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5 Hanging tiered baskets can be used to sort toys, mail, accessories, and all sorts of different things. Small spaces can be functional, organized and offer plenty of storage, if you know a few tricks on how to use the space. I love to use bookcases as another way to help corral clutter and store items in a small space. Sometimes storing food can be a nightmare, especially if you are challenged by the amount of storage your home has to offer. This is when you need some creative storage inspiration to make the most of the spaceA you do have, we are thinking under the bed, floorboards and even behind curtains… this list has some fantastic ideas for everyone! Enter your email address into the form below and click "Subscribe" to receive the best of DIY Home World delivered direct to your inbox. One of the oldest space-saving storage tricks in the interior design handbook involves making use of that leftover area underneath the stairs, the awkward extra space that does not always lend itself to cheap or easy storage solutions. While not a new idea, turning stairs into drawers is a relatively simple way to get easily-accessible storage space out of a staircase.Along similar lines, there a number of other clever but more technically advanced ways to hide under-stair storage or even an entire hidden room or secret passage. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! With the world seemingly becoming more and more congested and growth opportunities only presenting themselves in a vertical fashion, rather than horizontal, utilizing the available space to the hilt seems like an absolute must.

She believes that style is about embracing your unique sense of life and expressing it in your home and the way you live. There are so many beautiful boxes & baskets in which to store things and they look great on bookcases. These designs, however, show just how creative one can be with what seems like the hardest space to deal with in a house. If it seems like your closets are getting smaller and smaller, than you need creative ways to add more storage. When it comes to contemporary homes and fashionable interiors, designers and architects are pulling out all stops to ensure that every inch is used in the appropriate fashion.Extravagant shelf space under the stairwayStorage spaces and stunning shelves under staircases are no longer an exception as home owners are starting to realize that all that room cannot simply be wasted. In 2012, Peggy launched the blog Decorating Files to share her experience and knowledge to help readers create a home and lifestyle that reflects their own individuality and personal style. Wardrobe storage can range from temporary solutions, to renovating an area in your room to allow for a wardrobe closet.
Today I have seven more small space storage ideas that will help you to make the most of the space you have and keep you organized.
Floor-to-ceiling bookcases or shelving will give you plenty of much needed space-saving storage. Often times your space may not be the problem, just the creative way the space has been laid out.

As the designs here showcase, you can in fact proudly parade them and display your prized possessions and art collection here.
There is no ‘one fit all’ solution here and depending on the materials you have used, the location of the stairs, surrounding furnishings and the space available, there are endless possibilities. Drawer organizers to divide socks, under clothes, and rolled clothing can hold more with helpful storage.
This is ideal for a college student coming home from school for vacation or visiting relatives for the holidays. If you do buy new clothing often, have a plan for purging and getting rid of clothing as you do so. Charities, churches, and schools may love your clothing donations!Collect this ideaYour wardrobe storage areas in your home can be improved with many of the tips above. Your solution may lie in you purging, or you many just need temporary and portable storage.
There are always solutions to fit your storage needs.Freshome reader’s share with us your creative solutions for your wardrobe areas.

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