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Saturday brought a 21 year family reunion with my Grandmother's side of the family the Hughes. Below are a collection of Hughes and Raisch Group Family photos completed with a Raisch Studios film tribute to our beloved Monna, who passed three years ago this upcoming Saturday, June 1.
There's a lot of history I could write up on this event 20 years ago, but I feel people are quite familiar with the story and the lives lost. From Terrorists to Brooklyn-like 'all-too-creative' business owners in 20 years, It's amazing how much Jersey City has changed.
As a historical foot note, this event resulted in changes to emergency procedures at the World Trade Center that saved lives on September 11th.
Below are some of AP Photographer's images from February 26 along with my family's photos of the Towers in 1993, including the opening to NBC Nightly News that evening. This treasure trove of Kennedy artifacts is too good to pass up, Raisch Studios has picked a few of the highlights of this JFK auction.
As seen below, NBC News is reporting that JFK's Bomber Jacket is selling for $570,000 at auction.
Original North American Ads for the 1984 Toyota SupraAn 84 Toyota Supra seen at Statler Toyota in Back to the Future. Good news for all Bevis and Butt-head fans, Mike Judge seems to be back at it, creating thirty new episodes that will follow the shows original aesthetic. I was initially surprised to see how the shuttle's flight brought it over Jersey City. In conlusion, this difference in flight path reminded me of the 2009 Air Force One Photo-Op incident. Bob Scott Photo © 2012 - Shuttle Enterprise directly over head in Downtown Jersey City.
References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article.
The AHL will very likely benefit from an influx of temporary new fans this season if this NHL lockout business keeps up.
On August 27, the team unveiled this creation — the winner of a jersey design contest held over the summer. Photo credit: Derek PhilipponThe Portland Pirates sported their cancer-fighting pink jerseys last night.
Whale Pack gets web revampThe Hartford Wolf Pack started implementing their new brand by recently revamping their website.
The rebranding efforts have already begun online, but the new look isn't expected to hit the ice until after Thanksgiving, but certainly before Christmas — banking on holiday shoppers and their kids, no doubt.
All right, technically the San Antonio Rampage were still wearing hockey sweaters last night, but they were wearing a basketball logo. Monarchs' new uniforms unveiledThe Manchester Monarchs are rocking new home and road jerseys this season. I've had difficulty finding any game action photos, so we'll just have to live with the terribly-lit pictures posted on the Monarchs' website when the sweaters were unveiled earlier this month.
For a side-by-side comparison of the previous set of uniforms and the new ones, I've nabbed these renderings from the AHL's online store. Monarchs unveil specialty sweatersBy the way, that same article I linked to earlier also revealed the Monarchs' 10th anniversary logo along with a pair of specialty jerseys that will see action this season (left). Rivermen unveil pink jerseyThe Peoria Rivermen unveiled their Pink in the Rink Night specialty jersey this week.

