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If you are really proud of your shoes, you can also store them as works of art or pride in your living room or other public areas. All of these solutions and many others have been pinned to my shoe storage pinterest board where you can also see the sources of many of these images, so be sure to check that out.
Yes, I think boots will just have to be stored at the bottom of your cupboard most of the time… I see if I can find some solutions for boots as well and pin them.
We have an antique ottoman by the door where everyone can sit down and take their shoes off. Normaly my shoes live in clear plastic shoe boxes in my small closet, but like you I’ve been purchasing new ones and now ther are regular shoe boxes stacked up on the side of the closet with more shoes on top of them.
Find inspiration from other 40+ women, check out our tips on how to dress after 40 and find out how to find your unique style.
Throwback Thursday: Creating a wardrobe you love, tips to stay young at heart and lots of style inspiration! Hallway Storage Ideas - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. There are never enough shoes for women, but there is obvious the problem of how to store them, especially for those us who live in the city with small apartment and houses.
If you find one of those beautiful cabinets that you would want to use as a decorative item, why not display your shoe collection in it also?
2-in-1 furniture is always great space saver, find one that complements your room style and color and it can serve as a decoration also. You can get cheap boxes at IKEA and tuck these shoe drawers away under the bed, neat and easy!
An old ladder painted in your favorite color would be a perfect place to store and display your beloved shoes.
Who would think that wine crates could become so effective and beautiful shoe storage just with a coat of paint? This creative DIY pipe rack does not only hold your shoes but also adds a touch of industrial modern charm to any apartment. Visit EPBOT for a wonderful tutorial on how to create your own flip flop and ballerina flat hangers from old metal hangers. Be an artist and create an art out of a wood board and use it as a background for hanging your shoes. A dress or chest at the end of the bed does not only act as a roomy storage for your shoes but also add an instant rustic charm for your bedroom. Is there a way to mount the wine crates on vertical sliding rails so that I can mount them above the doors, but the shorter people can lower them to use? Storage and Other Stories: How to Avoid the (in)Evitable Clutter that Accumulates in your Life.

Maybe, there is no china in your house, yet a classic china cabinet will make your shoes stay pretty (design *sponge).
Home of Nina Holst, of Stylizino has the same idea on using modern towel rod for minimal and clean look. It is a turn on the divider mounted racks thought: coating shoes up along the divider at the base of a divider of racks.
But as I have started to appreciate the value of fabulous shoes and acquired more, I find that I need better shoe storage. I like the middle one above from Ikea which is great for just outside the door (it’s customary in Asia to take your shoes off before entering the house). I like the idea of using shoe boxes or boxes that are just a bit nicer (you could wrap your shoe boxes with paper so they all look the same) and then putting an image of the shoe in front of the box (as seen on the left picture). Indeed shoes can make a space so messy and if we have just a few on hand we may forget the others. I have seen cases where mold gathered in toes of the shoes and spread throughout the closet area.
At the moment I have the boxes stacked according to style and a Polaroid of each pair on its box!
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So let’s take a look at 20 different shoe storage ideas to see if you can take away some for your home! However if you are living in small spaces, take extra precautions when buying a shoe cabinet: first plan the place for the shoe cabinet carefully in advance, think of used spaces such as hallway or a small corner in your living room, measure the space carefully and find a shoe cabinet that fits the place exactly. I love love vintage cabinets as they have the kind of character and personality that becomes the focal point of any room they are in. You can paint the mold in your favorite color or use bars from old picture frames for the style and patterns. Outwardly the shoes turn into a piece of the racking gathering, so they look deliberate, and tucking them under the base rack implies they will not be in the way of foot traffic so it is essential for you to choose the right shoes storage. At the moment they are spread over a few places in the house, but not stored in such a way that I can easily see all my shoes. I guess it would be every girl’s dream to have shoe cupboards (and the shoes) like the 2 pictured above. That way you still get an easy overview of all of your shoes, without your house and cupboards looking messy.
I dedicated one cupboard to shoes but ruined it by putting other things there as well, like draws for necklaces. A lot of my every day shoes are stored near the entrance in a cupboard and then my more special shoes upstairs in another….

I not only enjoy seeing my beautiful shoes every day but I also freed up space in my closet for other things.
As a special thank you for being here, I would like to give you a free style guide. You can get it here. If you love vintage labels, you can print out label designs on Graphics Fairy, it’s my favorite website for finding vintage labels! Organize some particularly pretty combines on a bookshelf, alongside books and other cherished things. But even though I can’t complain about my current living space at all at the moment, there is no room for these lovelies. If you don’t mind putting a lot of shoes in one box then the above right solution looks nice too, but you will not get a good overview.
See through ones when they are placed in cupboards and nice closed ones with pictures in front for open spaces.To me shoes make a space look messy very quickly, so although I want to be able to see them easily, they need to be hidden away from public view. Its a very old house dating from 1800 and storage space is at a premium, so this method really does work for us. We want to move to a larger home but when we do I will be looking at closet space and will design something really great for storage! Here are some ways you can show your most loved shoes around the house — and facilitate the trouble on your storeroom when you are bus. If you have any comments or questions about my article, please feel free to contact me or just fill the comment box below.
I really love collecting the items at home, so very often I make a researches about home organization. I love the solution above middle where the shoes are hanged in such a zen way, that it’s even nice to look at!
A bit of crown embellishment, mounted to the divider, is ideal for shoe stockpiling (and presentation).
And today I decide to present you some interesting diy ways how to organize your clothes and some accessories. While this will work for high-heeled shoes, those are likely the ones you truly need to take a gander at, at any rate. So, if you still haven’t organize your closet and collect your clothes, now it is time to do that.

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