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ChazzCreations - City of Alachua The Old Dixie Highway came into Alachua from the Lake City side, then it turned down Main Street and went out, going by Burnett's Lake. The Opal corn snake is a double-recessive morph, created by combining the Lavender and Amelanistic morphs. The Western Worm Snake (Carphophis vermis) is a non-venomous Colubrid snake, that occurs in the central and western parts of the United States. This secretive and solitary python is found in montane tropical forest areas within Irian Jaya and Papua New Guinea. When handling these gentle giants they move with a level of confidence that commands respect. I sure wish I had the luxury of people correcting my husbandry issues before they became a problem. If you ever end up on the wrong end of people hating about your husbandry, chances are it’s because they care (though this does not condone raging at people - there are far better ways to approach people about husbandry or care issues). Dog and cat foods have decades of research and development behind them and most companies are constantly testing their foods to ensure they provide complete nutrition. A really good way to avoid being bitten by venomous snakes is to leave them the fuck alone. I have worked with hundreds of venomous and non-venomous snakes, in the wild and in captivity. Here’s a handy guide to some of the snakes you may run across while gardening and hiking this season. Signal boost for that time of year, and because there are too many people on tumblr who CANT TELL.
If you find a venomous snake while hiking or in some area that isn’t urban, just leave it be, it will not bother you!
A better test: does it have a triangle head AND is it short and fat (and does it have slit eyes but I don’t expect anyone to get that close)? Google searching the snakes that live in your area and spending some time familiarizing yourself with what’s what also helps.
Find out what is in your area and learn how to identify the dangerous species from the mimics and nonvemous ones.
You can help us spread the word on this $500 tiny house by “Liking” on Facebook using the button below and re-sharing this story using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. If you enjoyed this tiny house story you’ll absolutely LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with even more! By the way, this guys little house is great and it might just be duplicate in a 8×18 cube van I have. It is made by Camp Chef and is intended to be an outdoor camp oven, but it was the smallest (and most shallow) range I could find, so I gave it a try.
I would want a bathroom, however, this is a great, no frills tiny house with all of the other stuff needed. Living this way after getting rid of all that isn’t necessary is easier than most think. One thing I always want to ask when people say things about not putting children through something because of ones own beliefs is why not? I am interested in starting a community of people who would want to be on the same property, and all share in the expense of the property to have their own tiny house and live off the grid and grow our own food and live simple.
Sally, I’m in Denver, and am very interested in intentional community and tiny homes. Lannette, please contact me at 970 712 – 35 10 and let me know what your thoughts are on this subject.
The purpose of this blog is to inform people about reptiles - their habits in the wild as well as some snippets as to their care in captivity, and the unsuitability and ethics of keeping some species in captivity.
Its large, smooth scaled, thick body is accented with a striking banded color pattern of white or yellow. There are three words that best capture the essence of the Boelen Python, majestic, mysterious and magnificent. A good deal of it contains little to no actual nutrition and yet exotic owners buy these items all the time and feed them to animals believing they are a complete diet. Any reputable dog or cat food company will have an AAFCO label, which means they are regulated by the government and must adhere to very specific guidelines that determine what ingredients and nutrients are and are not allowed in their foods. No one polices these items to ensure they meet all the nutritional needs of the species they are fed to. Learn about your pet and find out what they eat in the wild and then discover what equivalents exist in captivity. If you find a venomous snake somewhere like your back yard, remove other people and pets from the area and call somebody who can relocate the animal! If in doubt, treat a snake as if it was venomous by not picking up the snake with bare hands - use a pole instead if the snake has to be moved. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. If you had property, if possible one community shower and toilet facility along with even a 10×10 as personnel space, life would be much simpler and enjoyable. Prior to my return from Africa, my friends built their own (larger) cabin on the property and the infrastructure to support it. In addition to seeing how the space is used, it would be helpful to get some information on how they get their utilities such as power, water, sewage, etc.
Leucism, on the other hand, is caused by a reduction in all types of skin pigment - not just melanin.
