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Do you need a local Yonkers junk removal and trash hauling service to go right into your home, business, workshop, rental property, or office and pickup and haul away a bunch of junk garbage?
We have the equipment and the manpower to pickup and haul away practically anything, from renovation debris, to construction debris, to household furniture and appliances. Phone us now to learn about our wonderful same day service or to schedule a day and time that works best for you. We will show up at your location in Yonkers NY and provide you with a FREE no-obligation price quote to remove your old UN-wanted junk and debris for an affordable rate.
We do all the lifting and hauling of your old, UN-wanted and used junk from anywhere on your property including inside your home, office, shed, attic, storage or basement. We save and recycle as much of your junk as possible and donate all salvageable items to local charities in Yonkers NY. I'd basically fly through time, a complete law unto myself, and duff up criminals like a right proper maverick.
I could have a sidekick played by someone like Konnie Huq or perhaps even the fat one from Little Mix. At the end I do this thing where I spark up a cigarette and say something like "Time for dinner" before walking off up the canal. In this film, Martin Clunes (played by Alan Rickman) is an astronaut who gets lost in space.

Haven't really sorted out the nitty gritty in regards to the plot of this one, but thought it might be nice if there was a scene where someone kicked a dog into the side of a greenhouse and cut it's throat open.
A feature length documentary about the life of the news reader Peter Sissons narrated by my mate Keith Rice (a grumpy badger). I WANT THE FRONT COVER TO BE OF ME, SAT IN A SHED, STIFF AS A POST AND LOOKING OUT OF THE WINDOW AT A MAN IN DUNGAREES BUMMING A HERON UP AGAINST A TREE OR SOMETHING. LONELY HUMAN (male, creepy little eyes) seeks thick badger for midnight walks, snacks and a generally confusing relationship that will probably end in a lengthy jail sentence.
WASP seeks bee for pointless afternoons spent trapped in the shed, banging into the window. Various sizes and ages - A general mass of undigested bits of food (plant matter, bones, fur, feathers, bills, claws, teeth etc) that I've regurgitated in the form of a filthy pellet. We’ve even cleared out offices, taking away office equipment and furniture, as well as commercial equipment all over Yonkers NY. If you need us to dismantle and haul away something big, like kids’ playground equipment, hot tubs, jungle gyms, spas, office cubicles, and much more.
We serve the whole area of Yonkers, from Kimball Avenue, over along Warburton Avenue, up nearby Sprain Ridge Park, and all up and down the Bronx River Parkway. We can also will go inside your home or anywhere on your property to remove your junk no matter where it is located.

Pop the bucket on your head, lean against a tree and you'll be magically whisked away to spend the night in the house of your dreams (best used in conjunction with heroin). We also have the experience and the tools to provide you with complete and total clean up of storm damage, flood damage, and fire damage cleanup. You can relax while we do all the heavy lifting, physical loading, trash pick-up and debris removal for you. This charming property really is as good as your own imagination. AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN! I'm looking to meet someone who enjoys swimming up and down the river sucking up silt and getting swept down weirs. Whether you need us to clean out a foreclosure or estate home, or clean up vacant land, we do it all. If you need help, we are the company to call in Yonkers, be it for hoarding cleanout services, bulk trash pickup, or to get that odd job done.

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