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Accelerate your business with the industry's most comprehensive profiles on business people and companies. The name in itself 305 is the area code in Miami where this “rave-meets-workout” was inspired.
Another question you make ask is, “How can I join in on the fun in Chicago?” ((305)) Fitness is always looking for new places to plan their next non-stop cardio party. Surround yourself with gorgeous flowers, plants and streams when you step inside the heated haven of Lincoln Park Conservatory. Head further west to visit the Garfield Park Conservatory (300 North Central Park Ave.), which is an expansive tropical setting featuring six multi-faceted greenhouses and two grand exhibition halls. Around this time of year, everyone has holiday parties, birthdays, or something they want to look good for. This new and exciting class at Exhale Chicago helps to rev up your metabolism and build your strength as you move through 6 power stations. This is an intense hip-hop cardio fitness class which is inspired by your favorite artists as well as the Miami night life scene. This is an hour long high intensity class, held at X-Sport Fitness, that is very adaptable to each person that joins.
Whether you are looking for something new to do during the week or a complete lifestyle change, these three classes are great ways to start.
Throughout Chicago there are plenty of gyms and spas to go to, however, Exhale Chicago in the Gold Coast is different than your ordinary workout or spa facility.
What sets Exhale apart from any other spa or gym is that they are care all about the mind and body balance; they believe that connection is important. The spa services that are provided at Exhale include but are not limited to facials and skin care regimens as well as acupuncture and specific massage packages to fit your needs. Exhale also offers fitness classes which include a brand new class – Core Fusion Extreme.
For more information on pricing and membership packages, you can contact Exhale Chicago at 312-753-6500 or visit them at 945 North State Street Chicago, IL 60610. The Chicago Lifestyle had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the facility, still under construction, in an official “hard hat tour.” We’re bringing you the details of this new spot before doors open to the public. While rock climbing is the core of the business, Brooklyn Boulders was eager to learn about the Chicago neighborhood and see what type of offerings would be the best fit. A second level offers space for a multitude of workouts ranging from treadmills, yoga and other fitness classes.
The stunning south room extends up to a 50 foot ceiling and is covered in rock climbing surfaces. Stay tuned as Chicago opens this new space that will stoke your creativity, inspiration, and physical abilities. Chicago offers an array of workouts, so you’re certain to always have a new studio or class to get your blood pumping. The Chicago Lifestyle had the chance to check out some of studios ClassPass offers and provide our recommendations. Exhale provides a serene backdrop, making you feel like you’re getting in a quick workout on a spa retreat. Core Fitness’s Train Like Jane class (and its male counterpart class, Primal) are some of the most unique classes in the city (while not categorized as CrossFit, the hard-core nature of the workout comes close). Dubbed “415” by the setup of four intervals of 15 minutes each, Shred415 is not for the faint of heart. After being greeted by a super friendly staff, you’ll find your spot on the floor, which is small but accommodates a lot of people. While Go Cycle is most known for its spin studio, they offer spin classes paired with yoga, core sculpting or weights, as well as dedicated TRX classes. You’ve heard about the dance-club worthy spin classes Flywheel, the calorie-torching intervals at Shred415, and the acrobatic aerial yoga classes at AIR Fitness. ClassPass, which just recently launched in Chicago, helps you experience up to 10 great studios a month, up to three times per studio.
The Chicago Lifestyle had the chance to check out some of studios ClassPass offers – stay tuned next week for a review of the top studios! With Divvy, you can unlock a lot of locations in Chicago you previous couldn’t easily go visit and see.  For instance, if you work in the city and let’s say you work 250 days a year, then renting a Divvy bike can cut down a 30 minute walking commute to just 15 minutes twice per day.
Millennium Park also offers a wide host of music events, for lovers of Jazz (Chicago Jazz Festival, Made In Chicago) to electro indie (Loops & Variations, Downtown Sound) music to classical Brahms (Grant Park Music Festival). A blanket or something to sit on is definitely recommended, but some go the extra step and bring little tables and chairs.  Snacks are a must and open alcohol is allowed within the event perimeters. The pulsing energy at the five Shred415 locations is palpable, thanks to both enthusiastic instructors and devoted clients.
