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Wherever you go, keep in mind that on the first full weekend of each month, admission to more than 100 museums around the country is free for Bank of America customers, courtesy of the Museums on Us program.  If you’ve got an ATM, credit or check card from Bank of America, flash it and you’ll get free admission. A good choice for anyone heading to Chicago this weekend would be a visit to the Shedd Aquarium to see the recently re-opened Oceanarium, now home to sea lions, Pacific white-sided dolphins, sea otters, beluga whales and other creatures from the Pacific Northwest waters. And next time you think you’ve got an uncomfortable plane ride ahead of you, consider this: during the renovation of the Oceanarium, the beluga whales in the exhibit were flown to an aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut and then flown back to Chicago when the project was done. Yaneck Wasiek, the owner of WASIO photography is a Chicago & international destination wedding photographer. Yaneck Wasiek, the owner of WASIO photography is international destinations and Chicago wedding photographer. The calf was named by more than 3,200 Chicagoans last summer who emailed votes to The Shedd.

Contact us to check our availability and which wedding photography collection will be the best for you. Yaneck has been photographing for over 25 years, specializing in wedding and portrait photography for the last 7 years.
Yaneck has been photographing for over 20 years, specializing in wedding and portrait photography for the last 5 years.
Also, after dinner Caitlin and Andres got to go through a line of sparklers their guests were holding on the front steps of the Shedd. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Yaneck's work has been strongly influenced by European art and architecture. Most importantly though, he has an absolute love for people in love that he expresses through wedding and portrait photography.

Besides creating beautiful artistic and photojournalistic photographs, Yaneck's greatest appreciation comes with opportunities of creating memories of those special moments.
The foundation of his photography is the personal and fun relationship with every couple mixed with his creativity and photographic excellence.

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