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You can Save up to $100.00 when you pick your merchandise up at your nearest ABF Freight System terminal. Suncast® Pergola lends instant charm and beauty to backyards, gardens and other green spaces. The Grand Gardener 2 TW 8X12 Greenhouse from Rion, one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality greenhouses, is newly updated and combines both classic design and function into an affordable package.
The side and roof panels consist of strong 6mm and 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels, respectively, that are semi-translucent.
In fact the modular design of the Grand Gardener allows it to be assembled in as little as half a day with just ordinary household tools depending on how much help you have. Rion greenhouses have been very popular with Greenhouse Nation customers as there are a variety of sizing options and accessories so that each structure fits your needs perfectly. Door Handle Holder - A built-in holder conveniently allows you to open the door of your greenhouse and secure it on windy days.
Aluminum Door Hinges - The door hinges of this Rion greenhouse are made of aluminum for added strength and durability. Included Roof Vent - This Rion greenhouse includes two roof vents to help promote interior air flow and keep your plants comfortable.
Reinforcement Cable - The frame of the greenhouse is further strengthened and secured with a high-strength reinforcement cable. Sealing Rubber Strips - The greenhouse is further weatherized by sealing rubber strips that act a gasket. Extruded Resin Frame - Rion greenhouses have sturdy and durable frames made of extruded resin. 6mm Polycarbonate Side Panels - The twin-wall polycarbonate side panels in Rion greenhouses have been increased to 6mm from 4mm.
Automatic Roof Vent Opener - The metal cylinder in the opener responds to an increase in outside temperature by automatically and gradually opening the roof vent or louver window. Base Kit - The heavy duty base kit for Rion greenhouses is not absolutely necessary, but it provides an easy way to ensure that your structure is absolutely square.
Extra Roof Vent - Proper ventilation is key to keeping your plants healthy in all climates. Plant Hangers & Anchoring Kit - Coming in packs of 10, the plant hangers easily clip to the greenhouse frame and can be used for supporting hanging baskets or climbing plants and vines. Side Louver Window - The elegant 2' x 3' side louver windows add additional ventilation to the sides of your greenhouse. Today Palram has eight state-of-the-art production facilities and warehouses located in Israel, the United States, England, Germany, China, and Russia. Palram also is the largest supplier of greenhouses with strong resin-based frames through its acquisition of Rion Greenhouses. Superior attention to detail, technological innovation, and customer service is what has allowed Palram to grow into one of the world's largest greenhouse suppliers over the past several decades. The Essence 8X12 Silver Greenhouse is the newest model from Poly-Tex, one of the nation's largest builders of retail and commercial greenhouses. The Essence uses clear and virtually unbreakable 4mm twin wall polycarbonate panels that are designed to retain heat while slightly diffusing light, making it ideal for your plants. In fact all Poly-Tex greenhouses are designed for easy assembly, as they can be put up in just hours using just common household tools depending on how much help you have. The greenhouse comes with double swinging doors and a threshhold ramp for easy wheelbarrow or wheelchair access. The Essence 8X12 provides the durability of a commercial greenhouse with the practicality of a hobby greenhouse, ensuring that it will provide your family enjoyment for years to come. The founders of Riverstone Industries have brought their decades of greenhouse experience to the new Monticello 8X12 Black Greenhouse (Mojave Edition). The panels are of the highest quality as well, as the Monticello includes 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate wall and roof panels that are both UV-stablilized and impact resistant.
The Monticello is designed to be assembled in just two to three days or less depending on how much help you have with just common household tools. The tall interior height of the greenhouse gives you plenty of working space for even the tallest plants. Solar Ventilation Kit - The solar ventilation kit allows you to circulate air through your greenhouse and help keep your plants at a comfortable temperature using only the power of the sun.
Work Bench System -  The well-designed work station kit can be installed on either side of your Monticello greenhouse. Internal Shade Cloth - The internal shade cloth kit for Monticello greenhouses is designed to easily install inside the greenhouse so that it doesn't interfere with roof vents or side windows like regular shade cloths do. Extra Roof Vents - Riverstone make it easy to add extra ventilation to your greenhouse with the roof vent kit.

