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It’s not only about square meters and square feet that determine the space and storage capacity of your rooms and home. Place wooden storage shelf on one side and store all kinds of things there like shoes, tools, clothes, books etc. For small bathrooms i have some tips to arrange bathroom accessories in a good manner without taking much space. See the glass shelves in the small bathroom which can provide enough space for bathroom items and they are looking cute as well. Sometimes we overlook some parts of the home which can be used for different storage purposes. Place floor to roof racks in your living room if you have good collection of books but no space for storing them.
This entry was posted on July 18, 2014, in Home Decor, Miscellaneous and tagged Diy ideas, Small homes. With the kitchen being the focal point of any home, it is important to maintain this clean cooking and entertaining space.
The main advantage of having customization cabinet storage solutions is having separate places to store items, letting you choose how you would like to categorize and organize them. There are different recommendations for keeping food fresh and unspoiled but while some foods are recommended to be stored in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place, others should be kept separate to maintain freshness. Those who love cooking know that counter space is precious when preparing meals with multiple ingredients.
As the kitchen is also used for entertaining, your pantry organization system can also be customized to feature a bar area to use when you are having guests at parties or gatherings. You can also use cabinet storage solutions to store your silverware, cleaning supplies such as towels and other miscellaneous items. For those who want an area to display their antique and valuable dishware, your professionally designed and custom built pantry organization system also doubles as an aesthetically appealing display. A customizable pantry organization system is a great storage solution for maintaining a clean and tidy space. If your kids are like mine, they are completely obsessed with making Rainbow Loom bracelets, which means your house is covered in those teeny, tiny rubber bands.
You could use plastic jars or mason jars to store rainbow loom bands, if you’re anal and want to separate everything by color. Head to your local craft store and check out the bead section for a craft organizer, or you can find this particular bead box online at Amazon. A craft storage tool box is perfect for someone who’s got multiple rainbow loom kits and lots of bands, as is this Plano tackle box above, which also comes in pink.
And if you want a way to simply transport your  loom, or it doesn’t fit in your tackle box, you can stash your rainbow loom in a flat iron travel case like this handmade one from Lia Catherine Style on Etsy. My kids use a tackle box to organize their Rainbow Loom supplies — it works out great! Latest from Cool Mom TechWeb Coolness: Math video games, what your tweets say about you, and lots moreDigitize your notes and sketches with new Moleskine Smart Writing Set. Here’s one thing I know for sure… no matter how big your house is, you need more storage!
If you’ve got a hallway that is more than 36″ wide, there could be an opportunity in it!
If you want to save yourself the trouble of finishing the edges of the plywood, try using MDF.
Similar to the shelving on the edge of the dresser a few images above, this is just an inspiring reminder that shelves can be made in any size to make use of just about any nook or cranny you have. The shelves attached to the cabinet are fastened through the cabinet itself from the inside, while the ones on the wall have little mounting boards underneath.
Unless you were raised at Downton, you’ve most certainly experienced the explosion of disorganization that frequently occurs under the kitchen sink. While I for one think the forces of the universe take a personal interest in keeping that area one of mayhem and destruction, you could try to tame it with a pullout tray. One of the most frustrating issues with small spaces is clutter which is greatly exacerbated by all of our modern gadgets. Similar to the space next to the fridge, there is often extra space in the laundry area that can be made good use of with a little bit of wood (in this case, melamine), some glue, and a decent cordless nail gun. And, if all else fails or you’re just not wanting to get your toolbelt out, there are always creative shelves you can order on Amazon. I actually prefer open space above cabinets as compared to the common alternatives which are either a closed in soffit or a closed cabinet so high you can’t reach it. As for the other picture with the towels on the floor near the toilet… I can see where that would be kind of a bad idea.
As for me here and so vast space, is the use of “save space” in a private house! Dinner in the Sky is a Brussels based restaurant that serves dinner for up to 22 people"¦ 150 feet in the air! A restaurant situated inside the top security prison Fortezza Medicea in Italy is so popular that officials have since opened more branches.
Serenaded by Bruno, a pianist doing life for murder, the clientele eat inside a deconsecrated chapel set behind the 60ft high walls, watch towers, searchlights and security cameras of the daunting 500-year-old Fortezza Medicea, at Volterra near Pisa. Under the watchful eye of armed prison warders, a 20-strong team of chefs, kitchen hands and waiters prepares 120 covers for diners who have all undergone strict security checks.
Shao Shan Chong Xiang Cai Guan in Nanning, China used the Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976 as a theme.
This reversal of roles implies a transfer of trust from the sighted person to the blind guide because without him we are just lost. With the right or wrong furniture you can either make your tiny house awesome and comfy or crowded and stuffy. So every week I’m going to show you several space saving furniture ideas that might work perfect with your current or future tiny home. This week we’ll be zoning in on space saving beds, desks, and staircases so you can add more functionality to your current space.
