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The award winning PM2000 table saw sets a new standard for innovation with an array of patented features and massive body design. A table saw is a multipurpose woodworking tool consisting of a circular saw blade mounted on a stabilizing arbor, which is driven by a motor. The wood is used mostly for larger project, and is cut by pushing it through the saw blade. The saws versatility makes in very useful for many types of woodworking, and is generally a very early purchase for a wood shop. Which you be doing large jobs need extra power, or will a smaller more portable saw work for you?
Table saw fall into one of four major classes, which define what you can expect from each class.

Although usually sufficient for hobbyist and the home shop, carpenters have to weight the advantages and disadvantages of the smaller saw. They are usually priced low enough for the hobbyist and home shop, and until lately, have been practically the only alternative for smaller shops.
Some hybrid saws have a cabinet saw style base and some have a shorter enclosed base and legs.  It requires less room in your shop with a more solid and heavier base, it has the lower vibration of a cabinet saw, along with its greater dust control. Each different saw-type is specialized to oblige the diverse needs of each woodworker or shop. It boasts the heaviest cast iron base in its class that virtually eliminates table vibration. The blade extends above and through the plane of the table top, which in turn provides support for the wood being cut. Bench-top saws are lacking in power to rip thicker hardwood and are often not accurate enough for fine woodworking. Leave it to Shaker Works West to make the finest in high quality products priced at a great value for the discriminating collector.

T Saw Blade for Cutting Wood (ZYRC-15),Diamond Cup Wheel (M10),Diamond Cup Disc (M06) and so on. The cast iron tables are oversized, and the push button arbor lock is accessible from above the table top to eliminate the need for dual arbor wrenches.
A wide stance, heavy-duty trunnion and concave teeth on the trunnion gears promote easier raising and tilting of saw blade.
Poly-V drive belt system results in quieter, more efficient power transfer from the motor to the arbor with virtually no vibration and less heat build up.
Built-in dust collection port with sloped cabinet floor and convenient access to the inside of the saw cabinet make for simple clean-up.

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