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Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I am leaning slightly toward the grizzly since the overall height of the Griz is 3" shorter than the Rikon. A note on the grizzly tensioning setup, this is something you really need to read the manual to get setup and adjusted properly. I also went to all of the product manuals in question to find out their heights and whether or not they could be disassembled.
If you're gonna use it mostly for ripping, as you stated in a previous post, the 555X should serve you well, especially if get the riser block.
2) It needs to fit down the steps, which are normal width, but with pretty short ceilings and a landing halfway down. The G0457 and Rikon 14" seem to be able to be disassembled, but I'm not sure if they could minimize my use of a table saw.
I have found that the best 14" bandsaw doesnt even come close to the accuracy of a table saw. In my honest opinion, you might be better off taking a table saw class to help build your confidence. I got my MiniMax MM16 down the basement stairs on an appliance dolly, didn't remove anything.
I got my MiniMax MM16 down the basement stairs on an appliance dolly, didn't remove anything. Don't get too confortable with the bandsaw, remember it is used by the butcher to cut meat, tendons and bone. A few weeks ago I posted a neat, yet overly expensive solution for collecting dust from under the router table. The Rockler Down Under Router Table Dust Port simply twists and locks into the bottom of their new Inter-Loc router plate inserts — no tools required. If you use the dust port, you might have to live with two minor compromises: It somewhat limits the bit height adjustment, and if you have a lift where you can change bits above the table, the dust port needs to be removed before changing bits. The Down Under Router Table Dust Port will run you $15 and comes with an Inter-Loc insert and 6′ length of hose.
The old furnace-filter-in-front-of-a-box-fan trick is well known, but it has its downsides.
Most router tables allow you to capture dust and chips from the top of the table through a collection port on the fence, but this is only effective for some operations. The Dust Collection Kit comes with the rubber boot, hose, splitter, and several adapters to fit the dust collection port on your fence. If you own a shop-vac and don’t want to pay for a pricey two-stage dust collector, you have many options. The advantage of a two-stage system is that most of the debris is deposited in the first stage container, so you don’t have to change the bag or empty your shop-vac as often.
The Vortex’s clear lid and translucent container allow you to see how full it is without taking it apart. You can find the original white Dust Cutter priced around $30, while the black Dust Cutter II runs $40.

The only place online selling the D25301D Dust Extractor so far seems to be Toolstop in the UK. The dust collection head telescopes as far as 5″ from the tool to keep it at the point of penetration.
Priced around $250, the dust collection system of the 11250VSRD adds $100 to the price of buying a similar tool without dust collection like Bosch’s 11250VSR rotary hammer, but then again isn’t it worth the extra dough to work as a contractor rather than a maid? Money is simply the marker used as tools move thru the galaxy to their best-use destination.
Here's some pics of a homemade dust collection hood that I posted here about a half a year ago or so. If you are interested in a little booklet in pdf format that explains how I made it, please send me an email.
I will agree that if you can leave your saw stationary it would be much better to support whatever unit that you decide to purchase or build from above. On second thought I am kind of glad that I could not post the pictures after looking at Jeffery's closer as mine is kind of plain compaired to his. Reggie I used Poplar since I have some that is salvaged from an old piano, and the floating part is fairly light. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Remember, it comes with the resaw fence, which in my opinion and experience is a great fence.
It turns out I overlooked a cheaper solution if you have a Rockler or JessEm router plate or lift. Just remove the screws that hold on the guard and use those screws to hold the Filter-A-Fan in place. A business or professional woodworker will just drop the money on a proper air cleaner, and a DIYer who might not want to spend a lot of money is more likely to make his own. The best price I could find for this dust collection kit was $35, plus $8 shipping from Infinity Tools. The Dust Right Vortex is designed to create a cyclonic flow inside the container to separate the heavier dust and debris from the air. It rolls on five casters and comes with a 3′ flexform hose to attach it to your shop-vac.
When you’re finished using the Air Net you can clean it by throwing it in a washing machine on gentle and air drying it. Bear in mind that despite the name it is marketed as a dust collection accessory, not a blade guard. If I were to do it over, knowing what I do now, I would make my own , hang it from the cieling above, and run a four inch dc hose to it; this is what I have actually done. Perhaps the splitter can be fabricated larger such that the distance between the splitter piece and the blade is shortened.
Thank you for posting that and also confirming what so many others have said about grizzly customer service. Neither saw seems to be disassembled in a way that would matter, except to remove the heavier parts like wheels, tables and motors.

It was actually the easiest thing to get down there of the major tools, because of the basically long, thin shape, despite the 500 pound weight. The Filter-A-Fan shroud runs $35 by itself, or you can buy it with a fan for $60 before shipping.
There are a few different methods to do this with varying levels of effectiveness; usually they involve encasing the router in some sort of vacuum box.
It connects to any 4″ dust collection hose and can be attached to the floor using double sided tape. However, having had one for awhile I don't see how you could get near the blade without seriously trying while this unit is in place.
I was going to show some photos but when I tried to attach them it said that I had already used them in another post and I could not figure how to fool the system.
I made some modifications including lexan hood and square metal for the upright and first stage of the horizontal brace to make it work better with my saw.
Jason I have a splitter built into my other insert plates, I really don’t use the bracket as a splitter. I would be considering the Grizz G0513x2 or the Rikon 18" (which will be going on sale in February for $999 according to local WC). You can build your own shroud to fix these problems, but if you don’t have the time you can buy the Filter-A-Fan.
Despite the fact that table saw dust collection is not that important, it is possible for you to use for any different usages and it is kind of good.
I pondered this problem for s few days and then finally it dawned on me to use the attach point that my original guard used.
Make sure you have to room to tip it back upright, as the arc will be greater than the height standing up.
Stay tuned with me here and know a bit more about it now.Cat litter might be the very first usage of the sawdust collection, especially for those who have cats in the house. You do not want to spend a lot of money for the litter for your cat, simply use the dust comes from the table saw and everything is done.
Now I have a guard with dust collection with the blade square to the table an with it tilted. I ripped several boards to make sure the bracket didn’t interfere with the wood and that the guards lift assist worked correctly and that it captured the saw dust. Instead of getting rid of the dust, you could use it to clean up oil leaks that have gotten on your concrete. With the blade tilted there was a very small amount of saw dust that managed to escape on the right side of the guard but nothing near what I would get without it. The ability of the sawdust offers to you is pretty amazing since it could actually soak up and absorb and then, make the driveway clean.Are you having fireplace at home? Then, the dust from the saw table could possibly be the alternative of the fuel and start the fire as well.

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