How could you use repurposed materials to build some of these space saving furniture pieces for yourself? In April I decided to finally launch Tiny House Furniture which is completely dedicated to the topic.

Some really great ideas here Alex but in the future how about only 1 subject so each can be well explored without so many posts to work through. Or have just the top of the murphy bed fold down on arms so the couch becomes part of the bed. The only problem with the staircase cupboards and pullouts is that you need to leave the space next to them open for access. I really like this idea for stairs in a tiny house cause when not in use as stairs its not very in the way.
Looking for cube seating shown on Tiny House Nation where it it turns in to five stools with each side of cube used as seat and storage holds metal frames for each.
Top 10 Popular Posts13 Amazing Bunk Beds For Kids and Adults35 Amazing Outdoor Day BedsGrey Living Room IdeasDo You Really Need a Wardrobe? I love the 1940’s and 1950’s everyone made an effort and made the best out of what they had. Our family vacation took us to Whistler and Blackcomb in British Columbia, you know, the kind of place where you see lots of crossovers and SUVs. A production note- The video is culled from my little home camera which, unknown to me, developed a distorted audio problem halfway through the trip.  Sue me, I’m on vacation. Normally we travel pretty light but, hey, with a van there’s loads of room so we’ve dropped the split third row and taken everything (it also flips backward to become a bench for tailgate seating).
The revised Stow ‘n Go seats are more comfortable for 2011 and in this Touring L model they’re heated. Mariko drives first since I’m trying to get footage for the video review.  At five feet tall, she often has a difficult time getting comfortable behind the wheel.
She likes the rear-view camera and a cross path warning system that beeps to signal that traffic is approaching from the side.
The kids, with their tendency to explode into a space with blankets and pillows, settle in immediately. If your kids can’t relax in here then you shouldn’t have bought them that espresso Blizzard. The fob operates the powered hatch and side doors and can also remotely start the engine to preheat or cool the cabin. EPA rates fuel economy at 17 city, 25 highway though at a steady 7O miles an hour the trip computer reads 27 MPG.
Once in Whistler, we hook up with my nephew and family and all seven of us pile in to the van to search for dinner. On our last day, we took the Peak 2 Peak tram to Blackcomb mountain and hiked around all day, then took the tram back to eat dinner at the top of the world (notice the food thread throughout or vacation?).  There’s all sorts of activities to do here, from river rafting to fishing. She’s also the world’s best bargain hunter, finding a condo for just $110 a night so we were able to save money on meals by using the kitchen a few times.   That means more to spend on fun activities.
I hear that the 2012 has standard leather and dvd, but I dont understand the trim levels, can some one explain them to me? Caravan seems to look like it’s been around forever (looked dated to me when it debuted in 2007), isn’t almost time for a full redesign soon? They provide comfort and peace so it should be well organized because congested or messy bedrooms are proved to be uncomfortable. Cover that storage shelf with thick beautiful curtains and you will be able to store number of things in small space without disturbing looks of your bedroom. Keep your clothes, pillows, bed sheets and blankets in the drawers and compartments of your bed or side table. Just arrange your books there with some decoration items to give new look to your living room.
Hope after trying this you will feel that you have guts to organize your home with small space in a good way. But organizing and storing items in your kitchen is a hassle when you dona€™t have the right places to put things.
It's easy for things to get misplaced or lost in the kitchen but having a pantry organization system saves time when you're trying to find things. As fruits and vegetables ripen, they release ethylene, a gas that can lead to premature spoilage.
Placing large appliances like stand mixers on the counter top will take upthat space, leaving less room for you to work with.
Cabinet storage solutions like a space for hanging glasses as well as racks for wine bottles make your kitchen a convenient space for entertaining at home. Baskets that can be used for storing food can also be used for storing dish towels and other cleaning supplies to keep handy in case of a spill.
Separate your various dishware by style, color and type by using vertical shelves that can also be used for organizing cutting boards and cookware.
From storing all your items in separate, visible places to saving you money on groceries, cabinet storage solutions can help make your kitchen and home a more enjoyable space. You’ll want to check to see if some of the pieces are removable which will allow you to make room for the loom and hook.
I especially like the lock that makes it a little harder for a nimble toddler like mine to open.
That button or clasp is key if you plan to travel with it–unless you want to be cleaning rainbow loom bands off the floor of the airplane an hour after everyone else is off.
They love how they immediately can see all the different color bands they have and how the tackle box makes it easy to carry their supplies to sleepovers, etc. If building fancy drawers is too far out of your wheelhouse, you can find freestanding units that have nice fronts already on them and just roll under the bed. I think it was just put there in the picture to hide a bit of not so pretty architecture… the bathroom has kind of a chase on the wall there. Patrons sit on toilets while eating, there are more toilets on the walls, and the food is served in dishes shaped like both eastern and western toilets and urinals.