However the most impressive feature of these spectacular pythons is their black background color, which has an awe inspiring iridescent sheen. And every single time I’ve been bitten (only by non-venomous ones), it has been something that I pretty much deserved, and it has been because I was actively preventing them from doing what they most wanted in that moment, which was to get away from me. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. We school, homeschool or unschool them because of our beliefs, we take them to church or not, because of our beliefs, we create their tolerances and intolerances because of our beliefs so why not encourage them to embrace a simple life?
Nestled beneath huge live oaks, magnolias, cedar and hickory trees the town of Alachua is steeped in Florida history dating back to the Spanish explorers who were looking for land for their cattle ranches. It is often mixed with Hypomelanism, Stripe, Diffused and many other traits to get different colors and patterns, with other morph combinations referred to by different names. You can read any number of things saying natural diets or organic diets are best for your dog but honestly any food that has an AAFCO label is going to be a fine lifelong food for your pet, and I would bet my DVM on it. There is a reason that a large number of snake bites occur on the hands and arms and it is not because snakes are super inclined to jump three feet up just to fuck with you. Just because you think a snake might be dangerous does not mean you have to kill that snake!

For one, the burners are so large even at their lowest setting it is often hard to simply let something simmer at a low heat, and more serious than that is that the oven seems to run wild. Even no frills living, he has managed to decorate nicely with sky lights, and flag–loved that!
The DeSoto trail winds through the area and can be followed by those interested in Indian and Spanish culture.  You can`t talk about the history of Alachua without mentioning the history of another settlement nearby called Newnansville.
That is starting to change and there are some good packaged foods for exotics but even they must have other food items mixed in. Many of the gel diets are composed of nothing more than sugar water and artificial flavoring. Speak to your veterinarian about your specific animal and he or she can make a list for you of acceptable foods and what ratio to feed them in. Weirdly enough, attacking snakes with things like shovels and rakes also tends to put them off and makes them grouchy and defensive. Even at it’s lowest setting, it hits 350 degrees, then keeps creeping up towards 400+. There are hundreds of species of reptiles alone that people own as pets and many of them have their own specific diet and no company is going to spend the money to make something that specific.
Pelleted diets for animals like ferrets are actually pretty good, but reptile diets are mostly bad.
Convenience for you will cost your pet health wise in the long run and there are ways to make feeding fresh foods easy.
We gave up our loft apartment, put our things in storage and we stay out 2 months at a time. If you wanted to say, bake a cake at a steady 350 degrees you are going to have a hard time. In the early 1800`s Alachua County was a wild land inhabited and controlled by the Seminole Indians. In order to get a pellet, a large percentage of the product must be carbohydrate and these causes problems for carnivorous or insectivorous species.
Venom is metabolically expensive and they’d much rather spend it on prey than on your sorry ass. Believe me people have more important problems to worry about than going after someone living in a tiny house.
Early in 1826, a post office was established, roads were built, stores were set up and a settled land began to emerge. This area was then called "Dell`s Post Office" in one historical document and in another it is referred to as "Dell`s Court House".
It was named for the Dell brothers who came to the Alachua area during the "Patriot War" (1812-1814). A land grant office just east of the present site of the city was built and offered early settlers land, provided they promised to live on the land, farm and keep the Indians off of it. It was located about a mile northeast of present day Alachua.The name "Dell`s Post Office" or "Dell`s Court House" was changed by the Territorial Legislature to "Newnansville" in honor of a Patriot War hero, Daniel Newnan and officially made the Alachua County seat. The county`s land area has decreased considerably over the years. "I have a true passion for photography, creavitity, and secrets that photography allows youto explore. In 1854 when the railroad replaced the historic trails as the major route of transportation, Alachua was born.
In 1995, the State of Florida awarded Alachua the honor of "Most Outstanding Rural Community" in the state.
Today Alachua is a prosperous town, which is a wonderful mix of local folks who are direct descendants of the Newnansville founders, and transplanted folks who fell in love with the friendly small town atmosphere.
