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Our prefabricated steel buildings and metal buildings are custom designed to fit your exact needs.
The iconic roof lines of our American Barn style metal building is perfect for steel homes, barns, garages, workshops, warehouses and more! AmeriBuilt steel and metal buildings come in large sizes as well, perfect for large industrial or manufacturing facilities. AmeriBuilt Steel Structures offers large building pacakges as well perfect for self storage facilities. When you choose AmeriBuilt Steel Structures for your next steel building, you should know what to expect! Once you're ready, take a look at our different building types to find the type of steel building that you need. We pre-engineer custom steel buildings and metal buildings perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.
Many of our steel buildings are easily converted to cost effective, energy efficient "green homes." Since each of our buildings are custom made, there are thousands of possibilities to explore!
Our goal at AmeriBuilt Steel Structures is to see that you get the most building value for your hard earned dollars. Steel buildings by AmeriBuilt Steel always include complete engineered foundation plans that match the steel building being purchased.
Learn more about the AmeriBuilt construction process by viewing step by step slideshow presentation!
Did you know many people choose pre-engineered steel building systems to build their own steel homes?
Pre-engineered steel buildings dominate the agricultural, commercial, and industrial low-rise construction markets. SAVINGS: Foundations, construction, and insurance costs are much less with prefabricated metal buildings. SAFETY: You would not feel safe in a wood car built, so why would you feel safe in a house framed with wood?
FLEXIBILITY: Because RHINO’s steel framing is self-supporting, the interior floor plan can include spacious, open areas, and soaring ceilings. Until now, we have discussed using these methods primarily to enhance the appearance of commercial structures. There are several things you need to consider when choosing a pre-engineered metal building system for residential purposes. The strength of steel allows pre-engineered steel buildings to span farther than any other building material, allowing floor plan freedom.
RHINO will supply an anchor bolt plan, indicating exact placement of steel columns and any X-bracing required.
Steel buildings measure the height of the structure at the outside wall, not the peak of the ceiling. Also, be advised you will probably lose the insurance discounts available with all-steel framing. On a personal note, I have built— and lived in— several custom steel houses over the years. Imagine building your own cozy, beautiful, energy-efficient home with the strength of steel.
Solutions to these challenges have been worked on for years by government and by members of our industry. In an economic environment of doubt about the future, the 2010 METALCON International was a beacon of opportunity for all involved.
I would recommend getting with a qualified "pre-engineered building erector" about installing what you need.
Cad Drafting Services is pleased to offer you our services for Engineering, Designing, Drafting, and Detailing for your current and proposed commercial and residential projects.

For all of your repairs, sales, and erection of steel buildings needs in SW & SC IA and E NE. I have 20 years experience in putting up metal buildings and 6 years putting metal roofing on homes. Warehouses, industrial units mot garages etc villas and houses and container homes also we manufacture in China single units purchases welcome.
R & M Steel Company is the leading manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems for 42 years. We are currently searching for the right people to join our Boise, Idaho facility, as Pre-Engineered Metal Building Design Engineers. MBMI Steel Buildings manufacturer of DelRay Beach, Florida ships pre-fabricated modular steel buildings for use as commercial or residential buildings, garages, churches, homes, and more. Hey y'all, my name's Allison DuPree and I'd like to welcome you to my new web site, Barn Building!
Our steel house kits with bolt-together red iron framing assure your family the strongest, safest, and healthiest choice in new home building today! In addition to being gorgeous, your Kodiak Steel Homes roof system offers your family the greatest degree of security in hail and high winds. Kodiak Steel Homes roof panels feature a Kynar-based paint, which is the finest metal finish currently available. An investment in high quality Kynar paint can save thousands of dollars in maintenance and replacement costs. With thousands of options available, AmeriBuilt Steel Structures can design the perfect building type for any project, big or small. This steel building style is heavy duty enough to handle tough jobs, but stylish enough to look great as a metal home! Our steel buildings come with a pre-drilled, galvanized steel frame perfect for the do-it-yourselver. After that, take a look at our different building styles and pick the design that is right for you!
Whether you are looking for a garage space, a warehouse, a workshop, or a home, we have you covered! Our custom, pre-fabricated steel buildings can accommodate every need from business to residential. With AmeriBuilt Steel Structures, you can turn your AmeriBuilt steel structure into the home of your dreams! We are not going to try to sell you a steel building that has been "cancelled" because they rarely exist. This engineering will include the foundation slab, piers, and any other requirements for your steel building design. Other companies will tell you they are giving you "calcs" for the columns and foundation bolt placement.
RHINO steel buildings provide superior resistance to damage from by strong winds, lightning, heavy snows, fire, termites, earthquakes, and mold.
In fact, more steel is recycled every day than all the wood, paper, aluminum, and glass combined. These same techniques also work to design attractive steel homes, lake cabins, hunting lodge, vacation homes, or rental cottages. You could literally mark your floor plan on the foundation with a piece of chalk, putting interior walls wherever you desire. However, choosing wood interior framing sacrifices the fire, termite, and mold resistance afforded by metal framing. 8, 2008 -- METALCON International, held October 1 through 3, drew nearly 7,000 high-level metal construction professionals from more than 50 different countries to the Baltimore Convention Center.
Lauderdale, and Homestead, Florida that require additional Man Power of the foreseeable future.

