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Anybody have any interesting setups or ideas for storing trays underneath their leaning post? Unfortunately I don't have a flip-up seat - although even if I did, I might cut into my cooler space.
It's not a leaning post solution but I was frustrated by the same issues you're having and ended up picking up one of these bags from Cabela's. I bought this plastic hinged lockable box at Walmart for like $23 and it stores quite a few of the 3700 series boxes.
FISHING TACKLE STORAGE IDEAS dragon ball z kai trunks vs cell, Kokanee fishing tacklei have peoplejun , min uploaded by vbulletin . Well, I've thought about the accessory, do you just leave the lights on when you're fishing at night and keep the lids closed? Yes some of these boat owners went way overboard to the point that it makes their boats look bad. I wanted to pull the boat out of there but the trailer was giving me problems and i didnt want to risk getting stuck on Hylan blvd. Atlantic is too far for where I fish mostly the gas in traveling by boat wont be worth it for me. Filet1 I agree I like to keep them vertical also I think over time if they are not used they might develop a bow . In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.

Unfortunately I can't afford to lose my cooler - I've got just a couple inches to play with under the seat.
It wasn't cheap (but probably cheaper than a custom-fabbed leaning post setup) but I'm impressed with it's ruggedness and it hold's a lot of gear!
Otherwise he might just talk you into giving him part of them cause you don't need that many of them. I think this stuff is cool as all get out and very handy if you do night fishing or just want to put your stuff up after coming off the lake at dusk.
They'd be held up safely and kept from moisture and it would save a huge amount of time!I also like this one as well. I went with the blue LED's on the deck, livewells and cooler, and white LEDs in all other compartments. Across the way is jacking up their prices already and Nichols still don't have an answer if they are reopening.I heard port regal is going to open to public but they said 140 a foot. Its 5 mins from my house but allllllllllllllllllllllll the way in the back of the bay which I dont mind in the spring or fall for stripers but thats going to be one hell of a long ride for fluke but i have no choice.
Hopefully Nichols gets to reopen I was there on Tuesday when schumer was there and he said it was looking better with the parks dept I will wait and see. My boat carpet is light gray so that would be a lot of the determining factor as to what color lights I'd install, if I did put deck lights on as well.
I put white lights in my storage compartments and rod lockers because they are much brighter. I mean, plastics can get pretty heavy, I'd hate to warp my lid or something like thatkantuckyII wrote:ROFL!

There is still room in it to lay a couple more boxes of just jigs and soft plastics in there also.
I'm thinking I'd rather have the puck back where my other one is instead of on the trolling motor. I think the red would be a bit more night fishing friendly on the deck, and yes I just keep my compartments shut when my lights are on.
I have seen people go so far as to make ceiling racks hinged so they can lower one end to get at them. I like it as it eliminated the large soft sided bags that are flat out ridiculous in cost now days. I didnt go with any trailer lights, I think they look a little tacky, but that is just my opinion.
If I had a trailer I would've had boat at home I new the parking lot wasn't going to be much better thats why I left it in. I was down the yard at 10 am that morning and there was less than 16" to go on pilings high tide wasn't even in yet water was already in parking lot. I may suggest red LEDs for the deck, as my blue LEDs are kinda hard to see through when night fishing.

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