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The way Apple has managed to overcome this small, yet annoying issue is a feature called App Thinning. Let’s say you have an older iPad and is unable to make full use of features that only apply to the iPad Air and above, then the app will only download what assets are needed, and no more.
Opening the Photos app in iOS will tell you how many total photos are within the different picture albums and Camera Roll, but how much space do the pictures actually take up? As you can see the data is basically presented the same, you’ll see a total space used by the pictures in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). Knowing how much total space photos are taking up on a device can be really useful information, since photos in particular can often be the culprit when running out of device storage. You might also add that if the camera roll gets too full the camera will no longer function, only by deleting photos can the camera be restored. IMO ? the generic PHOTO Album on the iPhone 4 your photos is the WORST thing I’v? ever seen !! Apple is again at the brunt of a lawsuit, this time from a┬ápair of consumers in Florida over the tech giant giving consumers less storage space than advertised in its devices, as well as the amount of storage needed to upgrade to iOS 8. Many Black Ops 3 players are asking when the next Double XP weekend for Black Ops 3 will be.
We have a quick heads-up to those that missed the recent unveiling of a secret Black Ops 3 Nuketown Zombies easter egg that Treyarch has put into the game. We can see that there are some surprise problems with Tinder down and not working on November 18 according to users. We can see that Amazon’s new Horse Advert has gone viral in the UK, with the company aiming to increase interest in the popular Prime membership program. We can see that there are currently problems with Snapchat down and not working on November 17 due to what looks to be a constant Snapchat connection problem. We can remember a few years ago when the Toyota Prius came out and people were laughing saying it was just a fad, and now look where we are.
Since Apple Pay was launched in the UK earlier this year, its support has been slow, but steady. We can tell from the many Motorola Moto E reviews that this is a perfect phone for the budget conscious.
Samsung are planning to launch an assault this year with many new 2015 models due to hit the shops.

We can see that Clash of Clans is down for a surprise maintenance break on November 16, soon to be November 17 in some countries. Many Android handsets are still running very old versions of Android, so the likelihood of them getting the Marshmallow update is very slim. We've all been there: A new version of iOS is released, but you're unable to upgrade because there's not enough free space on your device. After enabling Camera Upload, Dropbox will begin sending all of your photos to your Dropbox account.That's it! Cory Bohon is an indie developer, creating both iOS and OS X applications at Cocoa App (his own company), MartianCraft, and for various other clients. If you upgrade to iOS 8 using iTunes, you bypass the need for the high storage amount needed.
One of the biggest challenges facing users with storage space constraints are for those with a big Photos library.
We know that more content is being stored in the cloud, along with people choosing to stream music rather than store it on their iOS devices, but people still struggle with 16GB. It’s a simple solution, as when you update an app it will do away with unnecessary data that does not apply to your device. Not only that, App Thinning can increase app download times, as the file will be that much smaller, but only on certain devices. Photo Library are photos synced with iPhoto on the desktop, in the screenshot example there is nothing there.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Once you enable the Camera Upload, all photos and videos inside of your Camera Roll on your device will instantly be whisked away to Dropbox and placed inside of a new folder in Dropbox called Camera Uploads (Figure B). As a part of full disclosure, he does not write about any software that he has created or has helped to create through these outlets. It’s caused Apple servers to slow to grind, something which should speed up over time. However, when you download the package, there are files to uncompress, those needed for the installation process and a backup of the existing operating system. The complaint seeks class action status for other users of the company’s 16GB devices, and also accuses Apple of pushing its paid iCloud online storage solutions to consumers and restricting third-party storage options.

He was introduced to technology at an early age and has been writing about his favorite technology part-time since 2007.
A number of users are attempting to upgrade to iOS 8, only to be informed that they do not have sufficient storage space to complete the upgrade. Our iOS 8 forums are filled with experts who can offer you free advice and troubleshoot your problems. When people purchase new iPhones, storage concerns usually revolve around how many apps, how much music, video and documents you plan to carry with you. This will provide you with a good idea of what apps are having the most profound impact on your storage. I cannot recommend that you start deleting videos and photos, without triple-confirming that you’ve backed these up. Without confronting this issue head on, you’re likely to find yourself in this position every few months. That should be more than enough to offload videos and photos that are occupying your storage.
Using the tips outlined above, coupled with our guide on how to upgrade to iOS 8, your device will always have a proper backup and you’ll avoid pesky storage space issues.
Use Dropbox Camera Upload The cameras on modern iOS devices are very good, allowing us to capture memories or important events whenever and wherever we're at; however, the results can eat up a ton of space on our devices.
If you’re unsure or maybe you are using your iOS device without a computer, you still have options.
So to free it up, I can delete the photos I no longer want, and sync those that I do want to my computer before removing them from my iPhone.With games, such as Football Manager 2012 seen below, storage space is likely to be spent on save files and additional content downloaded through in-app purchases. Keeping on top of that data and deleting files you no longer need will help you keep your consumption down. Find space hungry apps and files You can view the most space-hungry apps easily in the Settings application.
You can delete the documents (if you no longer want them on your device) right from this interface by swiping from right to left on the titles of the documents.

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