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On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Ireland (you can share your experiences here). You can also take bikes on the buses in Ireland - I didn't try this but was told by a bus driver that at that time of year (March) there's no need to book or pay extra. From the Dublin airport, it's a 45 minute pedal into town; there is an attempt at provided a marked bike lane, although it's a bit hard to follow. I took my bike on the ferry from Dublin to Liverpool (and returned the same way a week later), without problem; they didn't charge extra for the bike. In England, I originally wanted to explore the "Trans-Pennine Trail," but had great difficulty finding maps despite website promises that they were widely available.
From London to Swansea, take train from Paddington (bought discounted ticket in advance, including a reservation for the bike and myself in the nearest car). From Swansea, ride to the Swansea-Cork Ferry by the pedestrian gate to the port (across the bike bridge next to the Dylan Thomas Centre).
It's an overnight trip, you arrive early in the morning, and it's something like 10 miles to Cork.
From Holyhead the train was crowded up to Chester and tourists had placed their suitcases in the 2-bike storage area. I just called Aer Lingus, delighted to have read that bikes need not be boxed to travel in the plane to Shannon. Just a note, the conductress made a big story about allowing me to board the train from Cork (a "Commuter" train). Unfortunately I found that there are more cars than any pre-2000 publications' claims of quiet roads.
Our survey looked at private operators that are complimentary services and not intended to be part of the basic transportation network such as the British Columbia ferry system. Mitchelle and I recently returned from a tour in Ireland where we flew into and out of Shannon airport with our bikes in hard cases.
There's no charge for this service but you don't get a receipt identifying which box is yours - you go to the bay with one of the airport personnel and pick out your box. There's also nothing to keep someone from claiming your hard case although I didn't feel that it was something that was likely to happen. The bikes arrived in Ireland in fine shape and we put them back together in a quite corner of the airport. In Ireland we took two ferries (across the Shannon from Kilrush to Tarbert and from Caherseveen to Valencia Island). When we left Shannon, our original boxes were gone, so we had to take someone else's boxes (sorry!), which were much bigger and in worse shape than our original ones. Jason's box was pretty wrecked upon arrival at Logan, where the sky-caps were mean to us for being in the way, but his bicycle was ok. I've been on three bicycle tours of Ireland & have had no problems with Continental Air with bikes in boxes.
Just got back from Ireland and would like to report that there is storage for bike boxes in "Lost Luggage" at Shannon airport. We took two bicycles, one boxed and one bubble wrapped, from Seattle to Boston to Shannon, Ireland via Horizon and Aer Lingus in mid-August '01.
I had called ahead to confirm fee amounts and was told by Horizon it was to be fifty US dollars per direction per bike. Having one bubble wrapped and one boxed bike turned out to be an interesting experiment and both bikes arrived damage free in Ireland, both had damaged derailers on arrival home in Seattle.
We finished a 2+ week tour of Ireland by taking the train back to Dublin and riding out to the airport.
When we saw the "Motorized vehicles only" sign we jumped off the route and asked for directions. The bikes arrived home with less damage than on the way to Shannon airport when they were in a bike box (bent chainring).
But as they do not transfer luggage we ended up paying not only both ways - but also for each leg of the trip. Seems my rear shifter may have been bent some where en route, but they make you sign, that they are not responsible for you luggage.

