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The Mobile Planer Stand is just the ticket for giving your portable planer a permanent home. Until recently, interest in the SawStop Table Saw mostly centered around how cool the flesh-sensing magic of the safety device was.
The problem is, manufacturer’s of woodworking machinery are not embracing the technology.
So now thanks to this ruling, and as is often the case when lawyers get involved, it comes down to one thing — money. If you were to sit down and try to redesign any tool so that it’s exactly what you’d want as a woodworker, what tool would it be? Two of the first tools to come to my mind are the drill press and a contractor’s-style table saw. But, a few manufacturer’s are starting to come around to offer tools with wood shop features. The Powermatic 2800 VS Drill Press has so many features that are great for woodworkers it’s hard to list them all. These are all welcome features that provide ease of use and accuracy that is rare on a standard drill press.Best of all is the extra-large table (it has dual extension wings to provide additional support for long work pieces). One of the more impressive new tools I saw at IWF is the Jet Pro-Shop Contractor Style Table Saw. This table saw has a couple of features more commonly found on cabinet (or hybrid) style table saws.
Filed under Drill Press, IWF-2006, Power Tools, Table Saw, The Woodsmith Store, Woodworking, Workbench Magazine. When I first saw the steel gray and black paint scheme I was reminded of another manufacturer of woodworking machinery. When asked what it is that they hope will set them apart from the competition, the answer was — service.

Filed under Best-Built Jigs & Fixtures, Dream Shop Project, Routers, ShopNotes Magazine, Table Saw, Weekend Workshop, Woodworking, Workbenches. There are some true artists out there, and it seems like the Woodnet forums gets their fare share of them who build beautiful hand planes.
Once Doug had the bending jig completed, he was ready to get started building the legs for the side table. Filed under Bent Lamination, Custom Furniture, Doug Hicks, End Table, Power Tools, Router Tables, ShopNotes Magazine, Table Saw, Wood, Woodworking. Over the next few weeks, Doug is going to send images of his work to me and explain to us all how he solved some of the problems in building the table as he goes along.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The SawStop Table Saw works by sensing the electrical capacitance of human flesh to stop a spinning saw blade instantly when the blade senses a drop in voltage.
Consumer Products Safety Commission will turn the debate into one of economics rather than safety.
According to Charles Murray, technical writer for Design News, woodworking tool manufacturers face the prospect of investing millions of dollars to re-tool existing production lines. I’m talking in particular about the Powermatic® 2800 VS Drill Press, and the Jet® Pro-Shop line of contractor style table saws.
From what I saw at IWF in Atlanta, the goal is to hit the ground running with the introduction of 35 new tools ranging from dust collection to bench grinders to table saws. All of the tools are backed by a full, 5-year warranty and they promise to deliver the best customer and technical service and support possible. Through the years, I’ve used plans from ShopNotes to build workbenches, tool stands, and jigs for joining, detailing, and finishing my furniture projects. With a large worksurface, loads of storage, dust collection, and a handy built-in router table, you’ll be able to handle any project.

These are mostly decorative, so don’t stress about getting them super screwed in place.
When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper. Features that a woodworker would find beneficial are an after-thought, if they’re thought of at all. I got a quick look at both of these new tools at IWF — 2006 in Atlanta last week, and are they impressive.
They made no secret that quite a few of the people working for Steel City formerly worked for the competition, including Delta, Powermatic and Jet. Doug hasn’t purchased a tripod yet for his camera, so a few of the images are a bit out of focus and skewed to the left or right.
And the contractor’s table saw, with its motor sticking out the back, is the price you paid for an affordable saw that supposedly is light enough to lug around to the job site.
Since the finished legs were to be 1” thick, that meant I needed 8 strips per leg, or 32 strips for all four legs. Once again, you can turn to Workbench Magazine for reviews and much more on these new tools and lots of others in future issues. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.

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