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The Colour Steel Sectional Garage Door (Also known as Chromadek) is the elegant garage door choice and is available in various colours  to best suit the style of your home. This is incorrect, however, understandable as sheet metal in any colour (except for the normal steel colour, known as galvanized or zinc colour) was traditionally referred to as chromadek. Chromadek is actually a registered trademark (brand) for a company who applied colours to galvanized sheet metal, effectively painted sheet metal. Today, all manufacturers of steel garage doors use alu-zinc, zinc alume or even aluminised sheet metal in the process of manufacturing garage doors.
These products have a life expectancy of 5-7 years longer than Chromadek’s products and, consequently, the only producer of Chromadek in South Africa has closed its doors.
Brano Industries Pretoria’s Garage Doors are made of sheet metal, protected by the zinc-alume mixture to prevent corrosion and is sprayed with a polyester coating (or 3) to apply the colour to the door.
So the short answer to the difference between Chromadek and alu-zinc is that they are the same thing, using different words.
With the help of solid garage, you will gain greater assurance, not only protected from the weather disturbance but also be protected from theft. With years of experience since 1985, the WA Garage Doors and Gates team are licensed, insured and bonded. In Seattle, where a majority of homeowners said that buying a house with a garage is a must over a basement and even a big yard, it is safe to say that a new garage door installation is your best bet for a high-quality extension to the exterior of your house. It has been said that “knowing is half the battle,” so becoming familiar with your options is the biggest step towards making the right decision on your new garage door installation. Finding the perfect garage door is not as simple as it may seem, and this is a much more detailed task now than in years past when garage doors were hardly a priority among homeowners.
With a seemingly endless variety of new materials, designs and color schemes, choosing a garage door requires a great deal of time to commit to the selection process. The importance of having a top-notch garage door is ever increasing, given its impact on property value. Thanks to the latest innovations in garage door design, you can customize your garage door to match each facet of your own style. The following questions will help to serve as a buying guide to lead you in the right direction for the garage door that is best for you. For those looking for a material with the aesthetic appeal of wood but with more ability to withstand moisture, fiberglass garage doors are a great choice. Carriage house style garage doors combine the best of the past and present as they bring the classic prestigious look of wood together with the durability of insulated steel.
The sleek look of contemporary garage doors complements modern architectural home designs, with designs available in all four of the main material options.
Traditional raised panel garage doors are a style that has stood the test of time, and only get better with new design options that keep them a viable option.
On the surface, garage doors may seem like a mere accessory to the home, but investing in a new garage door will bring more than meets the eye.
It is easy to overlook the importance of a quality garage door, but further inspection into the advantages of a new garage door investment reveals an asset that will prove priceless.

A new garage door is a long-term investment, so making sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase is paramount. Proudly providing great service to the entire Seattle, King County, and Pierce County metropolitan area. From the factory to your door, knowledge and expertise goes into each steel garage kit to make your building project simple and affordable.
You can rely on the knowledge and experience of our qualified engineers, factory workers and sales staff, to ensure you get the right building with the requirements to fit your needs and budget. Request a quote today to see how easy it is to build a brand new building within your budget. Available in Brown, White and Charcoal, the Colour Steel Sectional Garage Doors require less maintenance than their wooden counterparts. Solid garage, it would be difficult for people who want to steal the vehicle that you store in the garage, the garage more solid the more difficult to be stolen.
You may be the one of the homeowners who understands about the exterior or outdoor home design from the garage door. Our local professional garage door technicians in Seattle, WA can help you with selecting the perfect garage door for your residence or business, as well as installing the newest addition to your home. Contact us about our senior citizen discounts as well as free estimates on new garage door installations. These days, in cities like Bellevue where the average household size is growing to over 3 people, extra space is needed, and a new garage door installation may be just what the doctor ordered. This is the perfect opportunity to place your personality on display for the world to see, so your new garage door should be as expressive as you are. When homeowners are deciding on a garage door material, aesthetics tend to be a dominant factor.
You may wish to modernize your garage door to a more ‘now’ type of look, or keep a more traditional appearance for your garage door, which would fit in well with suburban parts of the Kirkland area.
Once you have figured out what you are looking for, contact a professional and licensed garage door installer who can assist you in choosing your new garage. Crown Steel Buildings® is dedicated to meet individual needs, offering savings without risking the quality of the building. Our efficient scheduling of delivery and share-loading of metal buildings reduces delivery costs and saves you money. Moreover, a solid garage is also more resistant to various weather disturbances that often change suddenly. However, in Seattle neighborhoods such as Belltown, which experience a great deal of rainfall throughout the year, durability against the elements should take on a higher priority in your garage door search. However, in terms of durability, wood would be a risky in such a climate where rainfall is a frequent occurrence. Rusting can be a factor, however, if the steel has not been treated properly on the outside. These steel garages can be designed to meet your custom specifications and even have a variety of color options to make it your own!

Even in some countries, weather changes can occur in a matter of minutes so you have to be really ready for it. You can discover Steel Garage Kit Price guide and see the latest Steel Garage Kits, Sturdy and Durable in here. The garage doors themselves are no unique in relation to the metal one you have on your house.
It can be overwhelming, but this article will help you sort through the garage flooring options that are available to you. The distinction is that they are wood-clad, implying that strips of wood are stuck to the front. Wood-clad garage doors are extremely unmanageable, now and again to the extent that $15,000 for a twofold garage door. The more regrettable shape your door is in, the more planning time you'll require for the task.
Since these doors are influenced by the outside components they frequently get weathered and rusted, particularly assuming that they were not finished effectively regardless. On the other hand, there is trust, and it doesn't take unreasonable cleaners to get them looking like new once more. Over the long run this elastic gasket comes to be dry and fragile as its subjected to temperature updates and climate. A damaged garage door seal won't hurt your door however its best to change this bottom seal when you perceive any decay. You don't need to hit it with your auto, despite the fact that that happens frequently enough. A stray baseball, youngsters using the garage door as a tennis accomplice or a soccer objective can leave a dent in your garage that may forget you enticed to value another board for your garage door. The point when paint chips, scratches or wears off a metal garage door, the time it now, time for another paint work. An alternate great opportunity to paint the garage door is the point at which the outside of the house has been painted another color.
The garage door color might as well look excellent alongside the outer surface house color. Anyhow over the long run, this finish can look dull, and scratches can cause rust spots to appear.
More senior metal doors might not have this finish, yet rehashed painting can make them look unappealing also.

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