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If you’ve discovered that you’re going to need more space for all your belongings, you don’t have to look for a bigger home.
For building your own storage shed, you’ll need a wide range of materials, including corrugated metal, eye and ear protection, a drill, measuring tape, a framing nail gun, screwdriver bits, a door lock, studs for wall and roof framing and plywood. Once you have these basic frames built, you’ll need to join the walls together, construct the roof, install exterior corrugated siding and add shelves inside the shed. Place the end of a tape measure on the ground at one corner of where the shed will be positioned.
Retract the measuring tape and repeat the process for each of the other three sides, being sure to mark each corner. Check your work by measuring each side again and multiplying the length times the width to make sure that you still come up with at least 50. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Your plan (all sets, if ordering 5-set or 8-set) will appear in mirror reverse, relative to what you see on the web site, but all letters and numbers will read properly. Customize the home of your dreams with built-in speakers and controls specially-designed for your house plan. A unique peel-and-stick product to help you visualize your new floor plan, fully furnished. There are two types of truss systems designed to increase your attic space: Bonus Storage and Attic Storage.
The one that’s best for you heavily depends on your needs, as each one has a different purpose.
Although not meant for furnished or liveable space, Bonus Storage is ideal for storing seasonal items such as lawn furniture, life jackets, skis or other items you only use part of the year.

Notice the angular bracing webs connecting the top chord and bottom chord of the truss?  By beefing up the webs and the chords, you get a stronger truss designed to support flooring between the trusses. Using Bonus Storage is not only more economical — it is about 80 percent less expensive than expanding your floor plan — you can also increase your space’s square footage by up to 50 percent. Your builder can provide Bonus Storage, an innovation from Wick Buildings, on trusses that are 24’ to 36’ wide on bay spaces up to 10’ wide.
Attic Storage, on the other hand, is a rectangular, enclosed area built inside of the attic space (see photo above).  Since it doesn’t have truss webs connecting the top and bottom chords, it is ideal for a finished room.
Although Attic Storage isn’t much less expensive than expanding your floor plan due to finishing costs, it is a great option for those who lack space to build outwards or want to keep their building’s overall floor plan smaller. Attic Storage trusses are designed to support a fully insulated living space with furniture and walls, and often includes electrical. It has the same loading capacity, at 40 pounds per square foot, as a standard home flooring system. Your builder can install dormers (see photo below) on your roof between the trusses to use as window space and further increase your room’s square footage. Have someone hold the end of the tape measure for you, or secure it with a heavy object or a stake. Select a CAD, PDF, or Reproducible format, and you will receive an unlimited use license at no additional cost.
Includes license to build an unlimited number of times with no re-use fee and copyright release for making 10-12 copies (on average). Most construction projects require 8 separate sets for contractors, lenders and other parties. Includes four sets of detailed diagrams about electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and structural details of home building.

While Attic Storage is great if you are looking for a finished, livable room, Bonus Storage is better for those itching for more storage space.
Plumbing can be incorporated into the room provided the building below is insulated and heated.
To ensure that the targeted space for such a shed is adequate, a quick and simple calculation using only a tape measure is all that is required.
You'll also receive a Bill of Materials for basic lighting fixtures, dimmers, switches and optional automated lighting controls. Shed Decor (Lark Crafts, $25), Coultharda€™s new book, features hundreds of ideas that will help you turn a garden shed into a well-appointed retreat.PinterestFacebookThis country shed offers an indoor space to gather that is surrounded by nature. Once you have what you need, you’ll need to check your local building codes to see if you’re going to need a permit. We've pre-negotiated low rates from select fixture manufacturers, so you can shop from the convenience of your home and receive excellent service from industry professionals.
When that’s taken care of, you can start your project by measuring the shed dimensions and cutting the wood pieces ahead of time.
Our 12 room package consists of a master pre-wire plan, including a Bill of Materials based on the size of your home, intercom design, infrastructure design and CCTV design. Take advantage of our pre-negotiated low rates on 40 different system designs from select manufacturers.

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