During the Second Seminole War (1835-1842), hundreds of displaced settlers were sheltered there and at Ft. There were eight forts in Alachua County for the protection of whites against the Indians between 1835-1855, but bear in mind that Alachua County was much larger at the time. When the war was over, Newnansville became a commercial center for an area that was beginning to grow as a large number of the refugee settlers stayed and others moved in. Newnansville and the surrounding area was the most thickly populated section of Alachua County for fifty years.
More than one third of the voters lived in Newnansville in 1857.Newnansville was so much in the main stream it served as the Alachua County seat until 1854 when a railroad was constructed from Fernandina to Cedar Key. Land Office located there, along with the Alachua County seat was moved to the new railroad town of Gainesville, located more in the center of present Alachua County.
The town of Newnansville was no longer a center for activity and declined for the next 30 years.
In 1884 when the Savannah, Florida and Western Railroad bypassed it about a mile to the south, the settlers moved their businesses closer and a new town, Alachua, began as a shipping point.
According to a March 1885 issue of the Alachua Advocate (the forerunner of the Gainesville Sun) "F.E. Williams is making an effort to get a post office established in his new town at the railroad depot.
Williams will soon remove his stock of merchandise from Newnansville to his new town," the advocate reported. On April 12th, 1905 the City of Alachua was officially incorporated and had a population of 526.
In 1914 Alachua had two banks, three hotels, a number of stores ranging from a fruit stand to a large, well-stocked department store, ice plant, electric light plant, waterworks, two cotton gins, two grist mills and bottling works.
The cost of water was $1 per month "for the first opening and 25 cents for each additional opening." Alachua Depot 1975By this time in 1915, the new township of Alachua had constructed two church buildings, Baptist and Methodist. The school building stood on the hill "to the northeast of town." At first, there were seven teachers. The schools grew and in 1924, the Alachua High School Basketball team upset the sports world with a victory in the state tournament over Duval High of Jacksonville and in nearby Gainesville people were becoming aware that the Florida Gators were being supported by a state-wide audience.
It still had two banks and its own utilities but all three churches now had their own building. Main street originally was a dirt road lined with trees running through the middle of town. Local farmers from miles around would come to town with their families to buy groceries, plow lines, bridles, nails, buckets, cloth, shoes, and any other household needs.
Early in the morning the wagons would start lining up with the mules pulling into shady places where they were parked for the day. Most of them behind stores or out in the vacant lots behind Fisher`s Hotel (where the famous Ma Barker once spent the night with her boys). Everybody came dressed up in clean overalls and starched and ironed dresses, including the children. Joseph Edgar Fugate`s grocery store or Dale`s or Joiner`s Drug Store, where they`d buy liniment, Grover`s chill tonic, 666 tablets and ice cream cones.

Inside the stores, rice, beans and sugar were scooped up out of barrels into brown paper bags and tied with white string that came down through a hook in the ceiling and up through a hole in the counter. White bacon and cured meat along with beef and pork that was recently butchered, hung behind the counter, and Mr. Hastings would cut off a pound or two at a time with the same knife he used to cut the yellow wedges of cheese. Canned goods were stacked in rows and people would wait in line for a clerk to take their order. They would fill up their kerosene cans for their lamps and put a raw potato back in the spout. Many farmers would bring eggs to sell and each would be held over a light bulb to determine if it was good. In the afternoon visiting would begin again and the streets would be so crowded no one could move around too much.
After a few hours of this, they would begin to load up and the children would begin to be packed in between sacks of flour and meal and other good things.
One by one they would pull out and drive slowly home in time to feed the livestock before dark. Eddy`s hardware store or to Willie Cauthen`s bigger barber shop by Charlie Smith`s dry cleaners.
