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It took some surprisingly vigorous pounding on the wedge to cause one of the joints to fail. It pays to use a special jig called a mitre saw to cut larger pieces of wood or moulded sections of framing. The mitre fence on most table saws is comparatively short, but some are pre-drilled so that you can screw on a longer hardwood face to extend the fence. With either method, use both hands to hold the workpiece against the fence, and feed the work quite slowly into the blade. A block of wood clamped to the extension serves as a stop for one end of the workpiece when cutting several pieces of wood to the same length.
Table saws or radial-arm saws make mitring simple, even for compound mitres where the angle is in two planes. To slot a flat-frame mitre make a cutting jig that will hold the work securely and keep your hands away from the saw blade.

Holding the workpiece firmly against the fence, so that it does not get drawn backwards by the saw, feed it towards the blade. Feeding this wooden fence into the saw blade for the first time cuts it perfectly to length An extended fence not only provides better control, but stops the grain of a workpiece splitting at the back as it is sawn.
Reinforcing mitre joints with solid wood or plywood tongues is also straightforward on a machine; cut the tongue slots before gluing machine-made joints. To position the mitre accurately over the blade, butt the other end of the workpiece against a wooden block clamped to the extended mitre fence. If you can't fit a permanent extension, sandwich a piece of scrap wood between the fence and the workpiece.
Centre the groove in a flat-frame mitre, but for a box-frame or cabinet, position the tongue towards the inside of the angle to prevent weak short grain.
Glue and screw offcuts of the framing wood to the panel as shown, setting one to the mitre angle.

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