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Samsung Galaxy S2 has 16gb of internal storage out of which 14gb space is available, but not the entire available capacity is usable for apps installation. Backup all contents of your android phone including pictures, music, videos as this process will completely format your mobile. Put your phone into download mode by turning mobile off, then press volume down+home+power buttons together for few seconds.
Now, go to phone storage settings and check if the device memory has increased and usb storage space adjusted accordingly.
Can you please advice me on how to Setup this Connection as I do not understand what exactly should be done. I forgot to mention in the article that you should put your phone into download mode before connecting to computer.. Didnt work, tried it with new version of odin got the pass but still not increase in internal partition.
Do you have exactly the same total storage capacity, system memory storage as the international version of galaxy s2? Oh, I just see that you forgot to mention in your article that when connecting the phone to flash with odin, you must be in Download-mode (Volume DOWN, PWR + HOME-Screen), not recovery-mode nor normal boot. Well, I followed your instructions, chose the 4 GB pit and now my total storage has dropped by 4 GB and the App Storage has remained the same, i.e. However, a note of advice to all attempting this – it is critical that you take a BACKUP of your system to your micro-SD card using existing Recovery (CWM) module on your S2 prior to commencing this process. On the software front, all of these devices come with the TouchWiz UI which is Samsung’s skin over Android which many of their users hate. To get started, you need to head over to the Storage option on your phone under the Settings where it is divided into multiple sections. If you visit a website the first time all the elements of that specific web page are stored on your phone’s cache.
In this example if you notice there is around 19.87GB of total storage available on the phone while around 499MB is taken up by the cache.
Again this is a new phone, hence the folder is not filled up but if you are using the same phone from a long time it would get eventually filled up. Let us know how much storage space you have saved using this tutorial & comment below if you have any other queries. The new Galaxy S7s have faster wireless and wired charging speeds, expandable storage via a microSD slot on the SIM card tray and an internal cooling system to manage overheating (?).
Continuing from where the Samsung Galaxy S5 left off, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have water resistance.
On the front, from left to right, are two star trackers, the two low-energy imaging telescopes and the four quadrants of the medium-energy instrument. Samsung has come under fire once again for offering customers just half the amount of advertised storage on its flagship Galaxy S4 model.The latest round of tests by Which? WHAT IS BLOATWARE?Bloatware is the name for any unwanted software or apps that are preinstalled onto phones, tablets, or computers. Some of the preinstalled Samsung files on the S4, pictured, are needed for features such as eye tracking, air gestures and voice commands.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Samsung is the only Android OEM that can stand on its own against the Apple juggernaut, and the Korean company has finally taken the wraps off its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5 . The Galaxy seems to be the choice for people who want a more powerful phone and bigger screen. However the 4k seemed to be an inside term used to reference Ultra High Definition, basically at least 3840×2160 pixels in size. Apple while using there virus infested Microsoft products and ugly goofy google droid phones. Well versed in every aspect of technology and far from old thank you very much, so since I’m not part of what you consider to be the majority of Apple users I can tell you with no doubt Apple products are ranked at the top.

