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First of all, please watch the 4 minute short video I firmed during the last time I visited Ocean Park. Thanks to Citybus’s Ocean Park Express bus service (Route 629), you can get there fairly easily in under 25 minutes.
Depending on the time and day you plan to visit, Ocean Park can get very crowded due to the large number of mainland tourists. Massive amounts of people show up at Ocean Park in the afternoon a little bit after lunch time.
There are so many things to do and see at Ocean Park Hong Kong, so even the whole day is not enough to experience all the attractions.
As a tourist I know you will bring a lot of essentials like camera bags and backpacks with you while you leave your hotel room.
Near the entrance right after you passed the ticket gates, there will be a room on the right hand side that provides storage lockers for rent.
This tip is very important if you want to stay dry during your visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong. Having a great lunch is important, but the highlight of your Ocean Park adventure should be about the attractions and rides instead. Please share and like this article if you or you know anyone going to Ocean Park Hong Kong soon and will find this useful.
If you have questions related to anything about Ocean Park, please ask them in the comments below. Hi Ron is there other way going to Ocean Park from Tsim Sha Tsui aside from the Ferry ride?
Hi, I would like to know can the Tourist Day Pass used for taking the Ocean Park Express Bus (#629)? I’m going to stay in the Aberdeen harbour area for 2 days, im guessing a taxi go the park will be fastest and inexpensive??? Macau Ferry Terminal is only a short distance away from the Central (Star Ferry) stop for the bus to Ocean Park. The advice you gave to get there early is good- it gets a lot more crowded with tour groups etc. A spacious 4-bedroom apartment for rent situated in a tranquil location overlooking a spectacular view of the Hong Kong skyline. Traditionally a high-end residential neighbourhood for affluent families and expatriates alike, the Mid-levels was named after its geographic position on Victoria Peak, halfway up the mountain between Central and The Peak.
Established for more than 20 years, Jade Land Properties was one of the pioneers to focus solely on the growth and potential of the Mid-Levels Central district in the early 1990s. ROOMORAMA REVIEW: HONG KONG SHORT TERM APARTMENT RENTAL, APARTMENTS FOR RENT, FURNISHED HOTEL ROOMS.
To our delight, there was near-endless storage space, making it easy to put away luggage and purchases. Our air-conditioned apartment had broadband internet, a DVD player, flat screen TV, and kitchen equipment.
Looking around at the site I think this is going to replace hotels for me… For around the same price as a 3-night stay in some places we could stay for a whole week! SRSLY, though, that is an awesome flat and you both looked like you were enjoying yourselves.
Hong Kong Container depot & Warehouse, View containers storage services, Team Well Logistics Ltd.
Oh no, your Internet version is super out of date and does not support the snazzy new Expat Living site!
Letizia Casalino from Hong Kong Sothebya€™s International Realty shares her top new rental properties. Repatriation from Hong Kong: Your guide to relocation and the move back home Relocating doesn't have to be stressful. Hot properties to rent and buy in Hong Kong, October-November 2015 Looking for an apartment? Hot properties to rent and buy in Hong Kong, August-September 2015 Looking for hot spots in Hong Kong?

