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Spring is back and its time to get your gloves on and the trowels and spades out of the shed…but, you go down to your shed and the roof is leaking everywhere, the frost and wind has taken its toll on the felt. Step 2: If you are satisfied the roof is strong enough, you can now work from the outside and assess whether or not the current felt covering is adhered well enough to cover over the top.
Step 3: Now the surface is ready for the ClassicBond EPDM sheet its time to roll the roll out and spread it over the surface adjusting it into place so that it is over hanging all the edges evenly.
Step 5: When your happy that the glue is evenly spread and not too dry then carefully slide or lift the EPDM sheet into the glue and mate the 2 together using a soft broom to ensure a good bond and there are no air pockets. Step 6: At this stage the EPDM is fully glued to the roof deck and its time to glue around the edges using the ClassicBond Bonding Adhesive which is applied to both the surface that you are sticking to and the back of the rubber.
Step 7: When the Bonding Adhesive has become touch dry on both the EPDM and the timber, mate them both together from the roof out, over and down pushing any trapped air out as you go along.
Step 8: Your roof is now completely waterproof but you may want extra mechanical reinforcing around the outside edges to ensure that it will stay fixed in place during wet and windy weather.

To view the material safety data sheet for this product simply click on the relevant link below. For any further product information please contact us direct where we will be happy to help.
Our liners are of the highest quality and as such are very tough and hard wearing, but sometimes they can still be damaged during their installation or over their life. Our pond liner repair kit contains high quality components to ensure that once repaired, your liner will not be left with any weak or vulnerable points. If these are rotted or damaged you will need to repair them before commencing with the waterproofing process. However, if it is not laying flat or is loose in places it is good practice to remove the old covering and remove all nails from the surface.
Carefully open the can, stir it until it is mixed thoroughly and paint onto the un-glued area around the perimeter of the roof, down the side and onto the back of the rubber.

To do this you have 2 options, either fit our pre-made Plastisol coated metal trims or use a suitably treated timber batten.
In the following steps we are going to show you the basic installation process involved in fitting a new EPDM waterproof covering for your shed.
Our metal trims come in a range of depths and lengths and will need to be cut (carefully) to fit using a hack saw or metal snips.

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