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All individuals or groups planning to hold events that serve food and are open to the public are required to obtain a permit. Have your application reviewed and approved by one of the health department's Environmental Health Specialists.
Make sure at least 1 person with a valid Washington State Food Worker Card is in the booth at all times.
Post the permit and the completed food flow (supplied by the health department) in your booth.
Temporary food booths must meet many of the same requirements as permanent establishments. As a temporary food booth operator, you are responsible for maintaining your booth to meet Washington State food service (WAC 246-215-131) requirements. These guidelines will help you meet health department requirements.You must also meet the requirements of other jurisdictional agencies. 6.Public AccessAll food preparation and storage must be done toward the back of the booth or otherwise protected from public contamination.
Why do we require unscented bleach for sanitizers?The colors and scents used in some of the new designer bleaches are not necessarily food-grade and may not be used on food contact surfaces. All temporary food booths must have at least 1 handwash facility available for employee use.
A metal-stem thermometer is required to check the internal temperatures of all potentially hazardous foods.
All foods that have been heated through the Danger Zone (41-135?F) must be discarded at the end of the day.
Ready-To-Eat (RTE) foods are foods that are not washed or cooked again before they are eaten. Buy commercially-prepared potato and macaroni salads rather than preparing your own in the booth.
Cross-contamination is the transfer of bacteria from raw meat to other foods, surfaces, or utensils. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL 911If you are either a medical practitioner, first responder, or public works official and need to report an emergency that immediately endangers public health, please call 509-543-3851 or 844-609-5756Only medical practitioners, first responders, and public works officials may use this number. Australia’s first import of reprocessed nuclear waste arrives at its temporary storage facility in Lucas Heights, New South Wales. Australia’s first import of reprocessed nuclear waste has arrived at its temporary storage facility in New South Wales without incident, after being repatriated from France. In the early hours of Sunday morning, a tank holding 20 canisters of what is called immediate-level waste, was taken to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANTSO) facility at Lucas Heights.
The canisters, each about one metre in height and with a 170-litre capacity, were carrying about 25 tonnes of nuclear waste.

ANTSO’s head of nuclear services, Hef Griffiths, moved to allay concerns the tanks and the BBC Shanghai ship, which was commissioned to transport the waste, were unsafe. The waste will be stored temporarily at Lucas Heights until the Federal Government decides where to build the national dumping site.
Six areas have been named on its shortlist, including three in South Australia, where a royal commission is currently underway to investigate whether the state should become more involved in the nuclear industry. The ship’s arrival at Port Kembla on Saturday attracted a number of spectators, including Greenpeace activists arguing the Australian public did not support the return of nuclear waste.
The environmentalist group commissioned a poll which showed nearly three quarters of Australians opposed plans to store nuclear waste for other countries. Greenpeace spokeswoman Emma Gibson was on a boat following the BBC Shanghai and said it appeared unsuitable to transport the radioactive waste. ANSTO have said Greenpeace’s comments about the presence of plutonium were inaccurate, and maintain the waste is safe and medium level, and that high-level waste stems from weapons and energy production. In the past two decades Australia has sent eight shiploads of waste overseas to France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, to be processed for long-term storage. The waste sent to the UK will return in the second half of this decade and the shipments sent to the US will remain there.
The next shipment of waste to be brought back to Australia is expected to arrive in 2020, and will be a quarter of the size. So it did, but although it came from France, it’s our waste, from Lucas Heights, that we paid the French to reprocess and then send back here for storage. They have not mentioned in this article that it is Australian waste that was sent to France for reprocessing and the leftovers are being sent back. Once again we have the Greens avoiding the truth of the matter and this substandard level of journalism is complicit in not mentioning that it is Australian waste. I missed the part about it being Australian waste but this raises 2 other questions, 1) What treatment has been done?
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If you advertise (with newspaper, television or radio announcements, flyers, signs, banners or other means) to the public, you are required to get a permit.
Because of the lack of certain facilities however, temporary food booths also have restrictions that do not apply to other establishments. Food Worker CardAt least one food worker with a valid Washington State Food Worker Card must be in the booth at all times.
Employee HealthAny person with a communicable disease, such as with diarrhea, vomiting, or a fever; or with open sores or infected cuts on their hands, may NOT work in any food establishment.
Accessible Employee BathroomAll food booths must be within 200 feet of a restroom with handwashing facilities including warm running water, soap, and paper towels.

When using a grill or hot oil, the equipment must be separated from the public by at least 4 feet to protect people from burns. Also plan on how you will supply adequate amounts of hot water and dispose of the gray water. Click here for calibration procedure.Room temperature storage of potentially hazardous foods is not allowed. Avoid Bare Hand Contact with Ready to Eat FoodsYou are required to prevent bare hand contact (BHC) with all RTE foods.
Eliminate cross-contaminationUncontrolled cross-contamination has lead to numerous foodborne illnesses. Chemicals used near foods must be food-grade.Store chemicals below or away from all food storage and preparation areas.
Food and single-service articles.Store all foods and single-service articles protected from contamination--off the ground and under a water-proof cover.
At least one garbage container with a tight-fitting lid must be available in the booth.Garbage must be emptied regularly. All liquid waste must be dumped into a city sewer or health department-approved waste-water dump.Streets, storm drains, portable toilets and the ground ARE NOT approved waste-water dumps.
The state food regulation states that all retail food establishments must have a valid permit conspicuously posted in the establishment. Potentially Hazardous Foods found in the Danger Zone are subject to disposal, destruction or removal from sale. Due to a history of electrical problems at past events, however, an ice chest (with ice from an approved source) may be required to replace a poorly-operating refrigerator on a hot day. We may have to limit your menu or plan for alternative energy sources (such as a generator or propane).
A common, approved sanitizer is 1 teaspoon of regular, unscented bleach (5.25 percent sodium hypochlorite) in 1 gallon of cool water. Unless otherwise approved, use only disposable plates, utensils and cups to serve food to the public. We will review your application to find ways to increase your efficiency and safety, and possibly limit your menu or preparation steps to protect public health.
Condiments must be in individual packets, squeeze containers or in containers with lids or protected with sneeze guards. How did we do?"A A "What are your thoughts on these new ways of; 'All-Green', All-Sustainable', and 'All-Climate' Community Living Styles?

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