Lighting port is ultra fast, I have a draw full of them from ebay for 99 cents each with free shipping. Blackberry is only good for 100s of texts, aka either you’re a lawyer or a drug lord. Firefox is interesting because I’ve used Firefox for a decade and they have a $25 smartphone coming out.
Other third world companies do too, but Firefox has a brand name in the West which has led to sales in Spain and elsewhere. Firefox appears to be moving to an ad based model, which means I’m the product, just like on Android. You must be talking about sites that don’t distribute content that corporations would be mad about.
I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and despite it not being supported and not being available on Google Play, i have installed it on my phone direct from Adobe’s site! Yes you can install flash on your android device — search on google and you will find it. Unlike modern smartphones like Galaxy S4, our galaxy s2 has two internal partition, known as Device Memory(about 2gb) and USB Storage(the rest i.e. If storage is still not increased, flash stock Samsung firmware or custom ROM for your phone. Something strange, because I do not see any color today, but my laptop and the phone pop-up a notification on successful connection. For some users, after completing the given steps and flashing android firmware again (stock Samsung or custom ROM) solves the issue..
Samsung has been innovating on their hardware front year on year with the Galaxy S series where they launched the Galaxy S6 Smartphone this year followed by the Galaxy S6 Edge. This is not easily removable unless you root & install a custom ROM on your device which is something not everyone can do. Here you would find the Cache option near the bottom which is what you need to clear, but before you do that you need to understand what is this cache data.
The same way if you fire up an application for the first time you would notice it loads up slowly but if you reopen it, its faster. The announcements included the previously leaked Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones.
Earlier rumors said the new Galaxy flagships would sport USB Type-C ports, which wasn't the case.
A new feature is the always-on display which is helpful for notifications and alerts as well as getting quick updates on sports scores and the weather. The gas scintillation proportional counter is visible to the right of the medium energy instrument. As well as taking up space that can be used for photos and other personal files, bloatware can also slow down your device. Others, however, are unnecessary or unwanted utility apps, games and the S Travel and S Health hubs. This device comes with improved hardware and an array of interesting sensors, but Samsung has also cleaned up its software and focused its attention on fewer features.
Samsung said it was on the roadmap, however they said for the year meaning it could be on the Note 4. 2k means it has approximately 2,000 horizontal pixels(when holding in landscape) so technically it DOES have a 2k screen.
Why doesn’t anyone talk about the most important part for people that really love cutting cable? 6gb is more than enough for lots of apps installation, 8gb remaining for usb storage is also good for user files, data, etc. Ive loaded the file itself I9100_4GB.pit and now the phone sees 4GB of memory for applications but can not see the remaining memory approx. My USB storage was then reduced by 4GB (I assume to add to the 2GB already in internal storage and make it 6) but no increase to internal storage, still at 1.97.

So I went into Recovery Mode (the PhilZ touch Recovery flashed using Odin) and did a Restore followed by a Reboot. I do not want to transfer the data to my computer & wish to quickly have some storage space on the phone.
Few months later they had launched the plus-sized device ie the Galaxy S6 Edge + & now the Galaxy Note 5 few of which come with just 16 GB of storage option.
If you also access your photo gallery, the albums show you thumbnails all of which take up some storage space on your device. Bloatware can also refer to extras that come with wanted software including browser toolbars, desktop widgets or other unwanted additions. Some of the preinstalled Samsung files are needed for its new features, such as eye tracking, air gestures and voice commands.
Plus, the human eye can’t even see the difference between 720 and 1080 on a phone screen.
I have seen several resolutions referred to as 2k, 4k and 8k and none of them correspond to the resolutions you have listed. They have the market cornered for old people who know nothing about technology, while Android has the superior technology and features. I have no problem with people who dislike Apple products for valid reasons, but your analogy is asinine.
Its very important to alot of people, especially techies that love nothing more then to be able to access things on the internet without obstacles. You’ll see one of the rectangular boxes in ODIN turned yellow indicating that the program has detected your phone. Then the system re-booted normally and I found I was at the stage where I was not able to see the reduced internal storage.
Even with Firefox and all the adblocks included, the flash sites wouldn’t load the player. USB Storage is the location where data (apps data like those of games), user files are stored.
One of the issues with a 16MP image sensor is that it can take a long time to acquire the image. So, even though you might have lots of internal storage space available, you might face storage issues during apps installation because you’ve just about 2gb available for apps.
Samsung has partially rectified that by using an advanced technique called phase-detect autofocus. Those numbers are so close together that it is hard to say that Apple devices have always been more slim.
In this tutorial, we’ll see how we can increase device memory partition and decrease usb storage partition to accommodate as many apps as we want on our beloved Galaxy s2 smartphone. While the iPhone 5s is slimmer than the new Galaxy S5, the 4S was pretty bulky compared to the others.
I constantly show this feature to all my friends and coworkers and they look at me with such sadness and disappointment that they don’t have the same ability.
Trust me, when you want to watch a game online, there is nothing better than a phone with Flash on it! Last year there was a separate product for this feature (the GS4 Active), but now the Galaxy S5 can be dunked and splashed with no consequences. The Galaxy S5 is rated IP67, which should keep it dry for up to 30 minutes in a few feet of water, but Samsung encouraged potential buyers at its announcement not to push it that far.
Still, compare that to the iPhone 5S with its warranty-voiding water sensors that can be triggered by the most miniscule amount of moisture.Both devices include a fingerprint reader under the home button, but Apple has a more futuristic sort of implementation than Samsung.
Samsung included a familiar swipe reader in its home button, so users have to drag straight down across the button to be recognized.

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