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Smart Storage Systems goes beyond just loading on enterprise-grade firmware with the XceedStor 500S though, they include other enterprise-friendly features like power fail protection via capacitors, performance throttling when the drive gets too hot, full data path protection and comprehensive diagnostics via SMART reporting. The Smart Storage Systems XceedStor 500S offers a basic appearance, with a bare-metal stamped-aluminum case. The case itself is rather easy to take apart by removing four Phillips head screws located on the bottom half of the case.
Smart Storage System's Power Failure Recovery setup uses eleven discrete capacitors instead of an ultra-capacitor found on some enterprise SSDs.
Smart uses an approach that monitors incoming voltage, and if a voltage drop is detected compared to post-filtration output, the drive safely flushes in-transit data to NAND.
Our first test looks at the speed in a sequential write environment with large block transfers. Moving to a random access profile, but still maintaining a large block transfer size of 2MB, we start to see how performance varies in a multi-user environment. Switching to even smaller random access transfer size of 4K, we get closer to the packet size that might be found in a heavy random access environment such as a server setting with multiple VMs accessing the same array. Our next test looks at 4K random write performance at a static queue depth of 32 and results are recorded and averaged once the drives have reached steady-state. Our last series of synthetic benchmarks compare both enterprise drives in a series of server mixed-workloads with a static queue depth of 32. The first is our database profile, with a 67% read and 33% write workload mix primarily centered on 8K transfer sizes. The next profile looks at a file server, with 80% read and 20% write workload spread out over multiple transfer sizes ranging from 512-byte to 64KB.
Our web server profile is read-only with a spread of transfer sizes from 512-byte to 512KB.
In a read-only environment, the Smart XceedStor 500S was able to stretch its legs a bit and move up towards the top of the light-enterprise SSD pack.
The last profile looks at a workstation, with a 20% write and 80% read mixture using 8K transfers.
When it comes to choosing drives for the datacenter or other densely-packed storage environment, performance isn't the only metric companies are interested in when looking at SSDs or hard drives. In the Enterprise Power section of this review, we look at each drive under the same conditions we used to test the read and write speeds in earlier. Under all conditions except start-up, the Smart Storage Systems XceedStor 500S used 4.03 watts or less. Smart Storage Systems is unique in that they offer SSDs designed for the enterprise, industrial and military industries in a wide array of configurations and form factors. Along with strong light-enterprise performance, buyers of the XceedStor 500S get a slew of enterprise-grade features ranging from power fail protection to performance-throttling thermal protection. The Smart Storage Systems XceedStor 500S performs where it needs to, driving tremendous value for the entry enterprise space which is largely comprised of heavy read activity with less write impact. We guarantee the Smart Box System will save you up to 75% in space over your existing archive solution. Utilising Smartsoft (our locally coded archiving software) and the Smart Box System, we can guarantee that you will be able to find all of your documents within a few clicks of your mouse.
The Smart Box System is extremely cost effective when compared to the alternative of off-site storage. Utilising a combination of revolutionary modular design and computer aided retrieval, our front opening containers make the storage and retrieval of your important documents a breeze. The Smartbox document storage system is a front opening modular solution to your archiving headaches. A place for everything and everything in its place, as the proverb goes, and nothing exemplifies that like these custom kitchen storage systems.A functional kitchen needs not only the basics - a kitchen sink, working surface, and cooking equipments like an oven and burners - but also plenty of storage for cooking utensils, as well as pots and pans. Gli hard disk SSD stanno diventando una soluzione, sempre di piu, adottata da parte dei produttori di computer. Il mondo degli hard disk SSD, ultimamente, ha visto l’arrivo dei nuovi Samsung SSD 840 EVO che promettono performance uniche ed i primi test sembrano confermare le aspettative.

