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Corio Oval, located in the Victorian city of Geelong, was the home ground of the Geelong Cats in the Victorian Football Association between 1878 and 1896, and the Victorian Football League from 1897 to 1940.
The Oval was commandeered for military use during World War 2, and the Cats moved to Kardinia Park for the 1941 season. The Oval remained unused until the mid 1950's, when greyhound racing and trotting took place for twenty years up to the mid 1970's, when both sports moved to the nearby Beckley Park. The oval and grandstands were demolished in the early 1980's, with a conference centre opened on the site. If you can't post here about the former stadium of the biggest club in the Netherlands, then where can u ?
I understand the 30,000 limit for threads on new builds and renovations because smaller stadium's have other threads.. Although I am a fan of iconic state-of-the-art stadiums, masterpieces of architecture with a clear shape, I really love to see those old fashioned British stadiums.
The first time I heard about this stadium was in the Dutch documentary That Final Day, made in 2003 by Tom Egbers and Kees Jongkind from Dutch broadcasting company NOS.
Three years later, many Dutch football fans and lovers asked the NOS to broadcast this beautiful documentary again. Both documentaries have an introduction and ending in Dutch, but I think the point and atmosphere of both documentaries are quite easy to understand.
In 2009 the demolition of the stadium began with the purpose to build a new one incorporating the 2007 stand. The stadium holds 7,287 people (around 12,000 before installing the seats in 2006) and was built in 1945 as a reduced scale replica of Arsenal Stadium at that time. The stadium was opened on 1 September 1946 when took place the match between UTA Arad - Ciocanul București 1-0.
During the period whn they played in the European Champion Clubs Cup (previous competion of UEFA Champions League), succeeding an outstanding performance in September 1970 when they eliminated the defending champions Feyenoord from the race.
I hope some of the older fans (I was born in 1991), would like to share some original work on here.
Or maybe just discuss the old days at the ground, so us young ones can get a feel how it was in the days at Plough Lane. A lot of great grounds is not mentioned, and I think the 30.000 capacity rule is far to big an amount.

I have to agree with Mel; the Chinese basically declared war, 21st century-style, when they hacked into our government computer system.
I will never again willingly or knowingly buy Chinese made product again if I can help it until this is addressed and resolved. By extension it would be easy to say we would not willingly support anyone who buys products from China. Our engineering company was hired by the contractor to do a forensic review of the project to determine fault for the lawsuits.
The results of our work showed that the steel was up to spec, the welded and bolted fabrications (trusses, shear plates, etc) while somewhat crude in appearance, were well done and up to specs. The contractor was shown to be not at fault, the steel manufacturer (China) was not at fault, it was the American engineering firm that designed the building wrong. The atrocities the ruling powers of many countries have done to others, and too often to their own citizens who don't support their views, is well documented. And just like here in the US everyone is taught from birth that their country is great and others are not. Yet many people get up in arms demanding retaliation, sanctions, deportation, prison, and even execution, all based on what they are told is the TRUTH. Each of us should make our own decision and not be pressured, coerced, or forced to decide one way or the other. But I want to see them set up a Honda CRF 250L, a Yamaha XT 250, and a Kawasaki KLR 250 with comparable bags and other standard features on the RX3 and then do a week long ride. I would really like to see this comparison and what the strengths and weaknesses are of each bike. Will the Japanese bikes rate better than the RX3 on common ground even at a much higher price? Sorry Spud ? guess there?s three sets of figures involved here ? one of which (also 84mph) doesn?t state actual or indicated. Of course, the reasonable cruising speed will depend upon elevation, and the sprocket ratios.
If you feel the need to post your prejudices, either real or imagined, do it in Off Topic, where that type of thing appears to be tolerated.
All you need is ONE container of your choice, ONE seed potato, and whatever soil or compost you wish to grow it in as we hunt for Britain’s* spud growing champ.

2. Send us a photo of your container, the variety of potato chosen and a few basic planting details (date planted, soil used, etc).
3. When your spud bounty is harvested send us a photo of your haul and tell us how many potatoes you produced and their overall weight. A note on featured products and servicesSometimes we are offered products or services for review on this site. Geelong did not compete in the Victorian Football League in 1942 and 1943, and many people wanted to return to Corio Oval for the 1944 season. I remember a picture, somewhere on the internet, where a private backyard with fresh laundry could be seen just next to the corner flag, separated by a small wall.
So they did, and Egbers returned to Swansea and Exeter to see what has become of them, after That Final Day. The oringinal main grandstand was closed due to the structural instability caused by decades without renovation.
During its history the club won the Romanian championship six times, only Steaua Bucharest, Dinamo Bucharest and Venus Bucharest winning more titles, and the Romanian Cup twice. Part of the skill this year is in selecting a variety you think will produce the heaviest yield. Don’t forget to send us photos – every entry will get posted in our Spud Off contenders blogs. We only feature such items if we genuinely think they're of interest or benefit to our readers and, as a result, turn down more requests than we include. Different designs,different heights, different shapes, different materials, built in different periods around the field and adapted to the limitations of their surroundings. This year, we’re letting you choose whatever variety of potato you like – the winner will be the person with the heaviest haul from a single spud. Our verdicts and advice are our own personal opinions and are always written by us, no matter how much PR companies might try to persuade us otherwise.
There are no prizes (unless a friendly business wants us to pimp their wares in exchange of a prize) other than the GLORY of being crowned our 2014 Spud Off champ.

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