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The Smogcast Request forum is now open for those wanting to talk competitive 'mons on Smogon's Twitch! I found out that an anti-lead could be perfect for this team, because it can stop oppenents entry hazzard leads from setting entry hazzards, which kills shedinja upon entry.
Forretress is probably the most important pokemon on the team because entry hazzards, like mentioned before, kill shedinja upon entry. Kyogre is there for many reasons: it eliminates hail and sandstorm, which would otherwise kill shedinja, it sets up rain which helps *my other pokemon to take fire type moves more easily and it also functions as a revenge killer. While it may look wierd to have both groudon and kyogre on the same team, groudon actually helps a lot. When looking after a sixt member on the team i noticed that i needed some fire type moves to stop scissor and forretress. Lucario is one of those weird Pokemon that manages to get good because it has just the right stats and moves in just the right places to be used well.
Nasty Plot is a new move for Lucario that for some reason it decided to learn in Black and White. Choice Specs Lucario was a favorite back in 4th gen due to its ability to 2HKO Blissey with Aura Sphere.
Calm Mind can let you slowly boost against weak Special Attackers like Tentacruel, however Lucario doesn't have the bulk to try a Calm Mind sweep. Bulk Up is slightly more viable as it can be run along Drain Punch and Ice Punch to try and outlast its counters. Hidden Power Electric hits Gyarados and Tentacruel harder than most other moves but is outclassed by Ice on most sets. Stone Edge breaks Gyarados, Salamence, and Dragonite but doesn't hit as much as Ice Punch and has terrible accuracy. A Choice Scarf set is usable but largely outclassed by other Choice Scarfers like Salamence, Terrakion and Landorus who hit as hard but are faster and bulkier.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. We've now got a subscription service, so the newest articles (of your choice) are delivered right to your inbox! When all its counters are elliminated, it's an untouchable Combination of a wall and a sweeper. A well-trained one can sense auras to identify and take in the feelings of creatures over half a mile away.
Its defenses are bad, speed slightly above average and attack and special attack great, but not "amazing" (compare it to Latios or Terrakion).
Choice Band lets Lucario 1-2HKO almost every single Pokemon in the game with the right move. There is no reason to place the EVs anywhere in defenses as Lucario is so weak it wouldn't make much of a difference. But when you have something as strong as Lucario physical and special walls don't really slow him down.
It has an immunity to Fake Out and a bunch of useful moves like Rock Slide, Extremespeed and Earthquake but sadly its too slow and frail to last long enough to use them. It gets by through its incredible, unpredictable movepool that lets it hurt almost everything. You can take Fake Outs, Air Slashes, Iron Heads, and most importantly Waterfalls and Swords Dance in their face.

While other Pokemon such as Terrakion can also boast this what sets Lucario apart is Extremespeed. It's slow, frail and doesn't really hit THAT hard (think of harder hitters like Politoed and Heatran). This makes a very good lead, capable of breaking down offensive teams and doing some damage to balanced teams as well.
Might as well just use Terrakion who has better speed, bulk and power as well as getting STAB on Rock Slide.
Terrakion can make short work of the opposing team if the enemy's Gliscor takes an Ice Punch. Choice Band Extremespeed is a wonderful tool to take out a rampaging Latios or Quiver Danced Volcarona. Infernape also works well with Lucario as they can one-two punch fighting counters like Reuniclus and Tentacruel. Lucario has the ability to smash nearly every Pokemon in the game in two hits and can gain enough power in one single turn to decimate a team on its own.
When you get smashed in the face by Waterfall or Air Slash you need to retaliate immediately. It is impossible to run on a set with Ice Punch (4th gen move tutor) and due to breeding restrictions it can't get get Crunch either.
Many teams rely on beating Lucario by using faster hard hitters that can survive its boosted Extremespeed, Vacuum Wave, or Bullet Punch. Lucario is also faster than Dragonite and doesn't have to lock itself into Outrage to use its most powerful attack. Laugh as your opponent switches in their Hippowdon and gets blasted by Aura Sphere, or Gliscor takes an HP Ice and never flies again.
Life Orb is another worthy item that lets Lucario hit extremely hard from the start, KOing even Skarmory in two hits. Luckily most Lucario sets are just the Swords Dancer which isn't particularly hard to handle provider your team is healthy. Do not take the steel jackal lightly or it will turn your team to dust in the blink of an eye.
Lucario also needs all the HP it can to sweep under pressure from Extremespeed and Bullet Punches. The difference is that Lucario tends to lure in Physical walls who have no chance of surviving any of Lucario's +2 hits. Choice Band Lucario has a lot of competition from other Choice Banders like Scizor, Dragonite, and Terrakion so it's best used alongside other Choice Banders to try and "team up" on single walls like Skarmory or Gliscor.
The speed boost is nice though and you can set up on Jirachi's Iron Head a little easier so its not a bad ability, its just a little less useful than Inner Focus. Bust through physical walls that think they can take you so your real physical sweepers can tear through your opponent's team.
Bulky EVs and Eviolite makes this possible as most things can not OHKO Riolu without sickeningly high attack.
At +2 Speed Lucario is so fast that with the given EVs you outrun Choice Scarf Latios, which is by far the fastest thing you will ever see in standard play. Close Combat has extreme power that allows it to easily OHKO anything weak to it and many frail things that don't resist. Swords Dance up on something like a Forretress or Choice Band Tyranitar locked into Crunch, then sweep.

