consider them to be one of the very best at making great use of it.
The cladding is 12 mm thick tongue and groove cladding which is the same as we just talked about with the roof. We really could not be any more impressed with the frame on the Shed-Plus Champion line of sheds. The 12 mm tongue and groove floor will allow you to not only keep heavy things stored inside of here, but also make it so you are not scared to walk around as the floor can easily take your weight. The extensive pressure treatment process that Shed-Plus put the timber through allows them to offer an incredible 15 year warranty with the shed. Standing at 5 feet 11 inches high and 2 feet 11 inches wide, considering this is only a single door, you do actually have a lot of room to get things in and out of the shed. The lock that is included with the shed is more than reliable enough to keep your items safe at night and when you are away from home. This is a very open style of shed and with those two large windows it is very easy to see what is inside. We love the way the shed has been designed and honestly we do not think we would change one thing about the way it looks. You get all you need when the shed is delivered, but one thing that is offered is a Champion Workbench.
In a recent post, I shared three compelling reasons to install a shed in your yard instead of renting a storage unit. Before you decide whether to buy a prefab shed, like the Suncast we installed, you should carefully review the “covenants, conditions and restrictions” (CC&Rs) for your association, if applicable, and your city’s municipal codes.
If we had gone that route, it would have cost a lot more money and been a long drawn-out process. While I’ve read positive reviews of the Suncast sheds from people in colder, snowy climates, my Mr. Portability: If you think you might want to move the shed at some point in the future, use brick or wood for the foundation. Future repairs: If you have plumbing or electrical that runs under the shed location, build a brick or wood foundation. Critters: If you live in an area where there are critters who might like to live under or eat your shed, you’re better off with a cement or brick foundation. Once you’ve decided on your foundation material, be sure to build it large enough to accommodate the floor. We, um er, I mean the Mr., then put in a small retaining wall at the front (it is covered by bark in this shot) and then laid out the bricks ensuring a level, flat surface. That said, be sure to unpack the box in the garage first and compare the contents to the parts list in the instructions before you start assembling.
It’s fun to build things and easier when you have a helper but we all know how frustrating it can be, too!
With a little careful planning you can avoid the hazards of installing a shed on your property and costs associated with renting a storage unit.
Our association is a PITA, so I would would definitely call before I did anything outside the house. About MeRee KleinHaving spent my young adulthood living with the stress and anxiety of money problems, I know what it’s like to live in "Dodge." Now, after learning what it takes to escape dodge and move into prosperity, I am determined to help others set themselves free.