A spacious & modern 1-bedroom apartment for rent in the heart of the Central Business District. If you are going to Hong Kong for vacation (especially with kids), chances are you already have Ocean Park on your to-do list.
Besides the Hong Kong Disneyland, it is one of the main reasons why families around the world decide to visit Hong Kong for a holiday. It shows the double-decker bus ride, the view in the restaurant, and some interesting activities that you can do. Since it is a very large theme park, it is located quite a distance away from the urban areas of Hong Kong. You can get on the Ocean Park Express from Central just outside the Star Ferry terminal on the Hong Kong Island side or from Admiralty (West) Bus Terminal just outside the Admiralty MTR Station.
Buy your admission tickets before getting to Ocean Park Hong Kong because there’s often a long queue at the entrance ticket booth. The best way to skip the admission booth is to get your tickets at a 7-Eleven convenience store nearest your hotel.
You won’t be saving any money, but you will potentially save a lot of time at the gate.
Save yourself from lugging around the heavy bags and jackets so you can concentrate on having fun!
Some rides in Ocean Park involve having water splashing all over yourself, especially the Raging River ride. Without it, your clothes will potentially get wet and it can be uncomfortable out and about all day long. His duties include providing excellent customer service, making sure things go smoothly, and writing articles such as this one.
It will be my first time in Hong Kong and i wanted to experience ocean park but how can i get there from tsim sha tsui?
You can go to the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier (the end of Canton Road towards the harbour) and take the Star Ferry to Central.
China Travel Services offer discounted Ocean Park tickets from their offices, I’m not sure if you can get them online (it required a sign in) when I Tried. I want to know how to easily get to Ocean park from Silka Seaview Hotel and then back to the hotel. Separated into Mid-levels East, West and Central, the district’s popularity stems from its close proximity to the central business district as well as the Hong Kong nightlife in SoHo and Lan Kwai Fong. Like a hotel, the room was clean and furnished — no need to pack towels or toothbrushes. The building had a doorperson and considerate staff (they lent us adapter plugs, and gave info about the neighborhood). There’s a wide range of quality rentals (for example, I found a Hollywood studio for $55 a day), with photos and customer feedback for each listing. We have much more from Hong Kong coming up… cute cooking school, panda cafe and more. As long as I bring my own pillow which I know is safe and something with which to protect my stuff I have no problems with a tea-stained couch. It was a very positive experience for us — hope you find it the same, keep me posted! If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. All you have to do is upgrade to the latest version (ita€™s free and easy, honest), before coming back for a good look around. Plus, shea€™s also filled us in on whata€™s happening in the Hong Kong property market this month a€“ read all about it here. Experience the early morning rush when thousands of commuters stream into the financial sectors fueling the economic lifeblood of Asia.
Visit the malls in the International Financial Centre and Landmark, popular hangouts for their luxury brands and zesty food choices before heading over to Hollywood Road and PMQ with its art galleries, vintage stores and antique treasures. Within minutes, a ride is available in the Central station or Hong Kong station MTR connecting all corners of the Island together.

Instead of writing an article about details of Ocean Park Hong Kong like most other websites, I will share with you 5 very useful tips so that you can have the best possible experience while visiting. You can also buy them at the Admiralty (West) Bus Terminal just before you get on the Ocean Park Express. To check what time the park actually opens on the day you plan to visit, you can check Ocean Park’s official calendar.
You just go out, pick the food items that you like, pay at the counter, an bring the food back to your table. I didn’t find a CTS office in Aberdeen you will need to get your tickets online or from the airport, Macau or Kowloon. The only piece of advice you gave that I would beg to differ with personally would be about Bayview Restaurant. I had to stand all the way which was not that welcome after being on my feet all day at the park. We arrived around 12 and for most of the rides or exhibits didn’t have to line up for more than a few minutes. The Central-Mid-levels escalator system allows for a quick and easy commute, carrying thousands of Hong Kongers back and forth daily.
Meaning you can stay in stylish digs and experience the life of a local, with enough left over for shopping. A gem for mid-range and business travelers: I hope you remember Roomorama the next time you need a place to stay! All I know is always hide your money in your shoes, hide your shoes somewhere high, and never throw the first punch. I have to say, I don’t know what kind of superhuman abilities the people that work there have but my gosh the great prices for unbeleivale places!
The European-style kitchen features state-of-the-art appliances and the bathroom has a large walk-in shower plus a bath. The deluxe open kitchen has an oven, double sink, double fridge and plenty of storage space. Although primarily a commercial district, Central offers some interesting opportunities for home-hunters seeking to embed themselves in this hyper-modern cityscape. During the night, nearby SoHo and Lan Kwai Fong comes alive with its own unique Hong Kong brand of nightlife!
Trams and bus service are comprehensive along Des Voeux Road Central and exchange square, but never forget those omnipresent red taxis! There are plenty of tables, and the views are great, but you get great views from a lot of places at OP. Predominantly comprised of tall high-rise apartments, the Mid-levels forms an integral part of the modern Hong Kong skyline. I am going to Fukuoka next year for 6 weeks, any suggestions of what to see around in that area? For a short excursion to the idyllic neighbouring islands of Discovery Bay, Cheung Chau, or the Big Buddha on Lantau, visit the Central Ferry Pier behind IFC.
I was going to pick up the tickets from their Macau office as we are flying in to Macau and out of HK. If we’d done everything a couple hours earlier we probably could have avoided that, and the traffic jam on the way back. However for the 4 of us, just a main and a drink each, and a couple slices of cake to share cost us around US$140.
In fact there are snack stands and quite a few fast food options (pizza etc.) around Ocean Park.

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