The main problem with Nasty Plot Lucario is that it can't cover it's relatively slow speed with Extremespeed like the Swords Dancer can.
Faster Normal resisting Pokemon like Scarf Tyranitar, Terrakion, Scarf Heatran, Gengar, and Jirachi all give Lucario trouble by hitting the jackal before its terrifying coverage moves can land. After a Swords Dance Close Combat has incredible power, blowing through Skarmory in one shot.
You can try with Vacuum Wave but its somewhat weak and requires you to give up on Hidden Power Ice.
Hidden Power Ice is being used over Ice Punch as it OHKOs Gliscor (Gliscor survives Ice Punch) and still OHKOs things like Dragonite and Landorus after Stealth Rocks. Gyarados and Salamence can both survive a Nasty Plotted or Swords Danced hit and OHKO back. What makes Lucario so deadly isn't his Close Combat it's the inability of faster frail things like Latios and Landorus to safely revenge kill him due to Extremespeed. Dark Pulse is an option over Crunch for the flinch chance which can be a lifesaver against Reuniclus and Celebi. What makes Lucario scary isn't his outright inability to be safely countered, it's the way it can cut open gaping holes in defensive cores and sweep late game while having mind boggling numbers of usable sets. You may now freely spam Copycat which will repeatedly pick your Roar until you run out of PP.
Agility Lucario will not break open holes in your opponent like the Swords Dancer will but it can late game sweep extremely well. The good news is Lucario is pretty frail so if you're willing to take a risk you can avoid letting it set up much of the time.
Ice Punch demolishes Gliscor, bulky Latias, and Dragonite while Crunch helps take down Jellicent and Deoxys D who otherwise could be a problem. Oh that's fine, Riolu is faster and will Copycat Scizor off the field long before you are hit.
As Riolu Roars your opponent's team around Stealth Rocks an Spikes will devastate their team. Bullet Punch takes down Terrakion, Scarf Tyranitar and Gengar but it also is the only move that can be used with Justified. You may use Priority Copycat to surprise Terrakion, Dragonite, Salamence, Haxorus and so on with their own mighty STAB moves right to the face. Bullet Punch leaves you a sitting duck against Jellicent and Gliscor but it you can take them out very little will stand in your way. Substitute can be used to scout and help get a free turn to Roar while Toxic can take down Extremespeed Dragonite. Life Orb is the best item option due to the sheer destruction +2 Close Combats can wreck but Air Ballon can give Lucario a setup opportunity against Landorus and even Gliscor. The biggest problem is that this set is currently impossible to use without online simulators or hacking. Lucario's Dream World ability is possible to get but due to gender restrictions Riolu can not use its ability yet. Adamant gives Close Combat unrivaled killing power but Jolly outpaces Mamoswine, most Gliscor, Rotom and virtually all Haxorus.

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