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In the 21st century, there seems to be no limit to the bounds of human ingenuity, and storage container homes are but one example. As one might expect, cost is a primary consideration and benefit of storage container homes.
Owing to the relatively homogenous dimensions of steel containers, storage container homes are also easier and faster to build. Needless to say, storage container homes offer a degree of strength and durability which is simply not possible with traditional stick built homes. Some people may simply be in search of storage container homes for sale, choosing to forego the option of designing their own floor plan. For anyone with a flair for the dramatic and an interest in new, alternative building methods, storage container homes or shipping container home are certainly one option to consider thoroughly. By looking at the humble shipping containers, you wouldn’t be able to guess that they can make such great homes unless you see some examples of amazing storage container homes by yourself. Cargo containers or shipping containers as they are more popularly known can be used for making modern, low-cost, environment friendly and stylish homes.
If one were to take a look around then one would notice that some of the greatest houses around the world are made from cargo containers.
Thanks to the advancement in technology and science, the world of architecture has definitely improved tenfold too. Every year, more than three hundred million cargo containers are simply lying idle in ports all over the world. Now, most people generally choose to live in a cargo container home because it is beneficial to reside in one as such a house is very much complete and stable.
Builders and engineers also love to work with cargo containers because the overall strength and structure of the storing container is something that provides them with the opportunity to work on them and turn them into fancy dwelling centers.
Cargo container homes are extremely popular because they are heavy enough to stay on the ground and withstand environmental factors such as hurricane winds, etc.
Have a look at some free floor plans for storage container homes here:  plans for storage container homes. Instead of sending the unused shipping boxes lying in ports around the world to landfills, one can send them to factories to turn them into cargo container bungalows.
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I was thinking about this and had this mad thought about building and living in a shipping container complex.
I reckon if you mod a shipping container you could get at least 18 of these in them - do em all up fancy with insulation, soft lighting, fm radios and crap, soft pillows, nice blankets.
But yes great accommodation and a bullet proof idea for camping low end or high end as you can make them what you want. I've spent a fair bit of time researching shipping containers as homes, and yes, it's not a new idea. Some colleagues take the p!ss out of me because of my infatuation in using containers for my next home, just need to work up the coin & find a block. I mainly saw it as a 'green' method of building by recycling used containers, but have since found a fair bit of debate due to the toxins in the paint, steel manufacture energy use, transport fuel etc. I agree 100% with that statement, There is cases in China where they have thrown up a highrise appartment block in 16 days using a modular built offsite method. A guy I used to crew for in Darwin who built a donga with 2 shipping containers and a large open area in the middle.
Now lets see here, what else have we been conned with as far as domestic buildings last 10-15 years, Oh I remember the old 1000 meter square block that you could put your house on, a shed and a back yard for the tin lids to play in. Now down to 350 squares jammed in so you hear next door noise like they are living on top of you, no room for kids to play safely, all fostered onto the unsuspecting purchasing public with a media campaign and lobby groups hungry for a quid. Christchurch used sea containers to create a whole shopping mall after the big earthquake last year. Central town areas are being rezoned so that the old "standard" size block can be subdivided. Your home is made out of steel, which means it’s resistant to floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and fire. Does this mean that the dream of living in an affordable, safe and efficient home is out of reach for you and your family? I know the thought of living in a house made out of shipping containers is pretty radical to some people. Because my new book, Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings, is your first step in learning how to build an ISBU home yourself, on a budget. My name is Alex Klein, and I’ve been helping families build with ISBU containers for over 35 years now. I’ve built well over 100 ISBU homes all over the world, I’ve consulted with Congress on several ISBU projects, and have worked with some of the biggest builders and architects in the business.
I’m considered by most people in the trade to be the “go to” guy when it comes to working with ISBUs.
There’s a common misconception out there that you have to hire a “high priced” architect or builder to work with these containers.