Music Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan is a medical-themed restaurant with crutches on the wall, waitresses dressed a nurses, and drinks served from an IV drip bottle! He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. I have designed a few folding tables that go right into the wall flush and that is great for a tiny home. If for instance, the loft floor was made of tatami, which has give (heavier than our flooring?) could we use thinner mattresses, and fold them away as the Japanese do?

Thought to be a predominately masculine colour by teaming it with pinks and silvers the gorgeous colour becomes incredibly gender friendly. These days, fashionable families are gravitating to crossovers, in part because they give off the active, athletic and, well, just plain cool vibe. It was a great 5 days filled with mountain biking, zip line tours, hiking, ATV driving and fishing. This hardly makes a dent in the cargo hold.  I briefly consider taking a couple mountain bikes but decide to beat up a rental. Chrysler vans are the only ones where the second and third rows fold flat, handy when discovering a great deal on a Bowflex at a garage sale, then hauling seven people to dinner hours later.
Odyssey and Sienna force you to leave seats behind, and Quest’s system has a much higher load floor. The van sacrificed itself, the safety systems worked flawlessly, and she emerged shaken but unharmed.
No matter your house is small or spacy organization of things matters a lot in making it looking congested or well organized. So here are some ideas to use your bedroom for storing things without messing up the looks of your bedroom. You can use internal space of wall mounted cupboard as well as you can place things on the top of these cupboards. Mount small rack on the cabinet door or you can also mount hook on the door where you can hang small kitchen items. Adding a pantry organization system to your kitchen is a smart storage solution for de-cluttering your kitchen space and keeping cookware, ingredients and other items in order. By having separate shelves, baskets, drawers or racks for food, beverages, cookware and other kitchen supplies, you can see and know where everything is, making cooking a more enjoyable experience.
Rather than storing fruits and vegetables like oranges together at the bottom of fridge shelves or clumping them together on counters, you can use your pantry organization system and store food separately in large baskets. But with cabinet storage solutions like big sliding shelves with enough room for storing your appliances like mixers and blenders will free up. Your pantry system can include drawers to store and organization silverware while you can use shelves for keeping and stacking cookbooks. Here, lot of ways to organize Rainbow Loom bands and hopefully keep them on their wrists and off your floor. Label the tops if you want the kids to try to keep the pinks separated from the oranges for more than a day.
If you do live in a small house (mine is a little cottage by the water at a cozy 1000 square feet) you really need more storage!  I’ve collected a group of ideas and links below that might offer you some glimpse of hope or a dose of inspiration!
Because I’ve cleaned homes with them and found most housekeepers do not clean up there, usually because it requires use of a ladder. One way to make a restaurant stand out from the crowd is to have a theme, and the wackier the better. Dinner anywhere in Belgium will set you back almost 8 thousand euros; other locations are also available. The owner came up with the idea to express his gratitude for care he received at a local hospital. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Also boxes on casters with a foam cushion are great for seating, storage and can be used as a coffee table. It should be an unwritten rule that everything you have in your tiny house should have more than one use. A bed can always be an Aero inflatable, so can fit almost anywhere, but the computer–that and my books have to be properly accommodated, and that desk would do it. An active families’ life can be made a lot easier with the right vehicle and as an automotive writer I often have the luxury of choosing a vehicle to fit my particular needs.  It’s why we did NOT take a sport ute.
They are everywhere including generous space under the first and third row seats plus the Stow ‘n Go compartment that’s large enough to put three bundles of TP (no, I won’t be doing that test this week, I’m on vacation).
This is a deep vehicle.  My single gripe about functionality is that here’s no keyless ignition, a strange omission in a family vehicle where owners often have their hands full of kids and groceries.
I prefer the captain’s chairs over the stow-and-go seating (trading convenience for comfort). So have a look at some DIY storage ideas given below to become a creative organizer of your home. These shelves don’t require much space but they can provide you enough space for hanging kitchen items and placing other important things on them.
With a pantry organization system to store items in their separate areas using drawers, racks, and many other customizable features in this storage solution, they are easily viewable and within reach. Storing fruits and vegetables separately in these baskets will prevent premature spoiling to keep them lasting longer so you don't have to waste money by throwing them away. Use this space for other items for display and decoration such as a collection of colorful glass bottles or photos. They can become a greasy mess in a kitchen, as we all know, it is an invitataion to insects and odors. It may be as simple as putting costumes on the waiters and decorating the walls, or it may be an entirely new concept, but it probably won't make the food any better.
Profits from the restaurants go to support the Population and Community Development Association (PDA).
I am going to provide easy, simple yet innovative storage solutions with pictures to tell you how you can put a lot of things in a small space without congested look. Book shelve mounted on the wall is the best idea because wall mounted things don’t take real floor space. A center console between the front seats slides all the way back to row two.  It’s large enough to hold Mariko’s purse.

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