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It is not uncommon for people to feel anxious about a dentist causing pain during treatment.
Nevertheless, if you feel that you may need to be more relaxed during your treatment appointments, Dr Linc can prescribe an oral conscious sedation medication for anxiety relief.
Listening to your past experiences with dentists and your personal concerns will give us the opportunity to better understand your unique case. For more information or to book a consultation, contact Dr Harris at Harris Dental Boutique in Bargara in the Bundaberg region today. To assists clubs and schools delivery the highest level of safety to their members and students the Australian Dental Association in-conjunction with Sports Medicine Australia have created a Mouthguard Policy. As part of the ADA’s commitment to oral health promotion, the association is offering seven $1,000 grants to sporting clubs and schools in Australia. Nowadays, there are many ways to replace a missing or damaged front tooth, including porcelain bridges or implants. In some cases, implants can help stabilise your denture so it’s more stable and solid. If you would like a one on one consultation with Dr Harris give his office a call on 07 41590660 to make an appointment.
Unhealthy or blocked airways are starting to be increasing linked to a range of dental and other developmental problems. Now we are beginning to understand that blocked airways have much greater affects than previously thought. While sleep apnoea in adults has clear guidelines, in kids it’s a bit trickier to diagnose. Beyond this, sleep apnoea seems to cause children to grind their teeth with the result that their teeth wear out much faster than they should (this may continue into adulthood).

Even though it’s not yet certain, there is also some backing that sleep apnoea might cause lower IQ, be involved in some cases of ADHD and increase risks of heart disease.
While there are a range of causes of sleep apnoea in children (and even infants as young as 18 months) including obesity, the most common seems to be enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Dr Lincoln Harris DBSc (hons)Harris Dental BoutiqueIf you would like a one on one consultation with Dr Harris please call his office on 07 41590660. If you have lots of stained fillings, grey stains from amalgams, grey teeth from root canal therapy,  or receded gums, then placing veneers is probably better. Dr Linc and his gentle and caring team at Harris Dental Boutique help new patients with dental anxiety all the time. We understand that there are a number of different things that can contribute to dental fear. This means that during your visits with Dr Linc we will listen to your concerns without criticising or judging your oral health. These grants aim to help sports clubs and schools promote mouthguard awareness and injury prevention. While you might be terribly embarrassed and emotional about your teeth, we won’t judge you on the state they are in. Both of these are fixed in the mouth like your original teeth.Think your teeth are hopeless?Occasionally people are embarrassed to come see us because they think their teeth are too hopeless to fix. Find out how we can help alleviate dental phobia for you and your family with our three main resolutions for patients who suffer from a fear of the dentist.
Dr Linc is especially gentle when cleaning, scaling and performing treatments for patients.
We will never recommend unnecessary treatment nor will we compromise your oral health with less extensive work when more is needed.

Find out what patients have to say about the clinic and leave a review if you have had a previous experience with us that you believe others could benefit from.
Often we find that their teeth are a lot less serious than they thought, and repairing them is not too difficult. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.
If you have difficulty with the price we could arrange to spread the treatments or the payments out if necessary.
Not those whose teeth are perfectly healthy!If you are on a budget, make sure you have some idea what it is. We see a lot of people who are gaggers and really have a hard time coping with the bulk of a denture in their mouth.
In other cases, we can organise a payment plan to help budget your treatment.Knocked your front tooth?A lot of people lose a tooth from getting knocked at sport as a kid, or in an accident.
Or who worry that the denture is rubbing on their natural teeth causing the gum to shrink away, or decay to start.
Even years later, they are sometimes putting up with a tooth that is missing, or wearing a partial denture that is uncomfortable and not looking great ten years later.

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