Shred415 Lincoln Park opened its doors in April 2011, and its classes have become some of the most popular in Chicago. This location includes a full locker room with showers, premium skincare products and free towel service. In order to better assist you we hope you take the time to complete the information on the contact page. Copyright © 2010 Albrite Building Westmont IL General Contractor Commercial Construction Company.
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While Chicago abounds with expensive meals out, days of pricey sightseeing and nights on the town, there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself through the cold months on the cheap. At only $5 for snowshoe or cross-country ski rentals, you can explore this expansive park near the Planetarium. Located just south of Fullerton, the Conservatory features four rooms: the Palm House, Fern Room, Orchid House and Show House (which hosts annual flower shows). Head in now that lines have subsided to comfort hits such as Leghorn Chicken’s new location on 600 W.
From Degas at the Art Institute to dinosaurs at the Field Museum, Illinois residents can enjoy some of Chicago’s best museums for free on select days (bring your driver’s license to show proof of residency).
Donate clean items in great condition that you no longer want to consignment shops such as Second Time Around (823 W. Chicago Ave.) is currently accepting winter hand bags, clothing, jewelry and accessories for similar prices, no appointment necessary.
Whether it’s just to improve allover health or to be able to wear that sparkly holiday dress and heels, everyone has a reason to want to get fit.

The hour long class is comprised of high intensity interval training followed by active recovery. This is the only women’s dance workout which delivers easy to learn combinations, providing a unique experience.
Through the use of heart rate monitors, each participant is able to reach and maintain their maximum heart rate of 85%.
From body detox programs, the nail salon and body waxing, exhale Chicago takes you on a relaxing journey. Core Fusion Extreme is a program that amplifies your strength while moving through power stations. Imagine a venue where you can work out, grab a healthy meal, get your work done and satisfy your need for a dance party. Tailoring to entrepreneurs, students, techies, and athletes alike, the facility is designed to connect people and bring them together with a buzz of energy. With ClassPass, you can experience up to 10 unique classes a month at Chicago fitness studios.
That’s not to minimize the fact that you’re actually getting a good workout – muscles were wavering as plies and squats pushed us to the limit. Designed to work your body in the primal nature of the cave man days, the class involves a circuit of heavy lifting (weighted squats and bicep curls), chin-ups, body weight planks and Bosu ball squats. The fast-moving class guides you through two sets of intervals on the treadmill and two sets of intervals with weights, benches and body weight exercises on the floor. The instructor sections the group into small teams, who each take on a spot in the rotating circuit. If you’re not familiar with TRX, it’s a set of body weight exercises using suspension straps. While it seems cool in theory, aerial yoga is quite difficult (more so logistically than athletic ability). For $99 a month, you can take advantage of classes which typically run about $25 per drop-in session.
Get your movie fix at Millennium Park Summer Film Series, with a different movie every Tuesday. Rockwell you can launch right into the river with a canoe and paddle in hand with Chicago River Canoe and Kayak!
You can also go to the lagoons in Winnetka and the Downtown (Chinatown) launch to see the skyscrapers from the river. The hour-long, total body workout is split between intervals on a treadmill and exercises done on the floor using light weights.
The studio also offers childcare with a Wii entertainment system and toys for all ages so busy parents can fit in a workout without finding a baby-sitter. While much of the club is designated for members or hotel guests only, the coffee shop and bar in the stunningly decorated lobby (The Allis) and the two restaurants (Chicken Shop and Pizza East) are open to the public.
The Divvy rental bike system is available year-round and you can check out a bike for a $7 24-hour pass or kick start unlimited rides with a year-long membership for $75. Choose Chicago put together a list of specific dates museums open up to residents for free. TITLE Boxing Club offers a free first boxing experience, and Power Sculpt Fitness offers a free trial class (check out Cycle & Sculpt or Tabata Express). Instead of doing the same old thing at the gym, running on the treadmill and trying to exhaust yourself only to lose a few measly pounds, here are some classes that help you to not only look better but also feel better.
