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An Oak framed Garden Room is a perfect addition to your home creating extra space for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you are looking to create a dining area, a play space for the children or somewhere to sit, relax, read a book or take in the stunning views, one of our handcrafted oak garden rooms would be the perfect addition. If a detached summer house is more suitable then we will work with you to design a freestanding complimentary structure. A new single story oak framed garden room with exposed roof timbers will not only add value to your property but the extra space and practicality of another room. No matter what size or style you are looking for, our expert team of joiners will help you from start to finish creating a beautiful handcrafted extension to your home. Our garden rooms are made in a time tested traditional manner using mortise and tenon joints with Oak pegs, braces and rafters. You can contact the Hortus Ligneous team to discuss your Garden Room requirements on 0800 6118650 or click here to use our contact form. Being a third generation family run business, we focus on the traditional carpentry methods passed through the family to provide durable, long lasting and attractive pieces. All of our products are designed and constructed in our dedicated workshop, situated in the grounds of the family home in the heart of rural Leicestershire. There is great demand for small, cost effective garden rooms, and the new design by eDEN Garden Rooms looks like it fits the bill perfectly, featuring all the high spec design elements desired by buyers, but at an attractive price point! Many people think their garden is too small for a garden room, so we have asked the garden room suppliers to share with us their experiences of creating highly usable garden rooms in small gardens.
The picture attached is on an install in Guildford where the client has a typically small area next to his house. We are currently looking at offering a lease finance deal that would result in monthly payments of around ?300-400 depending on size of deposit and length of contract. Choosing the right position for a garden room in a small garden can be critical, what would you recommend buyers consider when choosing a location for their garden room? Ultimately it is a compromise between having easy access, the ability to connect into the existing power supply and the ground conditions (our POD needs good firm ground such as a patio or decking. Readers are concerned that a garden room might dominate or overpower a small garden, how do you design your garden rooms to prevent this? The OfficePOD is a very sophisticated design that looks good in its own right and architecturally would look good in the garden of a modern house as well as in that of a listed building. Some readers are concerned that because they only have a small site they have will have to forgo the on-trend features like full length windows, living roofs, under floor heating etc – is this the case?
When designing a small garden room what features would you recommend or include maximising the space? Access can be a problem in smaller gardens; do you have measures in place to overcome access problems? Yes, as already commented, the POD has been designed to be carried in pieces through a terraced house and erected without creating a lot of mess and debris. A new exhibition called Architects Build Small Spaces has opened in the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Although large artworks are often first to be visited in a gallery, it is usually the smaller ones that many notice as a hidden treasure amongst other bolder works, taking the most time to examine its engineered beauty. The idea that detail and quality seem to be more apparent on small scale objects is confirmed by the old adage ‘small but perfectly formed’.

Granny Annexe share with us details of a recent bespoke granny annexe build they recently undertook. We have seen a lot of micro home designs, but the QB3 is different in how it makes use of its small footprint – do watch the video, there are moving walls!
We are excited to introduce you to the work of Garden Hideouts, who following a distinguished career building luxury canal boats have turned their hand to garden rooms.
Crown Pavilions have carved a niche for themselves as luxury cedar garden room suppliers both in the UK and abroad. We have recently been introduced to the work of White Peak Design & Build who offer a bespoke garden room design service. Garden rooms are used for all manors of activity these days, but sometimes people just want to create a space where they can just sit and enjoy time away from the distractions of the main house. What happens if you have an unusual shaped area of your garden and you’d like to place a garden room there? One of the reasons garden rooms have become popular is because of the connection that can be created between the new living space and the garden around it. This is fun, we spotted on Facebook that Green Retreats are running a competition asking you to suggest a name for their new garden room range.
Crusoe Garden Rooms tell us about a customer who was so pleased with his garden room that he ordered another – you have to agree, that this says a lot!
Bridge Garden Rooms have just installed several of their new holiday pods at York Holiday Park & Cycle Stop. For the last few months we have been building a new directory which will allow you to search for the type of garden room you want, and find a supplier who builds this style of room in your area. Last week we wrote about Harrison James showcasing a two room garden room at the Ideal Home Show. All of our garden rooms are created unique to the individual customer and we will cater for all of your requirements. Structural grade green oak will be used for the structure and kiln dried oak for the windows, doors and bi-folds.
We pride ourselves on providing a personal and approachable service through our team of passionate craftsmen dedicated to constructing and delivering unique, beautiful oak products that will stand the test of time.
We provide our comprehensive services to the surrounding areas including; Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland. The property is a large house converted into a number of quite exclusive flats but where each flat has very little space demised to it.
It has a self contained ventilation, heating and cooling system that is carefully hidden behind the fitted furniture and creates a very energy efficient space compared to less well insulated structures. Architecture as an art form is showcased in pieces that range from the flamboyant to the quirky.
When the tradition of buildings, as large scale murals is compressed, fascination seems to gather to inspect the new dimensions. This is true in art exhibitions, as an enlarged portrait may insight fear or unease compared to a smaller counterpart. Instant impact is certainly coupled with grand scale displays that quickly lose their initial appeal, while instant intrigue is a response associated with smaller creations, which is quickly replaced by increasing affection.
You need to talk to Garden Spaces who can design you a stylish garden room that incorporates a discreet storage solution.

They ooze traditional charm and can be used for all sorts of things from home office through to a guest bedroom. Their customer was looking for a high spec, super insulated storage room – that looked good. If you are looking for a garden room in the Surrey area then be sure to check out the new site. We are sure this new design will be popular as it comes in 7 sizes with prices from just ?5,490.
The customers who have brought these buildings have eschewed cedar cladding in favour of a much cleaner and crisper finish. Slates or tiles will be accommodated on the roof and it will be insulated complying with building regulations.
The project is fully managed for you by eDEN who will take care of the foundations right through to painting the plastered walls. Because architecture defines the space we occupy, be it inside and out; its scale in comparison to other buildings and ourselves can invite curiosity, inspire awe or instil affection. The affect is similar to opening Russian dolls, as the size decreases, the anticipation increases until you are left with the smallest doll which seems to possess an almost revered status. Decorated Shed garden buildings manage to exist upon the threshold of indoor and outdoor living, which almost acts to grant a sense of escapism, where in-between environments act as a separate portal of existence. The price reflects the fact that it is a well engineered solution and is fully fitted with furniture. The pieces that form the exhibition demonstrate various designs that focus upon the idea of refuge and retreat. Emotion or feeling can be directly associated with scale, as our own size is measured to an object, as well as our affinity or relationship to it. The idea that each room or threshold you enter can create a new feeling is central to architecture’s interactive characteristics that promote exploration. Decorated Shed garden building’s scaled-down design allows for an individual to occupy a space more fully, as opposed to a cold, hollow-like area of lofty space; a garden studio construction is almost a cosy burrow.
It seems that the innate desire to nurture small objects comes into play, making the Decorated Shed garden buildings a prized possession that will enliven a desire to pay it special care and attention.
Decorated Shed garden buildings provide an instant connection as their affable size and shapes lull the viewer into an appreciative state. Being under, inside or outside a building’s structure can produce a range of feelings through the angles, light and proportions that are experienced.
Instead the small scale allows room that can serve as a leisure, office or living area, without drowning in empty space that can amplify the feeling of loneliness.
Garden studios that are nestled neatly into an outdoor setting, serve as a precious gem that houses a genial atmosphere.

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