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Although Treble Cone is renowned for being steep, there are a number of green and blue runs to suit novice riders. The drive to Treble Cone takes approximately 90 minutes by bus, however this is dependent on the road and weather conditions. A secure storage facility is located in rentals in the base lodge building (a small fee applies). Both titles have consented building platforms that enjoy wonderful views and sunshine hours. The current owners want this riverfront property sold and will consider all offers for the property as a whole or for the lots individually. Viewing of this property is highly recommended so call now to learn more about this fantastic opportunity. This video captures both the spirit of the Reno Air Races and the enthusiasm with which Breitling sponsors the event.
Get your deposits in asap my friends as there are apparently over 600 passengers booked ahead of you! Khadem Al Qubaisi, commented: “This flight milestone represents a key step forward for the Virgin Galactic team. The combination of his race engine failing in a recent ground run, the time needed to build up a useable last-minute replacement engine, and weather that wasn't safe to make the journey from Florida all ran the clock right down to the wire!
The full UWRC line-up for Reno 2013 can be seen at this link, and as always with racing, you never know who will come out on top!
The Rare Bear crew and pilot Stewart Dawson have been battling issues making all the power it should be able to, and Strega with Matt Jackson has been working its way up from the back of the pack after having the setback of losing the canopy several days ago and spending time making the repairs.
This pic is from an earlier lap in the race, not the final lap, but it is from the Gold race.
Wow, it's amazing stuff to see from this close to be sure. I was out at pylon 2 for the Sunday afternoon races which included the Gold race for the T-6 Class, the Sport Class, the Jets, and the Unlimiteds.

With so much terrain, plus legendary off-piste and longer, steepers runs, Treble Cone is an excellent challenge. They are a little steeper than other resorts in the area but you will get a kick out of challenging yourself.
This high profile position lends itself to a range of uses from intensive farming, lifestyle living or think out side the square and utilise the existing sheds for your business or storage needs.
I'll add that I made a swing down thru Indianapolis on the way Friday to go flying with Billy Werth in his Pitts S2C. In addition to achieving the highest altitude and greatest speed to date, the test flight demonstrated the vehicle’s full technical mission profile in a single flight for the first time, including a high altitude deployment of the unique wing “feathering” re-entry mechanism.
Virgin Galactic Chief Pilot Dave Mackay was at the WK2 controls, assisted by Scaled Composites (Scaled) co-pilot Mike Alsbury and The Spaceship Company Flight Test Engineer Scott Glaser. The successful completion of all major aspects of the flight mission demonstrates that we are very close to achieving one of Galactic’s key goals: commercialising access to space for the broader public. I decided this was a better pic than yesterday's pylon pix for right now, especially since it was taken about an hour ago, plus it's a lot easier to get one pic up during the day! Strega easily won its race earlier today tho and I believe will race tomorrow to try to earn its place in the big race. Plus, since I just drove 2,100 miles back from Reno (at a rather leisurely 47 hours total elapsed time compared to the 35 hours going west), I figure I can show you whatever pix I want! Even better, I was using a demo camera and lens from Nikon who is both a sponsor of Reno and provides a support-team from Nikon Professional Services during the event, just like they do at Oshkosh these days. Well, now that I'm a lot older and a little wiser, I have more respect for the T-6's and their race efforts. There's so many racers and six different classes these days, it's easy to just pay attention to the biggest news. It's Matt Jackson in Strega from pylon 2 during the big race for the Gold between the fastest Unlimiteds on Sunday September 15, 2013.

I'm getting really close to having my financial problems of the last 5 years behind me, so some bartered time in the Pitts doing takeoffs and landings was a great way to knock of the rust of of my taildragger skills!
Upon release from WK2, SS2 pilots Mark Stucky and Clint Nichols, both of Scaled, ignited the rocket motor for the planned 20-second burn propelling the spaceship to 69,000 feet.
Anyway, the big news last Sunday in the T-6 Class was that Midnight Miss III and Dennis Buehn won the Gold.
However, the images I captured this year are a vast improvement over the last two years, so I feel pretty good overall. I actually did really well and look forward to getting myself current before long in a Cub or something similar.
I'm one of the 'others' but after using a Nikon D7100 with an 80-400 zoom lens, I'm quickly re-thinking my camera equipment future. Given that this T-6 has placed first, second, or third in each year since 2009, I guess maybe 'big news' isn't exactly the right term, but I'm sure the victory was great news for the whole team! Getting the pylon in the picture adds to the image too, and that was my desire with where I chose to stand. I also hope to keep moving forward in the Pitts with both aerobatics and fine tuning the landing experience. Thanx Nikon for the excellent gear to be able to get pix like these two and the one of Steven Hinton winning Gold Unlimited in Voodoo.

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