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The Support model aimed to identify suppliers who have high somatic cell counts and target proactive one on one support to drive continuous improvement on farm. The team also involved Fonterra's milk quality service providers who conducted a comprehensive traceback to ensure that all possible causes of mastitis are addressed as quickly as possible, including testing milking machines. This service is funded by Fonterra's to ensure that suppliers have adequate financial support to continue to drive improvements.
The initial deployment of the Programme demonstrated an excellent performance improvement across Fonterra's Supplier base. Within the model, Fonterra managed 300 Suppliers at the Outbound support level and 17 and the CSP level and 17 at the accredited vet level. The programme has been fully reviewed during the last few months and re issued with a brand new support model add to drive improvement across suppliers testing at 300,000-400,000 SCC range.
The company's aim for the new model is to work with Suppliers to drive improvement and prevent suppliers hitting the Regulatory model.
A new proactive accredited vet news letter has been developed and deployed trying to build on the success of the model and drive further enhancements. The group has presented its findings to the sector at the Milk Quality conference in July where it was very well supported . For this season it is focusing on driving improvement and driving down its SCC average to 150,000 SCC average if possible. The re-launch of the Fonterra Mastitis Support programme has been down with Supply Fonterra Branding and linkages.

With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. After drawing up a number of ideas, I settled on one that took up the least amount of space. After mulling it over, I decided to re-think my priorities and went back to my shed and eliminated a few pulleys from the system.
If I were to make this rig, I would have the pulleys on one side slightly offset to reduce wear on the line at the crossover point.
I wonder why you used the snatch block at the top of the bridle, and doubled the lifting line. Your instructable caught my eye because I worked on and installed passenger and freight elevators. Lower somatic cell counts mean healthier animals, more milk production, better returns for New Zealand suppliers and the New Zealand dairy industry. Fonterra has also established a network of approved vets and a dedicated team of mastitis prevention and reduction experts to deal with persistent cases. Fonterra is also now targeting vets outside the model to encourage more vets to become accredited. The company is also trying to build on the one industry all players working together to drive improvement and has started actively working with LIV and CRV.
In my opinion, most people, or most Americans at least, are horribly inefficient at utilizing vertical space.

Yes, it gives you mechanical advantage, but you eliminated the trailer winch because it was more advantage than needed.
Although I would call this a material hoisting device it is well thought out and nicely done to provide convenience.
The programme leverages Fonterra's highly skilled Service Centre team, who use an outbound calling model to explain the basics of mastitis in cows, how it is spread, and control processes that are available.
Would you recommend this at a storage shed that stores heavier items like lawnmowers and all?
If it's possible to reduce the number of pulleys in your system as I did in mine, friction is also reduced.
I think I can just fold the lower portion of the folding stairs (the lower 2' or so) and the door will go down more vertical (though not by much). Then I could rig a platform to lower from the same hole, and just pull up close to the ceiling when not in use. I have tried different lines, now I just have cotton sash cord because the foamcore is so light, but other setups have had more problems when I have had more weight on the line.
There are some that use bearings, either low quality plastic, or high quality ball or roller.

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