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Just like you store your clothes in wardrobes, it is equally important to organize your shoes so that they can be easily accessed and sorted at the time of need. This one is a shoe drawer with three levels and each level is divided in further three sublevels thus allowing you to store up to 27 pairs of shoes at a time. If you don’t have even a little space to spare for a shoe cabinet or rack then this one is meant for you.
This one is a contemporary shoe cabinet with pop out drawers that are having metal frame sections.
You can also store and display your shoes simultaneously by hanging them on mouldings on a wall like this one.
Wholesale Professional Goodlife design shoe storage solutions, View shoe storage solutions , Goodlife Product Details from Shenzhen Goodlife Furniture Co., Ltd. For this reason we have brought for you some ideas and products that will save your time and space.
You can store up to 30 pairs of shoes in this shoe ferris wheel that will cost you a sum of $32.94.

This idea can be perfect for your wedding shoes that every bride after wedding cherish as a precious belonging.
These stands are available in free standing and pull out type and each costs approximately $18.
Another way to organize shoes would be to tag the shoe boxes with the photos of the shoe pair inside. We bought some wood from a local timber ┬ámerchant, painted the walls white, and here’s what we ended up with:(Excuse the wonky camera angle! It’s me that’s off-balance, not the shelves, I promise!)(Again, the room is so small I had to take this at a really odd angle to get them all in, which makes it look like the shelves are about to fall over! Because the room is our office, the blinds have to be kept closed pretty much all the time, otherwise we can’t see our computer screens.
For now, though, I just really wanted to see them all on display at the same time!Huge thanks to Terry for taking the time to make these, and for doing such an amazing job of it! And much more pretty Reply Ausra says: Jul 5, 2011 at 6:09 pm Oh dear, this is fantastic!

I was thinking about storing my shoes on shelves like this but I was also worried about them getting dusty. That looks just amazing – just like a shoe museum, or art gallery – so much better than a picture on the wall! I like that there is some colour-coding going on there too I would love to have something like this, if only I had the room for it! Anyway, it was a peak into one of the Kardashian sisters (I want to say Khloe?) shoe closet and she had them stored on shelves with one shoe’s toe towards you and one with the heel towards you so the two shoes kinda curve around each other.
I would probably hang some curtain panels on a sliding track on the ceiling to cover them up though.

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