SanDisk, quindi, grazie a questa acquisizione strategica potrebbe presentare nei prossimi mesi nuovi hard disk SSD in grado di competere con Samsung. Don't let the NAND and focus on price fool you though, the enterprise has shown increasing acceptance for MLC NAND, especially as those like Smart Storage Systems have been able to prove out its endurance and reliability. From a mechanical standpoint the case is very lightweight, with our review sample offering a 9.5mm z-height.
While many of the enterprise-targeted SSDs we have reviewed come in a 15mm z-height which matches the thickness of 2.5-inch enterprise-grade hard drives, those targeted for light-enterprise usage generally come in smaller packages. The interface is compatible with a wide range of platforms spanning consumer and enterprise systems. With those screws out, the drive separates into three components; the top case, bottom cover, and SSD circuit board. These are used for power filtration as well as hold-up power in the event incoming power is lost or interrupted, so in-transit data can be flushed to NAND.
Another key benefit of using this type of capacitor is the thermal envelope of the SSD is raised to 70C during operation, allowing for lower cooling requirements.
This particular test uses a 2MB transfer size with IOMeter, with 4k sector alignment and measures performance with a queue depth of 4. This test keeps the same queue depth level of 4 that we used in the prior sequential transfer benchmark. While the read speeds lead the class of enterprise SSDs, the write speeds came up at the bottom of the pack. In the first test we look at expanded 4K read performance and how it scales from a queue depth of 1 to a maximum of 64. While IOPS performance is a good metric to measure steady-state performance, another key area of interest is around average and peak latency.
Average latency during this test measured 5.79ms with peak latency during our test topping at 101ms. Like the synthetic benchmarks at the start of this review, these tests are also measured in steady state. This ranked towards the bottom of the compared to high-performance eMLC models, but above the eMLC-equipped Intel SSD 710. Power consumption can be a huge deal in certain cases, so it makes sense that you would want to know how a drive would perform under a constant workload.
This includes sequential and random 2MB transfers with a queue depth of 4 and small random 4K read and write transfers at a queue depth of 32.
This broad experience and deep engineering knowledge have helped them possibly get more out of generally available components than most others in the SSD space. This isn't a surprise though, since the applications this drive is designed for are light-duty where reliability and read speeds are key. Wasted space often means wasted money; money that is better spent on your business or organisation. Sick of shifting and sifting through musty old archive boxes just to find a single document?
Moreover, our front opening system ensures that all of your documents are always accessible which means zero time wastage shifting heavy archive boxes. Many of our customers turn to us after discovering the hidden costs and charges associated with storing their critical documents off-site.
And best of all, a Smartbox System will save you up to 75% in space over your current system. Each outer container can accommodate up to four individual inner boxes which amounts to massive storage potential while maintaining OH&S requirements for office lifting.
But that's not enough, the storage also has to work well to keep the right equipments organized and within easy reach.That's where these custom storage solutions come in.
SanDisk, in questi ultimi giorni, ha completato l’acquisizione di SMART Storage Systems.
Tuttavia aziende come SanDisk, pur avendo investito molto nel mondo delle memorie SSD, ha deciso di investire ulteriormente acquistando SMART Storage Systems, una tra le principali aziende nel mercato enterprise degli hard disk a stato solido.

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Our drive has a single product label on the top cover of the case, including the part number, serial number, lot number, as well as basic drive details. The advantage of using a slimmer design means that devices such as blade servers, telco equipment and other deployments where drive volume matters, can benefit from the reduced size of a 9.5 or 7mm SSD.
One of the first items we noticed is this drive, designed for light-enterprise usage, doesn't offer thermal pads which we have been accustomed to finding in other enterprise or light-enterprise SSDs. This is an important feature as many data centers are looking at ways to lower overall cooling costs, as they make up a large portion of the total electric usage.
All enterprise SSDs are benchmarked on our enterprise testing platform based on a Lenovo ThinkServer RD240.
Higher peak latency figures can mean certain requests can backed up under heavy continuous access.
Each of our server profile tests has a strong preference towards read activity, ranging from 67% read with our database profile to 100% read in our web server profile. As with our previous tests we are measuring all figures in a steady-state to put the drive into its most power-hungry conditions.
Leveraging the LSI SandForce SF-2581 processor and customized firmware in a light-enterprise solution, Smart offers huge performance in read-heavy applications. Another contributing factor is the 12.5% over-provisioning, compared to 28% generally found on enterprise models geared towards write-heavy workloads. Because our system has been constructed in such a way to minimise space wastage typically found in steel shelving, a compactus and marbig style storage boxes.
The Smart Box document storage system is guaranteed to turn your space, time and money wasting mess into an efficient archival solution that will pay for itself within 2 years. Take a look at the best in custom kitchen storage sytems that can turn a good kitchen into a great one.1. Nel comunicato, SanDisk sottolinea che SMART Storage Systems sara combinata con la gia esistente SanDisk Enterprise Storage Solutions.
The bottom side of the case is entirely blank, showing only screws that let you access the circuit board inside. Even without those components though, we found no problem continuously stressing this drive in our enterprise testing environment.
Since this test measures steady-state performance, instead of burst figures for equal comparison across all enterprise drives in a constant workload environment, our measurements will be under the advertised amount since they represent a different longer activity instead of a momentary or burst recording. It really comes down to the needs of the business, finding the best blend of power to performance (or just straight performance) that factors in when buying the SSD or hard drive.
This was outlined in the drive's strong steady-state performance in our Webserver profile, only being outperformed by the XceedIOPS2 SSD, which also uses a SandForce processor. With its super space efficiency, you can store your documents on-site at a fraction of the cost of your current solution! Dedicated Kitchen DrawersCooke & Lewis created that bespoke kitchen look with their dedicated utensil drawer and pull-down trays. I team di queste due aziende, con a capo John Scaramuzzo, che e stato presidente di SMART Storage Systems ed ha lavorato in questo settore per oltre 25 anni a capo di Seagate, Maxtor, Quantum e Digital Equipment Corporation, saranno fondamentali per lo sviluppo di una nuova gamma di SSD veramente rivoluzionaria. Smart Storage Systems also includes electronic thermal protection on this drive, capable of throttling performance if the device itself gets too hot. These trays are made from sustainable Forest Stewardship Council-certified beech wood and stainless steel utensils with ergonomic rubberized grips. As part of creating custom cabinets, Lubina has bespoke drawer systems that are custom-fitted for your tools, utensils, pots and pans, as well as plates.2.

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