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The wooden shell curves from one side of the office all the way under its floor, creating a terrace in front for lounging in the sun.
Glass walls on two sides provide both daylighting and a view straight into the home, providing a visual connection but maintaining the peace and privacy desired in a detached office or studio. These 14 modern detached offices and studios are compact, self-contained and easy to assemble, making them perfect for serene backyard work spaces. On first appearances, it’s hard to believe Angela is guilty of Arson and Attempted Murder. After lashing out at Bev, issuing a torrent of homophobic abuse towards Pat Kerrigan, and then attacking (and licking half to death) Lou Stokes in the bathroom, it was clear that something wasn’t right.

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The architects created this unusual detached office structure for a residence in northwest London, and it fits neatly into a small walled garden space.
The open area provides a space to store gardening implements and other items that would normally be kept in a shed.
The structure is made with two steel ring beams, timber ribs and a plywood skin, and was mostly prefabricated for ease of installation.

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BAD GIRLS, all characters, episodes and related media are copyrighted to Shed Productions Ltd. When her dad discovered this, he took Angela away as she screamed – leading to something that has caused her great distress.

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