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Why settle for a cramped corner of a noisy house when your home office could be a separate unit tucked into the greenery of your backyard? Sleek and minimalist, the WorkPod by Ecospace architecture studio is a compact detached office with optional integrated work areas and storage systems. Looking like an architectural interpretation of Darth Vader’s helmet, the Tetra Shed is a geometric volume with flaps that open to provide a door and windows. This luxurious modern studio and guest house sits above a live tree trunk in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, and pays tribute to the treehouse aesthetic with three stylized modern pillars that evoke natural branches.
The prefabricated Sett Studio can easily be unloaded from a truck and slid right into place in your backyard. The perfectly round, shingle-covered Archipod is certainly an unusual structure to see in someone’s backyard.
Architects Manuel Villa and Alberto Gonzalez designed this office pod for a backyard in Bogota, Colombia. Looking somewhat like the bottom end of a guitar, the Sustainsia Cocoon is a curvy detached studio space with built-in furniture that requires users to bring in nothing more than a chair and personal items. Share it: Monday, August 3, 2009Nissan Unveils the All-New, Zero Emission LEAFby Jessica B. One example: take a look at the long LED headlamps (which use roughly 10 percent that of a traditional headlamp), crafted to slice and redirect airflow away from door mirrors when driving, cutting down on both drag and wind noise. For all the details, visit the new Leaf microsite, featuring a quick ping question-and-answer feature powered by Twitter.
And then, take a moment to lean back in your chair and envision your world – minus gas stations. How many times did you think about how lovely it would be to work from home, but not get distracted by usual daily activities of your family members? The Pod is a portable office, which perfectly fits in any garden, thanks to its interesting naturalistic looks. The space is heated with an electric panel radiator, and because of the great insulation, the loss of heating is brought down to minimum. Like any other office, The Pod also has a desk, with cable management underneath and custom-made drawers.

With the dimensions of approximately three meters (about ten feet) in diameter and the height of two and a half meters (about eight feet) The Pod does not take much space, but it’s absolutely sufficient for comfortable work.
Although Archipod’s primary idea was to create a garden office, by making The Pod really flexible and easy to assemble, they accomplished even more. With the price of US$20,000, this eye-catching and eco-friendly structure gives you many opportunities- to change your working environment, make more room in your house or use it for any other purpose, such as children’s playroom, a pantry or anything you can come up with, as long as you are not claustrophobic. Detached office modules, art studios, recording studios and other work spaces help keep the line between work and home life sharply delineated, but cut your commute down to mere steps. You can even configure your own customized pod in one of five different sizes, and choose the color of the exterior.
But open that discreet door on the side and you’ll find an ultramodern studio space with lots of built-in niches for storage. A single unit is large enough to function as an office or guest room, and multiple units can be connected. Rockefeller Partners Architects designed the detached unit for the eastern-facing ridge location, topping it off with an evocative butterfly-shaped roofline.
With layouts ranging between 97 to 192 square feet, the Sett Studio is perfect for a fairly small office, art studio, yoga space or guest room that won’t require a building permit in most areas. Designed to be garden decor as much as a functioning studio or workspace, the Archipod is a 9-foot-diameter sphere that is shipped in segments so it can easily be carried, piece by piece, through a house. The polyhedron-shaped structure has a pine wood interior, a black exterior with a honeycomb pattern and a large teak deck. A bench can pull out into a futon bed, and overhead lift-open cabinets have doors that continue into the curving contour of the ceiling. Built from an old greenhouse foundation, the 198-square-foot structure is made from mostly recycled glass and lumber, and has custom-built cedar doors and windows.
The modular design makes it easy to move and assemble, and a rolling wooden facade enables it to be opened to the outdoors. In fact, when the window awnings are down, Piet Hein Eek’s recording studio looks like nothing more than a stack of logs. Simple rectangular structures with lots of windows, the Origin structures come in a choice of floor plans that include mother-in-law apartments, media rooms, artist studios and even entire two-bedroom homes.

With enough room inside for two people to work, the studio boasts floor-to-ceiling glass that undoubtedly inspires a whole lot of nature gazing. The office arrives in what look like slices of the whole, which snap together in any configuration you like, in either a straight or curving line depending on how you align them. Well, now you have that possibility with Archipod’s new project – a garden office called The Pod. The brown outer walls and the white interior in combination with its spherical shape resemble a huge coconut. The office is illuminated and ventilated through a stainless steel double coated round window opening, and a roof dome. The Pod is prefabricated in small pieces, therefore it doesn’t really need to be installed in your garden, but anywhere you find suitable.
Modern and often modular, these 14 compact office designs fit into virtually any outdoor space, and they’re so good-looking, they practically function as yard art. It’s made of SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) technology, which is energy-efficient and reduces manufacturing waste. Cleverly camouflaged, the studio looks incredibly rustic from the outside but features a bright white interior.
Today, we can tell you that the compact cruiser is a five-passenger hatchback pod, designed from the headlights to the tail pipe (or lack thereof) with Earth in mind. Apart through its appearance, The Pod is also connected with nature due to recycled materials of which it’s made.
All these materials allow you to easily deal with maintenance of the office or just leave it untreated, because they are highly resistible to any weather conditions.
The appropriately named Blob V3 functions as a mobile guest house, portable backyard office or secondary library space. The outer walls are built of wood that is reused and the inner walls of recycled glass, which raised the insulation on a very high level.

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