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As you download apps and music files, take pics and cache data for offline use, the space on your Android device can fill up quite quickly.
Obviously, the less storage space you have, the quicker it will fill up and the more time you’ll have to dedicate to micromanaging your files. From here, you can tap on any category and see exactly what’s there using up space, and delete it if you want to. The built-in tool is a great way to see the amount of space used by the different types of data on your device, but it doesn’t clearly show how much space is used by individual files and folders.
Use the visualization screen to see which files and folders are taking up the most space, and delete any you don’t need anymore from within the app. In many cases, this storage can’t be used for apps and system files, but you can store your pics, videos, music files and other types of media files over there. Once you have an SD card installed, you can either connect your device to a computer and move files over, or use a file manager app on the device itself. Some Android devices allow you to move some apps to an SD card to help free up additional space.
It got set back to factory settings, so there are no apps on the table Welcome to the forums. Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system.
If necessary, I'm willing to plug my phone into my computer and use developer tools to resolve this issue.
Here are a couple images showing that the biggest gain I could get for storage would be to delete some system files (which is why I'm guessing that the problem is accumulated log files). I tagged my question Galaxy S4 because I wonder if the problem might be specific to my phone.
Alternatively, installing a custom recovery (eg: CWM) and choosing to delete all backups in the Internal SD seems to have solved the problem for many users. You shouldn't need to do anything more than exploring your files, which you can do with the onboard MyFiles app or download OI File Manager.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged samsung-galaxy-s-4 insufficient-memory or ask your own question. Why are there different values for enthalpy of combustion, depending on the calculation method? When you open the new Amazon MP3 app, you get to decide if you want to shop for songs or head straight to the player to play any music that you have in your cloud. If you decide to shop, you can decide after purchasing if you want to save your songs to the cloud drive or directly onto your device. Here is what the cloud music player looks like after saving your purchases to your cloud drive. Obviously the smart thing here is to attach all of your purchases to your personal Amazon cloud so that you can later download them onto any device of your choosing. Of course the music industry is crying about any method that makes it easier for people to access and listen to their music. So while the platform is a little barebones, it definitely works, it seems pretty consumer friendly pricing wise, Amazon’s landed a solid opening blow in the streaming music wars. Now if they would only automatically link all my previously purchased music to this cloud player I would be really happy.

On a somewhat related note, if the above shots are from Kellex’s phone, he has some seriously bad taste in music.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
These problems are common enough complaints that the folks at Mophie designed the award-winning Space Pack case for the iPhone 5 and 5S, an accessory that offers protection, additional data storage and extra juice for your battery.
These high-tech cases are quite impressive and incredibly handy to have, but they are pretty expensive.
You won’t find these Mophie cases in stores yet, but you can pre-order them on the Mophie website if you consider them a must-have. Especially if you have a lower end device that only has a few gigs of storage in the first place. If you find that you’re continually running out of space you may want to consider purchasing a device with more storage when you upgrade.
For example, if you tap on the Apps category, you’ll see a list of apps that are using up space. Don’t delete anything related to an app unless you are definitely willing to lose that data.
If your device does have a card slot, you can purchase a microSD card and insert it in the slot to gain a little more storage space.
However, Google has tried to steer away from this feature for security, performance, and stability reasons in newer versions of Android, so it’s not always possible to do this, especially on newer devices.
However, the best way to free up as much as possible is to simply not download anything you don’t need.
Either by taking a picture with another phone or a screenshot (typically power and volume down at the same time). The internal storage (minimal) is for apps and the phone storage is for your files and app data. I am getting the "Storage space running out" error message in my notifications bar, and some applications have quit working or updating. Looking at what's taking up so much space on my phone, it does seem likely to me that the problem is my phone has lots of accumulated log files that aren't being deleted.
I've attached a few screenshots below showing how my phone is using up space, though, and I believe that they show that my real problem is that there's something my OS is doing wrong, perhaps creating a lot of log files and not deleting them to save space. In particular, I know that the *#9900# trick only works on some phones, and I wonder if there's a different trick along the same lines for Galaxy S4s in particular.
2) If you're aware of the activity responsible for that hidden menu then you may use ADB to show that menu. But Before that, Select & Move your Videos, Images, Files, Audios from Social Media Apps Folder.
Unlike Pandora, it seems not only to be continuously streaming data, but at a much higher kb rate as well. I have an rooted OG droid that I swap out roms on every month or so (currently running cyanogen mod 7).
The Mophie Space smartphone app automatically organizes files for you so they’re easy to find when you need them.
With many apps, the data is synced online and you should just be able to re-download it if you find that you do need it.

The second picture,to me, says you still have 5 GB of space free but the system is saying you are out of space. This problem is not just confined to Galaxy S4, but to other phones too (Note 2, Note 3 Galaxy S3 S4 S5).
Look into what exactly is taking up so much space in "Pictures, videos" and "Audio" and move some of it to the external SD card. A couple of months back, the music player on my droid stopped recognizing most of my music files, other than ones that I had purchased and downloaded in the last year or so. Imagine how beneficial this could be for up and coming local bands to get their music discovered while also getting paid. It appears as though you have to connect your phone to a computer to upload previously purchased Amazon MP3 tracks to the cloud by pulling from your SD card. A standalone battery and storage device called the Mophie Spacestation is also now available for order.
You can wirelessly transfer files between your phone and computer (Mac, Windows, Chrome OS) using the Wi-Fi Space Portal. The categories include pictures and videos, downloads, audio files, miscellaneous other files and cached data. I am happy with the functionality my phone has, even with bloatware and tied to my provider, and I don't want to take the time to root my phone for this one problem if I don't have to. All of my burned in files, that I transfered over from my computer…just became invisible. It has some issues, most of which AG ironed out for near gapless play, although it seems to do a little better when you don’t skip to the next song. If security is paramount, files stored in a Space Pack can be protected with a unique security code.
And when it comes time to charge your phone and case, the Space Pack is smart enough to let electricity pass through it to charge your phone or tablet first. Honestly, the specs on my S3 are similar to yours and I don't have this problem, so I'm just suggesting that any obvious differences are probably the culprit.
And, of course, I can never seem to go a full day (or even half of one) without running out of battery power. The battery does add a noticeable amount of heft and a little bit of size to your device, though, so keep that in mind.
Poweramp will let me play the music by browsing to the file folders, but the on board player on both my droid and my xoom…only sees the downloaded material. I’m going to wait until Google releases their cloud solution, let them battle it out head to head.
You can check what version you are using by going toA Settings -> About Phone.If you are already in the Manage applications section, just click on the app you wish to move and then click the button that saves move to SD storage (or USB in some cases). This way, you will be less likely to encounter the low memory message and it will be allow you to keep your apps organized.Good luck!

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