This class not only helps you abolish fat, but makes you feel powerful and empowered in the process. These power stations consist of high intensity interval training paired with brief moments of active recovery. Not only are fitness packages offered, but there are also combination packages including bridal boot camp, nutrition and wellness, skincare revolution, a day of restoration, and mind and body memberships. After wild success in New York and Boston, Brooklyn Boulders is opening a Chicago facility in the West Loop (100 S. The shortest of the climbing walls, the bouldering wall is designed for all skill levels and markers on the wall indicate which steps to take based on your skill level.
This level also features the “Active Collaborative Workspace” – set up with built-in desks, a lounge area and free wifi, it’s a terrific spot to bring your homework or office work. A DJ-fueled soundtrack makes this expansive room the perfect place to host large parties and events. Part yoga, part barre with a splash of cardio and light weights, the Core Fusion class offered a varied workout within 60 minutes’ time. The unique factor comes in with equipment worthy of military training or football practice – tire flips, sled pulls and hurling sandbags.
Prepare to get sweaty while burning hundreds of calories with weights, short sprints, jump ropes, body weight exercises and more. While treadmills may not sound the most exciting, the alternation of sprints with slower-paced running allows you to get a good cardio workout in a small amount of space.
The circuits cover everything from step-ups with biceps curls to treadmill sprints to throwing medicine balls at the exposed brick wall.
The straps are secured to the ceiling and have handles at the end, and can be adjusted to different lengths. The “ropes” you hang from are actually large silken sheets, strong enough to hold your body weight (I couldn’t find a published weight limit). Whether you’re stuck in a gym rut or trying to start a new healthy routine, you have plenty of fitness studio options across Chicago – but cost is often the limiting factor. Ten of these classes would cost you about $250, and ClassPass lets you in for a fraction of the price. Rather than signing up on each studio’s site, users access the scheduling system through ClassPass’s site. Then you may consider wanting to hop onto one of those blue Divvy bikes you keep seeing in the city. This week we even received news that the Divvy program is expanding with 175 new stations and 1750 new bikes opening soon (now delayed until the spring, according to Chicago Tribune).
Now is the time to explore locations you’ve never been to before such as a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try a neighborhood or two away. Millennium Park hosts a wide range of free events throughout the summer and we’ve got deets for you.
If you’re looking to ride the river by yourself it’ll just cost you $15 for an hour-long ride. This one hour non-stop cardio class feels like a night out dancing and partying with your friends.
Note that there must be three inches of snow to participate – so check their Facebook page or call 312-745-2910 for up-to-date information on access.

One of our favorite stops in the neighborhood, we recommend finding a lovely sun-lit table in the lobby and ordering a latte or freshly-concocted Bloody Mary to soak up the Soho House atmosphere. Take advantage of Friday night’s rotating $19 prix fixe menu featuring dishes such as red wine marinara spaghetti with mozzarella meatballs and peppered shrimp on creamy polenta.
Because the intent of the bike program is to offer transportation from one point to another, rides must be 30 minutes or less. Earn on average 30 – 40% of the original value of an item, or 50% for new items with tags still on. With their positive reinforcement, great attitudes and top trainers, these classes are great ways to change up your workout.
The trainers and instructors in the class are always there to push you through positive reinforcement and helping you become a stronger you. It combines intense muscle toning movements hidden by choreography as well as loud music and lots of fun. Toward the back of the facility is a taller wall and party room, designed specifically for groups and parties. What’s most unique about the Active Collaborative Workspace are the chin-up bar and exercise balls to sit on, encouraging frequent movement and breaks in between study time.
For those not climbing or climbers taking a rest, the middle of the room will be lined with couches and casual lounge space. Run by a boot camp instructor over loud motivating music, the class works all kinds of muscles in ways you don’t normally accomplish at the gym. Quick variety and upbeat music make the time speed by, and if you’re lucky (and weather allows), Rebecca may end the class with an outdoor workout.
