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Prior mathematical models of viral replication, such as those for HIV, HCV and HBV, by necessity assumed homogeneous mixing of virus and the host immune response to calculate viral replication patterns throughout the body. HSV-2 in genital ulcers developing in one area of the mucosa, but underestimated the extent of cross talk that occurs between neighboring regions that are spatially separated from lesions, in part because many satellite plaques of replication are clinically silent.
The data are startling and they for the first time explain the wide variability in episode duration and location within a short time period in the human host. Schiffer JT, Swan D, Al Sallaq R, Magaret A, Johnston C, Mark KE, Selke S, Obemichael N, Kuntz S, Zhu J, Robinson B, Huang ML, Jerome KR, Wald A, Corey L. This overlooks a critical feature of most tissue-based infections: that viral replication varies enormously between host microenvironments. Viral replication is not limited to a single event in mucosal tissue, but rather consists of concurrent plaques of virusa€“host interactions, which are constantly evolving.

Our studies clearly show that the virus and host interact with each other directly and that HSV is producing a chronic dynamic inflammatory state in the genital tract. Frequent Release of Low Amounts of Herpes Simplex Virus From Neurons: Results of a Mathematical Model. Mucosal host immune response predicts the severity and duration of herpes simplex virus-2 genital tract shedding episodes.
The kinetics of mucosal herpes simplex virus-2 infection in humans: evidence for rapid viral-host interactions.
Detailed analysis of mucosal HSV-2 replication kinetics with and without antiviral therapy. Rapid Localized Spread and Immunologic Containment of Herpes Simplex Virus-2 in the Human Genital Tract.

While some loci may contain thousands of infected cells and metabolically active lymphocytes, a quiescent, virus free-area may exist less than one-centimeter away.
This characteristic is increasingly appreciated with regard to chronic diseases that have a a€?latenta€? or a€?containmenta€? phase.
While clinical symptoms may not occur, the virus and host immune system are constantly on the battlefield, silently fighting one another.

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