It's perfectly possible to ride to the airport on your bicycle, allthough you'll be following normal city streets (some with a bike lane), and partly the old back road to the airport. This road is clearly signposted for the airport - and later turns into the N1 Motorway where bicycles are not allowed.
Just to finish up on this thread, I went to Ireland and rented a bike from a shop called Europa in Galway, across from the cathedral. Nonetheless, on Saturday I did a fairly long loop (probably 75 miles at least) up the coast and then inland to Cong. I'd still be interested to know of a place which rents true touring bikes (droped handlebars, lightweight frame) as opposed to day trippers.
While I'm on non-cycle-friendly signposts at airports, I encountered one at Papeete (Tahiti). Just as the ticket agent predicted, there was a luggage car on the train with several bicycle hooks. I also had a successful crossing of the seas with my bike on Irish Ferries from Cherbourg in Normandy to Rosslare in Wexford, Ireland. Stansted Express This is the train from London Stansted airport to Liverpool Street station. Follow River Shannon to the coast then south to Kerry, Dingle and points south or go north and see the Clifts, Islands, Conamara and Clifton and much more.
Since I was coming home to Boston a week before my wife, I suggested that she keep the bike in Ireland, so that when she arrived, I could pick her up with our car and drive her, her luggage, and my bike home.
Less than assured, I got back on the plane, and asked a stewardess if she was familiar with the procedure for storing luggage at Boston. I then went back to Jarmouth, and begged him just to stick it in an office for a day, so that I could come back on Sunday and pick it up. I then noticed that I was the last passenger leaving the Customs Hall, and that there were bags not picked up. Because I'd spent so much time arguing with Jarnose, I missed the train I'd intended to take, and I had to wait about an hour and a half for the next one (they don't run very frequently on Saturdays). And next time, I will have to arrange for some kind of car to meet me at Logan, or just leave the bike in Ireland an extra week. Delta has unilaterally decided that trans-atlantic and trans pacific flights will not accept bikes as one piece of luggage the way other airlines do. I just had my first experience with a bicycle on a plane, on my first visit outside North America. United Airlines to Brazil My wife and I flew United Airlines Seattle - Chicago - Sao Paulo, connecting to a Varig flight to Curitiba on Dec 25-26 1998. I had attempted to follow R122 to the airport, but there are few signs giving road numbers. Mall Home - Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. LHS are looking for flats and houses in all London boroughs for our guaranteed rent leasing scheme. Ohio America Pageant is now accepting applications from married women to represent London as a state finalist in the 2016 pageant being held next spring in the Columbus Area.
Actual financing plans require more complex calculations than the simple compounded interest used in this program. I went on with the motorized traffic, and a crewmember helped me secure the bike to a wall with a lenght of rope; he seemed to do this all the time. BUT the young man at Aer Lingus informed me that the new rule is that the bike must be in a box.
Had to pay 25 Euro twice, a special 'bike tariff'; still cheaper than paying for the overweight. It had 700x35C tires, grip shifters, upright bars, and in fact it was a woman's frame style. Finally back to Galway via the town of Headford - the last 10-15 miles were on a narrow and busy road with virtually no shoulder to speak of.
Although we used the train (needs booking for bikes)it would be worth booking it that way even if you drove to Holly head and never used the train ticket.

The ticket seller and the platform guard both said bikes are only allowed on the non express, which takes 50 rather than 40 minutes.We asked the on train host (aka ticket collector) and pointed out that at 3 PM the train was not crowded. Three of those hours -- that's half the length of time it took to fly from Shannon to Boston -- were spent trying to travel the 15 miles from Logan Airport to my house. The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. You can't take a bike on every train on this service (which is an Intercity) as they don't all have a luggage van.
However, if it is only one of the two pieces allowed there would not, he said, be an additional charge. In that situation there is a political imperative for the national government to connect its citizens.
In our case we followed Gardiner Street, and later we took a right turn onto another fairly large road out of town. The non-motorway route is not signposted, so it's a good idea to get a detailed street map. He found an area around the middle of the train where seats were removed for bikes and wheel chairs. Not as rigid as boxes so we added some cardboard but there is a strap and handles so the bags are easier to lug around than boxes. To get there take the bus from airport bound for Ennis(not express bus) lets you off at the front door of B&B. I think on the timetable, if the train is shown as having a first class coach it'll also have a luggage van.
The ferry services across the English Channel and the Irish Sea are established transportation routes with a very high commercial value so there is some political motivation in those cases but we think that the comparisons there are valid because there is not an obvious political reason in those situations to be as favorable to cyclists as they are. But you can't go far wrong if you come out of the airport, turn right (not straight on onto the motorway), head south and ignore any signposts to city centre which look like they mean to put you on the motorway. Mr Perry's experience of taking an hour in a taxi - not impossible if you get stuck in a traffic jam - indicates that it can be quicker to cycle, if you know where you are going. If you follow the signpost to the city centre direct, you get on the motorway where you do not want to be. Lazare train station advised me the second of several trains leaving for Caen would contain a luggage car which would accommodate my bicycle.
At Kerry airport we handed our bikes over to the porter and asked him to take special care. After arriving the plastic bags and the duffel bag were rolled up and tied to my bike rack. If you have booked to stay in the guesthouse at Paea (cheaper and nicer than the hostels in Papeete) then turn right out of the airport and keep straight on - it's about 14km.
This time, Aer Lingus check-in staff in Chicago did check with a supervisor when I rolled my bike up, but they returned to help me without question. We got seats in car C so we could be close to the bikes and make sure they stayed on board at intermediate stops.You also need to take them off the train pretty quickly at your stop, so a full train length run is not recommended.
On the way back, the check-in person said I needed a box, but before I was finished saying that their website didn't seem to say that, the check-in person next to mine said that I didn't need a box. The trains in West Yorkshire around Leeds all took bikes; there are train cars with a bicycle symbol marking the entrance to an area where there are two "Y" fittings on the wall that keep a bike upright with the aid of a bungee. I had a friend fly Lufthansa from Chicago to Frankfurt (May 2005); he boxed his bike with a box provided at the airport, but the front axle dissapeared somewhere in flight. The taxi was a minivan that easliy accomodated two bikes and from downtown to the airport took about one hour and cost 15 punt(about $30)--money well spent.

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