The workout allows you to go at your own pace, while encouraging you to push yourself to maximize your time.
In between each station there is a cardio burst – jumping jacks, burpees or similar exercises. You’re required to start with the AIR Foundation before moving up to their more advanced classes, to get you used to working with the sheets and positioning yourself correctly. Enter ClassPass – a membership-based pass that gets you into these boutique studios each month, for a lower price.
With coverage all over the city, and even some studios in suburbs such as Evanston, ClassPass is accepted at almost 80 studios, ranging from Pilates to CrossFit to barre classes. With filters to help you narrow down neighborhood, date and class time, it’s simple to find what you’re looking for.
New stations are planned for further reaching areas such as: the 5th ward, the 33rd ward, the 45th ward, the 47th ward, and Rogers Park and West Ridge, says the Active Transportation Alliance. Of course, you’ll have the benefit of exercise as well.  The price of $75 a year now sounds a whole lot more worth it, right? Through her sense of humor and easy going attitude she pushes her classes to use her motto, “Go big or go home.” From taking her class you can expect explosive energy, lots of jokes and plenty of sweet dance movies. Second Time Around is looking for designer clothing and accessories that you no longer need and can sell to someone else who would enjoy them. Check out The Vixen Workout on their website for location information as the classes change venues around Chicago weekly. At X-Sport Fitness the top personal trainers are handpicked and certified to run the X-It Interval Training Program. The rock climbing facility and coworking space inhabits 25,000 square feet within one of Chicago’s favorite dining and socializing neighborhoods. A small cafe will offer quick, healthy options, bringing a simple dining spot for anyone who wants to pop in. Partnerships with over 20 Chicago food trucks will bring a party to the back parking lot in the summer months, where guests can chill at picnic tables and enjoy a bite to eat. The staff was extremely friendly and spa locker rooms made for a great experience at Exhale. Located on the 3rd floor of a storage and office building, the fitness room is small but mighty. Partner activities build camaraderie within the class and offer that extra push of motivation. The instructor set up each exercise in 30-20-10 second timing – start with 30 seconds at moderate difficulty, change your stance to make it slightly difficult for the next 20 seconds, and even more difficult for the last 10.
In the first move we did (the most interesting), the sheet is spread out and you climb in to lay down, your body expanding the whole length of the sheet, as if you are in a cocoon. This is the perfect solution for those who get bored attending the same classes over and over and need variety to keep up their workout motivation. Key information such as a description of the studio, the specific classes and a map are provided. Bring your wine, bring your friends, and bring your dancing shoes, because your summer just got a lot fuller!
The class is in a group setting but still personalized to every participant with the heart rate monitors and workout modifications. Formulated with an urban aesthetic, Brooklyn Boulders Chicago will feature artwork from local artists, music to set a creative mood and climbing walls lined with Baltic birch wood to provide a smoother, sleeker climb.
The studio is kept very dark during the class, so you don’t worry about anyone else’s progress but your own – but it’s a little too dark to run comfortably on the treadmill. While there aren’t locker rooms in the studio, there are several health food options available up front, and a few tables to enjoy your food outside. Simply sign up, up to a week in advance, and have the chance to cancel if you need to – just make sure to do so with enough advance notice or you’ll be charged $20 for missing the class. There are several X-It Classes throughout the week that can fit your schedule either during the day, afternoon or night. Once you get used to the dim lighting the DJ jams will carry you through the rest of class. Featuring over 100 weekly classes and well-known trainers, CrossTown Fitness offers something for everyone. While this is a great class for those familiar with TRX exercises and form, the instructor is patient and will show you the ropes if you’re new to TRX.
This favorite Chicago diner was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and continues to draw regulars back for more delicious eats. In addition to the mental hurdle of having the sheet hold all your body weight, this position is actually a bit painful.
While expertise and comfort can be built over many classes, it was challenging for a first-timer.

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