This is why I decided to create a series of books to teach people how to work with these containers.
The truth is that I’m tired of seeing families stuck in homes with high-priced mortgages they can’t afford. Right now, we’re offering Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings for an incredibly low price.
We wrote Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings with one goal in mind: to help you, and other families, see just how easy and affordable it is to build with ISBU containers.
We’re talking safe, affordable, sustainable, livable homes that will shelter you and your family for decades to come. If you’re dreaming of living in a safe, affordable sustainable home that you, and not the bank, owns, then ISBU is the answer. GET OUR ISBU BOOK!GET the DISCOUNTED BOOK for that person craving all the SECRET ISBU LORE! Owing to its nature, it is possible to increase or reduce living space as desired by using additional container or removing one of the containers.
Modifying shipping container home designs and shipping container home floor plans is also considerably easier than modifying a conventional home made from bricks and cement concrete.
The cost of building a shipping container home is much lower than building a home with conventional materials.
Usually, a shipping container home consists of two or more containers stacked one over the other.
Basically, the dimensions of shipping containers make them suitable for living and building.
I don't see a reason why they couldn't be left on a slab or on top of a basement wall either. If you live in an area that has building permits and code requirements, I suspect you might have to have an engineer design a foundation, method of attaching the units together, and possibly even giving an engineers report of the structural strength of the unit itself. I was thinking of doing 2x 40' containers spaced apart to make a 40' cube, then repeat but turn the structure 90 degrees the next story up. Gradually gaining traction and ever-increasing in popularity in the world of architecture, storage container homes are exactly that: houses constructed of large, prefabricated storage containers.
Typical homes of this type are significantly less expensive than their traditional stick-built, brick and mortar counterparts.
In a sense, steel storage container homes are akin to modular homes, that is, each piece is prefabricated and simply assembled together to create a building. In particular, storage containers made of steel are incredibly strong, as they can resist corrosion and wind damage far more significantly than other materials.
Storage container homes plans are evolving rapidly with the growing demand for these unique structures. This, too, is becoming much easier in light of the number of new container homes being constructed. Gone are the days when houses had to be made from the conventional brick and mortar, today, people are open to living in houses constructed uniquely, like the shipping container house! The storage container home is the result of the endeavor to come up with innovative green architecture. These become prone to fast depreciation and therefore instead of letting them rot away, it would be more sensible to generate use out of them. In fact, one can save a lot of money when constructing a cargo container house because it only requires a very minor section of the materials that are generally required for constructing a house. Even though this kind of box may have a heavily corrugated steel frame, but it is capable of withstanding a lot of weight and moreover, it is constructed from recycled materials, therefore it is chosen for the purpose of constructing a house.
These self-sustaining masterpieces are also loved by people because they are easily transportable. Who would have thought that these humble rectangular stainless steel boxes can make such comfortable and visually appealing homes?
He told me about some massive concrete pipes that you could convert into weekend sleepers for peeps - probably similar to the lockers at train stations that I've heard about in Japan. Knowing that this is a good forum for sharing concepts with other crazy people I thought I'd put it out there for some more ideas. Hire em out to festivals for a bomb, who in turn rent them out to drunks for $200 per night - you do the maths. Sure, you can have an energy efficient, safe home, but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.
I’m a passionate believer in ISBU construction because I know that it’s our best answer for affordable, safe housing. And, my goal is to help you learn how to do this so that you can build a safe, affordable home for your family. My goal is to share with you all the tips and tricks I’ve learned through the years of working with ISBU containers. We’re not talking high-dollar “concept” homes, or outrageous designs that will never see the light of day. Right now, we’re offering Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings for only $11.95, which is an incredible bargain, especially considering the thousands you’ll save off the cost of your build with some of this information.

Many contemporary architects have given such homes a deft touch to make them stylish and suitable for contemporary living. For example, it is also possible to transform these containers into homes with interiors resembling a recreational vehicle. This does not mean there are no shipping container homes with horizontal stacking of containers. While many people are puzzled by the idea, and are often taken aback by the dramatic aesthetics of such homes, they offer a number of advantages which are adding to their reputation and steadily growing profile. The reason is simple: the basic materials required are merely the storage containers themselves, which can cost as little as $1,000 each for containers the size of an average room.
However, in this case, the a€?piecesa€? are much bigger, making them easier and faster to adjoin. The simplistic construction afforded by their cubic design also gives storage container homes an elevated degree of internal strength and stability.
In many ways, purchasing a storage container home can be more economical, as they can last much longer than normal homes and may even be priced lower, too. Unlike conventional homes, such homes can be used during times of emergencies because they provide almost immediate help and shelter to the people in need. Likewise, there is also not much labor required because the basic shape of the structure is already present, just the modification has to be done. One can choose to use a truck, ship or train to transport storage container homes, therefore there is no need to be concerned about how to move the same. At the end of the festival you'd put everything through an industrial cleaner and spray it with a few tins of mortein and detol ready for the next festival. That said, I believe that prefabs will be the preferred building method in the 'not-so-distant-future (controlled quality, no time loss due to weather, minimal time on-site).
Building with shipping containers means you’re giving new life to these steel boxes that would otherwise be scrapped.
And with the information you’ll learn in this guide, and the guides to come, you’ll learn how to build it right and on budget. Some of the shipping container homes are strikingly beautiful and have become landmarks in their surroundings. Glass panel doors are often added on one of the sides to provide required lighting and heat, and let excessive heat escape from within. However, it is necessary to clean the used containers as there is a possibility that some harmful chemical stored in them was spilt. If you are in the market for a new home, regardless of whether you plan to buy or build, it is definitely worthwhile and educational to research steel storage container homes. Furthermore, homes built from storage containers do not require intricate foundations as do traditional homes. Additionally, steel containers can be transported very quickly with minimal cost or risk of damage.
Architects just simply have to design the home with large prefabricated rooms as the template. These homes are considered to be very good examples or recycling and reusing in order to reduce the accumulation of garbage and unwanted substances around the world. The cargo containers can also be stacked on top of one another in order to form a living structure that more or less resembles a dormitory. These shipping container houses are not only easy to obtain, but also easy to get into, which is why they make great homes! An ISBU shipping container home will keep your family safe from anything nature or man, can throw at it. It actually takes less energy to repurpose an ISBU than to recycle it and reduce it to reusable metals! And we’ve personally proven this by building ISBU housing on every continent except Antarctica! The flooring of these containers may be treated with insecticides to meet with any quarantine stipulations. Imagine being there and being assigned to live in a big tent, then getting one of these to live in, even with another grunt.
As time goes by, more advances and customization options are sure to unfold in this new and unique housing market.
Interiors of shipping containers offer as much scope for aesthetic designing as other small homes.
A shipping container home is strong as well as durable because the containers used to build such a home are strong. Therefore, it might be necessary to remove such flooring as well, irrespective of the fact whether the container is new or old. There stacked two-story high with balconies running the length of ten units with stairways.

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