Applicants must have steel erecting and sheeting experience, be able to pass drug test and have reliable transportation. It is designed to provide a leak-free no-maintenance system that is attractive, durable, and economical.
Backed by a twenty-year manufacturer's warranty, Kynar 500 is the tradename for special fluoropolymer resin, a formula that is blessed with some extraordinary chemical properties that make it the perfect foundation for a metal finish. Like its close chemical cousin, Teflon, Kynar is highly resistant to staining and readily sheds oil, dirt, and grime with only a hard rain. Our metal buildings and steel buildings are designed in the United States, and we can ship worldwide! We feature steel sheds, steel garages, steel barns, steel mini-storage, steel churches, steel homes, steel industrial shops, and steel agricultural buildings. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our available financing options, or with any other questions you may have about AmeriBuilt Steel Structures.
We're not going to be calling you every day telling you we have a special, or that prices are going up, or just hounding you to buy from us today. Building options can include steel "rollup" & "overhead doors", steel access doors, insulation, roof overhangs and a wide range of color choices.
Our 45 year warranty is backed by one of the oldest and largest steel fabricators in the industry.
Steel is the only material which can be recycled countless times, without losing any strength. I firmly believe prefabricated steel framing is the strongest, safest, smartest way to build a home. Evan Morgan, age 23, has been selected as the recipient of the 2007 METALCON International steel-framed home. Only min of 5 years experienced with Steel Erection May Apply Must provide verifiable work history. Our roofing systems consist of PBR or PBU panels of 26-gauge 80,000 psi steel sheet and assorted trim elements of 24-gauge 50,000 psi steel sheet. Because it can withstand tremendous wind pressures, our roof system qualifies for Underwriters Laboratories Class 90 Wind Uplift Rating. Once Kynar has been applied to a properly prepared surface, the material can be bent, folded, and pressed into almost any shape without damaging the finish.
With our Outback Calc™ software, we can custom design and quote you a steel building price within minutes.
RHINO’s steel framing is guaranteed to meet or exceed all local building codes— for the LIFETIME of the structure! If you have a floor plan already in mind, a RHINO steel building specialist can fine-tune the size of the building to fit your plan exactly.
When I was a young girl I watched my daddy and the other farm hands build the barn that still sits on our family's property to this very day. When applied to the Galvalume substrate of our roof panels, the Kynar coating provides a second layer of protection, virtually eliminating any possibility of rust (follow installation instructions and use only the high-quality fasteners we provide and immediately remove any loose metal particles caused by drilling). I've got a whole lifetime full of experience in the planning, designing and construction of barns.
It will resist chalking, fading, or chipping far longer than any other metal finish available. Kynar panels hold their color so well that if any ever have to be replaced the originals usually match the replacements so closely that the difference is not noticeable, something no other roof material can claim.

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