In a rather appropriate twist, the Rivermen will sport their pink-infused threads the night before Halloween, next Saturday, when they host the Oklahoma City Barons.
I'm all for breast cancer awareness and I'm not bothered by one-off pink jerseys, but there are better ways of doing this. Now the club will head to a former ECHL city which lost its original team, the Greenville Grrrowl (yes, that's three Rs in Grrrowl), when it folded in 2006.
The reason this is relevant to Icethetics is it means we'll be following the rebranding of a franchise. Chiefs' Marine jerseyAnd finally, the Chiefs wore what will probably be their last specialty sweater over this past weekend. Anyway, I noticed the numbers come straight from their NHL affiliate's white jerseys — the Minnesota Wild. Rivermen dress as PrancersThe AHL's Peoria Rivermen pranced out in Peoria Prancers jerseys over the weekend, paying tribute to the 1980s. The Prancers were founded in the International Hockey League in 1982 and became the Peoria Rivermen two years later. Canada's National Post is reporting that the Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Washington Capitals for the next Winter Classic in 2011. The NHL has yet to make an official statement on which teams will be involved in the next outdoor game.
Outside In" is a giant-screen visual symphony that aims to artistically bridge science and spirituality as it journeys from the big bang to the Cassini-Huygens Mission at Saturn.
Composed entirely of still photographs using innovative visual techniques developed by the filmmaker, "Outside In" stretches the boundaries of the motion picture form.
Using tens of thousands of still images manipulated to create full motion, "Outside In"A? takes the audience from the big bang to our present day. The film will be presented in IMAX quality 4K resolution on massive screens and concert-level surround systems with a synchronized light show to audiences in planetariums, museums, galleries and limited IMAX release. The Hughes is another Irish branch of our family tree, notiably that 17 years after Patrick Hughes 1878 arrived in America he began one of first piano moving companies in Philadelphia. In late 1981, Toyota completely redesigned the Celica Supra as well as the entire Celica lineup for its 1982 production year. By 1999, Dreaming of that 80's sports car sensiblity, I realize in high school that I can't afford a Delorean (First choice). Despite the reported flight plan, The Enterprise hooked directly over Jersey City nearly parallel to Marin Boulevard (See map colored in blue). The brief collection below, including my works best capture the experience of the black out and storm surge in the waterfront areas of Jersey City, Hoboken, Manhattan and Brooklyn. But the Peoria Rivermen are already benefitting from their existing fans in the form of a newly designed third jersey. It beat out three other submissions with about 40% of some 1,400 votes cast over a three-week span. I mentioned it on the blog because I thought the crest was a bit clever, playing on the Pirates' own throwback logo along with that of their NHL affiliates, the Sabres. This must've slipped past our collective radar when it was announced and approved by the league last month.
Not sure why hockey's expected to be a better draw four years later, but that's not a question for me to ask. Former Chiefs minority owner Ned Nakles is retaining the name and logo which means the ECHL will add a new team name and logo next season.

Anyone know if the Wild will retain their affiliation agreement with the new Greenville team? If you can't get enough of it either, Central Illinois Sports Photography has posted a huge gallery from the game — which Peoria won 4-1 (video included). I work at a news station in Florida and hockey isn't a popular topic here for obvious reasons. And in last night's newscast, our producer included video of Jim Playfair's freak-out behind the Abbotsford Heat bench over the weekend. The Pens participated in the inaugural event in 2008 at Ralph Wilson Stadium against the Buffalo Sabres.
The film will feature powerful music by Ferry Corsten, William Orbit, Samuel Barber and melds non-narrative visual poetry & science documentary into a rich experience for audiences. With visual and audio mashups & photo-motion collages, the camera journeys into the zeitgeist of our age of mass media but music carries us to Saturn.
In Japan, they were known as Celica XX, but everywhere else the Celica Supra name was used. I'm probably splitting hairs on this couple hundred yards, but this difference factors greatly into camera setup and framing.
The goal was a Statue of Liberty flyover photo op which resulted in a Jersey City direct flyover and alot of panic on the streets. The Chiefs first wore them on Friday, grabbing their first W in two weeks with a 7-4 victory of the Toledo Walleye.
There, we soar around, into and through the incredible photographs of Saturn taken by Cassini using "2.75D" photographic flythrough tech. I'll account this to recent memories of the Middle East and Operation Gulf Storm from a 10 year's point of view. The 'Path to Paradise' was produced in 1997 and has some excellent shots of the Towers back then. On September 11th a small area of the building's structure survived the South Tower's collapse and protected those inside.
In the early spring of 2001 and much internet based research I landed on the Supra model as one for me.
The Supra is not running on her own power and has seen some minor rust damage by the back quarter panel. I've flown helicopter directly over the Hudson River corridor and am aware of the area flight patterns. From accounts I've heard, this happened because it had been re-enforced in the rebuilding after the '93 attack.
My Supra rolled off the production line in July of '84 at Tahara Toyota Plant in Tahara, Aichi, Japan. Take note of how the 747 slightly banks to it's right heading out to the Hudson River ahead. In other word the original owner of the Supra sold it to a third party, then bought it back.

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