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NYC Grid is a photo blog dedicated to exploring New York block-by-block and corner-by-corner.
With the northern stretches of the High Line meandering around the neighborhood, these blocks seem to be void of life. Last week The High Line, a previously abandoned elevated train line that has been in development as a greenway for many years, opened its first segment to the general public. Supposedly, the second part of the development will continue northward until 30th St (10 blocks north of its current terminus) – despite the fact that the tracks actually turn west and then north again going all the way up to 34th. With the highline looming in the distance, there are two distinct styles of apartments on this block: Older project-style housing, and new glass-curtain condos. The big mystery on this street was how a lone White Castle box made it's way either from midtown, or Queens.
As I turned the corner at 17th street, I was thrilled to see actual construction happening. Of course, while there's more to this stretch of 10th ave than the highline, it's certainly dominated by it. While redevelopment and condos shoot upward on 11th Avenue, these blocks are completely dominated by the massive IRT Powerhouse. Further down the line in the middle of Broadway you'll find something far more identifiable: the new headhouse for the renovated 96th Street 1,2,3 station. It's just not fair having to drag your sorry old arse into work on a Saturday so you know what I say? Even the high-end galleries that call this block home sit behind understated brick walls and sterile signs. There's a strange, and brilliant atmosphere created under some of the buildings that leap over the 70 year old tracks.

That final section of the track is still part of the national rail system and is owned by CSX railroad (Though I don't think it's in use, at all). It's interesting to see side-by-side since both are products of urban redevelopment plans of their time (well, kinda-sorta).
Sure, I've walked by the area many times but besides seeing the abandoned elevated structure from a few blocks away, I had never paid much attention – which is insane, because this sort of stuff is completely up my alley.
His friendship, encouragement and generosity mean the world to me, and have enriched my life immensely. It was a pleasure to meet you, too, and to watch you and your fellow students take the next steps towards leadership mastery.Thanks, again, for the carpet. Taking up the entire block between 11th Ave and the West Side Highway, it's a formidable structure. The first is an out-of-place example of (what I would assume to be) German architecture which runs along 95th for several hundred feet. With a unique swooping glass & steel design the new entrance shares visual cues from other modern Subway projects (such as South Ferry and Bowling Green), but gives the design its own twist.
The NYPD and FDNY where nowhere to be seen, so I'm not quite sure what happened – but it smelled simply awful. From the moment you walk up the stairs at Gansevoort St (currently the only consistent entrance as the other stairways are generally exit-only) to when you exit, the amount of care, time and detail put into the project is very evident. The design team took full advantage of the unique qualities of the views and topography of the structure to create really great public spaces. The big plan back when the older buildings were erected was to combine many blocks into singular superblocks and provided massive, bland apartment buildings with low rent. With beautiful Beaux-Arts style, the building looks like it could be a concert hall rather than a steam generation plant.

I understand that galleries need to be purposefully neutral, but I find amusement in the fact that a storage facility can bring more character to the outside of a street than an art house.To the east you can see the tall tips of midtown buildings, while to the west you can see the inevitable approach of the Hudson River.
Much of the new development incorporates much of the original structure (or at least, facsimiles), which again shows brilliant adaptation. I can't vouch for how everything appeared prior to all this rehab, but the paint seemed fresh, and the structure sound.
It's currently run by Con-Ed, but since it's not (yet) a landmark, the building isn't entire safe from redevelopment.The rest of this street is very typical for this area. I couldn't tell for sure but the strange (and unidentifiable – Google was no help) building appears to house apartments.
Open space offices are great to see and pain in the ass to work in.But they have Artemide and this a huge plus :-) And so many cute meeting nooks!
But since practically everything new is following the same template, the end up being just as bland as the old superblock buildings. Several new condos are all in different stages of construction– which stand in stark contrast to the IRT plant.
With expensive high-rises all around, it's so incredible to see something like this without so much as a plaque to explain itself. That isn't to say it's without its charms, but the stark contrast of style can be rather unnerving.

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