They`d sit for hours on the benches covered with green oil cloth until it was their turn for a hair cut, shave and sometimes a bath in the large tub in the back of the shop. They`d come out in a puff of steam and always smell like Palmolive soap and show up at church the next day smelling like a combination of soap, Mennen`s shaving lotion and Three Roses talcum powder. One of the popular sites on Sunday afternoon`s was Burnett`s Lake, which got it`s name from a Mayor of Gainesville, Samuel W. The wagons didn`t stop suddenly, but rather dwindled down to a trickle and were gradually replaced by the Model T Ford. The farmers still came to town to buy supplies but now most of them now drove a Model T pick-up. Later the Model T was replaced by the Model A and in 1932 everyone went to Enneis Motor Company to see the brand new Ford with the new V8 engine, the rumored choice for bootleggers.
Banks began to fail and long lines formed, and when some banks weren`t able to produce the money people had in checking and savings accounts, they closed their doors, leaving people in financial disarray.
However, some banks withstood the runs and The First National Bank of Alachua was one of them.
People coming out of the bank were asked how much money remained, and their assurances that there was plenty left helped return the confidence of those who had withdrawn their funds and they returned to redeposit their money. Watermelons were being grown in increasing number and fresh corn, cucumbers, beans, and squash were being shipped to northern markets. Therefore, they would kill the hogs across the street (which was not in the city limits at the time). Although the Depression hurt everyone, there always seemed to be enough to eat and the farmers brought produce into town and shared with those less fortunate. According to one article, you could always tell who had a good year in cucumbers or tobacco. Most of the old buildings in town survived though the old oaks that lined the street were cut down because of old age or to make room for "progress."  Bill Ennis moved to Alachua in 1923 and helped his father open Ennis Motor Company.
The streets were Imed with large oaks and US 441 ran straight through town turning at the south end to go out by Copeland Sausage Company. Bill remembered eating at the Hawkins House operated by the Skirvin Family where everyone sat at one big table and paid $1 .00 for all you could eat.
The wagons didn't stop coming suddenly but slowly dwindled to a trickle with the advent of the Model T.
By 1940 a horse and buggy or a mule drawn wagon was seldom seen.The City of Alachua continued to grow. Although the packing sheds have disappeared from town, area farmers still plant crops of beans, corn, squash, peppers and cucumbers. In this small community, local folks still spread the news of births, marriages, and deaths by word of mouth. Neighbors still come to each other`s aid in the time of need and farmers still come to town on Saturday.
Now they stop at the local supermarket and you can find them sitting on a bench outside one of the local stores or restaurants for a neighborly chat and the post office is still a popular place to catch up on the local gossip. Alachua has had families that have been here for years and years and years. Families that are still here, like the Fugates, Shaws (1865), Waters, Harrisons, Bryans, Goodes, Williams, Cauthens, and the Robartses. In 1987, the historic Main Street, with its quaint brick, 1900's architecture and grand old Victorian homes, was redeveloped.
This revitalization has provided the perfect environment for our Main Street business to flourish. Through the continued support and efforts of our citizens in the downtown Redevelopment Committee, additional grants have been obtained to build a sitting garden park within the towering, antique brick walls of the old Main Street cinema. Thigpen had a big black and white marble counter top, and if you could reach up to it you could get yourself a Coke.
Martin's store was across the street on the corner, and the bank was on the other corner, and that was just about it. Yes, what I miss most is that when I came up, everybody in Alachua knew you, and you knew everybody. Then I went to the University of Florida for four years, and then to Georgia for four years.
Then when I came back, and I will be very honest with you, today I am very lucky if I know one of ten people.
It is presently the residence of George Stevens. Historic Main Street, Alachua JWShaw ALACHUA WOMEN'S CLUBOriginally called the Alachua Improvement Club, it was organized in 1912 with the objective of improving the schools. Members met in homes until this native stone building was constructed with WPA labor in the early 1930's. Some of the early Presidents included Mrs. Williams will soon remove his stock of merchandise from Newnansville to his new town," the advocate reported. The wagons didn't stop coming suddenly but slowly dwindled to a trickle with the advent of the Model T.
Martin's store was across the street on the corner, and the bank was on the other corner, and that was just about it. With the rise of the new com-munity of Alachua, and the decline of Newnansville, the Methodists, after lengthy debate, built a white frame church on this site in 1898.

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