Giving you plenty of storage space to make use of and more than enough headroom to walk around comfortably, this is a shed where you will enjoy spending your time, working, doing DIY or even just organising your belongings. 12 mm tongue and groove cladding that has been pressure treated is going to last for many years and keep everything inside safe from bad weather. We feel that this is a very good sized shed for most gardens as it offers you an ideal amount of storage space, but without taking over the whole of your garden. They always make it nice and high to really make sure the rain runs straight off as well as giving you all of that headroom. 12 mm is a very good size and the high quality wood that has been selected gives the shed not only a very stylish look, but also a very strong feel when you touch it. They use a 34 mm x 34 mm frame which is a big part of what makes this so solid, but also the frame is supported with heavy duty cross braces to really make sure that it stays strong and is up to the job of lasting you many years. While the boards are strong, we have to tell you about the reinforced floor joists underneath which really give the floor a great deal of extra strength. Still you will want to give the shed a coating of wood treatment once you have built it and then do the same on an annual basis to help the shed stay looking fantastic. As you can see from the pictures the door has a traditional door knob and lock for ease of access. When building the shed, you can actually decide which side of the shed you have these on which is always something we like to see. The whole structure actually has a very strong and safe kind of feel to it so we are sure you will never have any security concerns as long as you remember to keep it locked up. Adding some blinds or curtains would address this, but then you would maybe not be able to open them as easily.
Still if you like your things to all look the same, by using some coloured wood treatment, you would be able to make the colour of the shed fit in with the rest of your garden. This is made with very high quality materials and we are actually pretty surprised they are able to keep the price as low as it is. If you are sure to give the shed a coating of wood treatment once a year then there is no reason as to why this is not going to last you for a couple of decades at least. It manages to look very appealing, but thanks to the pressure treated timber is also going to last you as long as you need it to. We are very impressed with how high quality the Champion line of sheds is as everything about them has been selected because of how long lasting it is.
Given our recent experience installing our shed,  I’ll now warn you of six hazards you can avoid if you chose to do a project like this of your own. This list isn’t exhaustive but should help you avoid some of the most common hazards people face when installing sheds. We don’t have an association but the municipal code for our city has very clear restrictions on where you can place your shed (setbacks) and requires you to get a building permit if it’s a permanent structure. His worry is due to the gaps where the pieces come together (under the eves and at the floor).
Once you decide where you want it located, you have to decide whether to make a concrete, wood or brick foundation. If it’s going to be in an area that could pool water, you’re better off with a concrete foundation.
Here’s just two pages from our booklet and you can see the notes in three different areas showing what we were missing. You don’t want to be standing in the blistering sun or freezing cold trying to put gaskets in windows; that’s challenging enough in the comfort of your garage! A large door will make putting your things in here very easy and those two large, toughened glass windows will allow not only plenty of natural light inside, but some fresh air also.

A solid, cross brace supported frame is what makes this such a strong and reliable shed which along with the high quality floor and roof make this one very robust structure. There is 7 feet 11 inches of room in the depth and then 6 feet of width, giving you rather quite a lot of floor space to use. The roof is made with tongue and groove boards which are 12 mm thick and covered with 20 kg mineral felt for protection. The design used here will not allow water to get inside so anything you store will be very well protected. Very strong door hinges are used to keep the door in place and their silver design goes very well with the door knob and lock. Just from the pictures you can tell these are good sized windows and they are also very strong as they are made with toughened glass. To add some extra security it would not be all that expensive or time consuming to add an extra pad bolt to the door.
We are sure that this is a shed which could actually be the only shed you ever need to buy as long as you look after it in the right way.
Some of these hazards apply to other projects as well so keep reading even if you aren’t installing a shed.
If the city requires us to move the shed or if we were to sell and the new buyers didn’t like the shed where we put it, we can easily move it. This is one incredible looking shed that would be a highlight in any garden and thanks to the way it has been designed will be with you for a long time. The headroom offered here is fantastic with a ridge height of 7 feet 3 inches, you will find pottering around inside here will not see you having to be hunched over all the time.
We are more than happy with the roof here and feel that it will stay strong for many years.
Even from the pictures this is a shed that has a very robust look to it and we can assure you it is even more impressive when you are standing right in front of it. Each window can be opened so you can allow plenty of fresh air in here on a stuffy summer’s day. We are more than happy to recommend this shed to anyone looking for good looking, long lasting place to keep their belongings safe.
We chose another Suncast because we have been very happy with the construction, durability and look.
However, we wouldn’t let that stop us from buying it because it is really a well-designed and sturdy shed that has served us well.
In fact here are a few tips for pre-assembly that might help: Have scissors and superglue handy.
It makes it much easier to hold the gaskets and the window in place from above while someone else screws things together from the underside. I bark 4 u,I bark for you,better buys topsoil gravel and bark,better buy sand and gravel,gravel for paver blocks,sand for paver blocks,patio,patio installation,need help,looking for,pnone orders, text message orders, email orders,playground,ponds,playhouses,quarry,screened,opinions,second opinion,screened dirt,screened bark,screened compost,screened pit run,J.D. Delivered to Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish, Issaquah, North Bend, New Castle, Renton, Maple Valley, Seattle, West Seattle, King County, Snohomish, Pierce.

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