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I’m pretty new to woodworking proper, and I am still in the shop setup phase of life.
With that said, can anyone recommend an accurate front-rail-only fence that might be a little cheaper than a Biesemeyer? Alternately, if anyone happens to know of something similar to this project that would allow for a two-rail fence setup, I’d appreciate knowing about that as well.
What was throwing me was the plastic piece that actually has a groove that goes around the leg of the back rail. Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop!
If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. A friend flew down to the lower 48 to pick up a truck he bought and was going to be going through Washington on the way back to Alaska. The Shop Fox Classic Fence with rails was $225.00 and the least expensive of any comparable fences. If you have a few $$ to burn, check out the Wixey digital gauge for that fence…I put a review up on it. I just joined recently, and was reading all of your bits regarding table saw fences, above.
I have a ShopFox Classic fence attached to my Jet Contractors saw, and I have never been pleased with the bubble cursor, and as a result I have never really used it. With this level of precision, even casual woodworkers can achieve professional level results when building cabinetry and furniture. Unlike traditional rip fences that require multiple measurements between the fence, miter gauge slot and blade to ensure accurate, parallel alignment, the Incra TSLS uses a time tested ?T? design to guarantee parallel positioning and maximum support adjacent to the saw blade.

An easy to read engraved stainless steel scale is accompanied by four additional slots for adjustable lexan scales. Today's woodworkers have many choices when considering an upgrade from a standard rip fence, but no other after market fence can deliver the patented accuracy and performance of an Incra system. The patented lead screw in the LS delivers unprecedented accuracy, repeatability and durability for the most demanding requirements. 32? Incra LS Table Saw Fence for Sawstop This Incra product may take 4-6 weeks for shipment.
52? Incra LS Table Saw Fence for Sawstop This Incra product may take 4-6 weeks for shipment. I took advantage of the opportunity to have him swing by the Grizzly warehouse to pick up some equipment for me. The patented incremental lead screw technology delivers repeatable accuracy of at least .002? across ranges of 32? or 52?. No special skills or knowledge are necessary, if you can read a ruler, you can use and benefit from this tool. As long as the front and back edge are flat and square to the top, the universal mounting brackets will attach without any drilling or modification. A micro adjustment knob, located conveniently behind the fence then allows for fine tuning between these increments. These additional scales save setup time when switching between saw blades and dado sets as well as router bits when used in conjunction with extension wing router tables. In addition to an eight inch jointer which I will preview later, I had him pickup the Shop Fox Classic Fence System with Standard Rails. I figured the Shop Fox had to be worlds better than what I was using and my friend was willing to haul it up here to save the freight charges.
I called Grizzly today and they were very apologetic about the missing measure for the rails.

With the longer 92? rails, the 32? positioner can be operated from two different right hand positions to achieve ripping widths up to 52?. It went on my old Grizzly table saw perfectly and when I placed the fence on I expected some tedious adjusting to get the fence true with the blade.
Can’t ask for any more customer service wise, but then I have always been pleased with all my transactions with Grizzly.
I had originally wanted the 7’ rails but they were out of stock in the Bellingham warehouse so I opted for the standard rails and am glad I did. The positioner can be flipped to the left side to improve control for certain mitering cuts on either size system.
I set it in place, measured to the miter slot and the blade and was surprised to find it dead on true. I don’t really do enough ripping over 25 inches to merit the extra length of the rails or the extra room it would take. I made a couple of quick cuts to check it and it locked up true with no fussing like my old fence. I used to have to play with the fence, bump it one way or the other as I was locking it down to get it to lock up on the measurement.
Then I would have to lock the back of the fence down with a homemade hold down to keep the fence from moving during the cut. I haven’t had a chance use the saw much yet since I put the fence on but expect it will perform well judging by my first tests with it.

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