The founders of Riverstone Industries have applied their combined decades of experience in the greenhouse space to a new line of products that are among the very best in the market. Based on extensive industry contacts and years of customer feedback, the Monticello line of greenhouses was designed to offer a commercial-grade structure for gardeners of all skill levels at affordable prices.
This has become a reality and the Monticellos have the same frame quality and heavy-duty 8mm polycarbonate walls that are used in commercial units that cost orders of magnitude more. Riverstone Industries offers a variety of accessories for its Monticello greenhouses that include shelving, shade cloths, watering systems, portable sinks, pollinating systems, and even composting sacks for all for gardening needs. It features a barn-style roof that provides plenty of working space and is sure to be a welcome addition to any garden. The hinged double doors provide easy access to the greenhouse and are designed for quick installation as well.
All parts are pre-cut at the factory and all the hardware is sorted and clearly marked in the detailed instructon manual for your convenience.
A tremendous value for its size and quality, the Rion Grand Gardener 2 TW 8X12 Greenhouse is sure to provide your family many years of use and enjoyment. This further strengthens the greenhouse and allows the polycarbonate panels to easily slide into place. It is made of a durable plastic with a honeycomb-like lattice that is closed and U-shaped for increased rigidity. They can also clip onto the bottom of the frame to be used in anchoring the greenhouse to a solid foundation for protection in high winds.
Each window has ten louvers and can be paired with an optional side louver window automatic opener for hassle-free operation on hot days when opening windows and vents is important. Palram polycarbonate can be found in places ranging from stadium roofs, hospitals and public facilities to homeowners' backyards. It released a completely upgraded line of Rion products in the fall of 2014, giving an even better value to premium greenhouse customers than before. The company has been vetted by investors as well as it has been public since 1994, with 25% being held by German conglomerate Bayer AG. Poly-Tex has brought its years of expertise to its line of hobby greenhouses, and the result are models that combine durability, function, and an attractive design in an affordable package.
The strong frame is made of corrosion resistant aluminum and is designed to bolt together quickly. The Mojave Edition adds accessories to complete your greenhouse including one 24' work bench, the automatic watering system, the potting sink, the Vegi-Bee mechanical pollinator, tinted roof panels, and the solar ventilation kit.
The frame is made of the highest quality extruded aluminum and the roof has dual joists to withstand high snow loads. These provide much more insulation than the typical 4mm or single-wall panels found on other units, and are the same panels used in commercial-grade greenhouses. Features like quick-connect screws, the integrated base, the integrated gutter and downspout system, and the pre-hung hinged door and vents speed up the process. The Monticello 8X12 (Mojave Edition) provides the durability of a commercial greenhouse with the practicality of a hobby unit, ensuring that it will provide your family enjoyment for years to come.
It includes a mounting kit so that it can be easily attached to the inside or outside frame of your greenhouse. The kit includes a 40 amp solar panel with brackets, a 16" commercial exhaust fan, an aluminum 5 louvered fan cover, and a thermostat. The pollinator mimics the high frequency vibrations made by the wings of bees during natural pollination, eliminating the need for for bees or the wind to pollinate plants in your greenhouse.
The vent is made from the same high quality aluminum and polycarbonate and features a 10 year warranty. It allows you to raise and lower hanging plants for easy access and watering using a simple pulley system with a patented manual pull brake. The product line now includes virtually everything needed by hobby and commercial gardeners alike and is popular with both. Having a product line that is proudly made in America was a top priority for the team at Riverstone. They are made to the highest standards in the United States for Riverstone by one of the nation's top builders of large-scale commercial greenhouses. Riverstone's friendly staff is available to assist directly with any questions and they take great pride in their products and work tirelessly to make their customers completely satisfied. High-value orders require a physical street address, otherwise insurance costs will be added to the shipping total.
The frames are UV-protected and the green color blends in nicely with outdoor garden settings.
The panels are completely UV-protected and provide high wind and hail resistance as they are virtually unbreakable.

Automatic openers are extremely convenient for maintaining the proper greenhouse temperature and preventing your plants from getting overheated on hot summer days. The louver window is easy to install and replaces an entire upper or lower panel in the side of your greenhouse.
With the support of tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, Palram hopes to continue its remarkable growth as an industry leader for another 50 years.
The greenhouse is electrostatically painted to ensure proper and even coverage, and it comes with an industry-leading 10 year warranty. It is designed to hang from the ceiling, and the three weighted sprinkler heads are separated by a 4 ft.
The built-in detachable hose reel can hold up to 200 feet of garden hose, which is not included. No electrical outlets are required at all and so this kit is perfect for locations where electrical connections are unfeasible and an off-the-grid setup is required. The Vegi-Bee is perfect for all sorts of plants, including tomatoes, peppers, peas, and strawberries, and can increase harvest yields by 30%. Strong resin connectors are used to quickly snap the frame together, and the entire unit is backed by a 7 year warranty. It is easy to assemble and no additional tools are required and it is safer than the bases of other greenhouses as there are no sharp metal edges. The sink is extremely convenient and is perfect for your cleaning or watering needs as it can be used for washing vegetables, cleaning tools, or even simply rinsing your hands after working outdoors.
The panel is twice as powerful as is needed to operate the fan, allowing for optional lighting and heating attachments in the future. The device operates at 38000 sonic vibrations per minute and includes a comfortable vibration reducing handle. The vent includes an automatic vent opener, and will work perfectly with the Monticello interior shade cloth system. We are unable to ship factory direct items to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or APO or FPO addresses. Maybe you'd like to string in some twinkling lights, lanterns or ivy and add a little interest to your spa?Available in 8 x 8' and 8 x 12' sizes, Suncast® Pergolas are an attractive addition anywhere!
Pair the roof vent with an optional automatic roof vent opener to simplify managing the temperature inside the greenhouse on hot days. The digital timer allows you to automatically schedule your watering cycles to suit your climate and time of year. A base unit and 1 AAA battery is included, and the Vegi-Bee is water-resistant and FDA certified and only weights 12.4 ounces.
They're made from 100% UV-protected resin that won't rust, corrode, or crack under the sun, guaranteed to outlast changing seasons and changing trends.
The hose is also a commercial product and is specifically designed to prevent mold and bacteria growth, ensuring years of safe use.
They are designed for easy assembly in just 20 minutes or so and can be set at any height within the greenhouse up to 4 ft. The cloth is easily opened by simply pulling it back and can be closed by pulling it tight to the opposite end.
Installation is easy, as one end of the system is attached to the timer, and other end of the timer is attached to the spigot. The kit includes grommets, commercial filament, and bungee balls for tying the shade cloth.
The shelves are made of commercial grade PVC and are vented to allow water and air to circulate as well as sunlight. Just put it together, and enjoy!Details:Pillars are low-maintenance, durable resin construction that will never splinter, rot, rust or crack under the sun Tapered columns measure 7'6" each Runners and stringers are 2 x 6" All components are aluminum reinforced for maximum strength Includes 4 posts, 2 runners, stringers, foundation hardware and all hardware necessary.
The design allows for maximum floor space without extra support legs and each bench can hold up to 900 lbs. High-value orders require a physical street address, otherwise insurance costs will be added to the shipping total. You can SAVE $100 when you pick up your item(s) at the nearest ABF Freight System Terminal (please see below for phone number and details).SAVE UP TO $100.00!

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